scan function

  1. C

    Radio with constant scan feature?

    Hello I am looking for an inexpensive VHF radio that will always reactivate the scan feature after transmitting. I have looked at Baofeng and Anytone but cannot tell if this feature is available. To explain I want to have say 20 channels programmed into the radio, I want to be set to transmit on...
  2. O

    Priority scann on PD785(2)

    I need to have a channel where a regular communication in talk around simplex takes place. At the same time I need to monitor repeater output on other channel. I have set the TA channel as digital priority channel. So far the priority channel seems to behave as it should, transmissions on it...
  3. iceman382

    BCD996P2: Hold on System...Lockout The Rest

    Is there a way to hold on particular system and scan the whole system, while locking out the rest of the programmed systems? I'm not talking about just pressing the hold/resume key which would only hold on a single frequency or talk group ID. I'm referring to locking out all systems and just...
  4. M

    Barcode Scanner to Arduino/Interfacing

    So lucky to join this community. Recently I've got an old barcode scanner that I've decided that I want to connect to an Arduino Uno(for the purposes of wireless transmission). After poking around I've found some information that states that basically it should act like an old...
  5. k9wkj

    P110 scan

    ive got 6 or 7 of these P44QLC20B2AA with speaker mics,belt socket clips,charging stations and even ear pieces everything is great except i cant figure out what to bang on to enable scan im thinking these are to late of vintage to make into 16 channel radios they are the oddball 6 channel good...
  6. R

    XTS 2500 won't scan

    I have several XTS 2500 that I have tried everything I can to get them to scan. I can view the scan list in the cps and have a side button program for scan but when I press it is gi ves me a beep and does nothing. I tried to program the "b" switch positions to "scan list program " and I still...
  7. F

    Kenwood NX-320 K2 Scan Programming

    I need help to program my Kenwood NX-320 K2 to scan so I can be able to listening and add whatever I want. Can someone help me here?
  8. Danny37

    Vertex vx-4207 scan function won't work.

    Would there be any reason for the scan function not to work? At first I thought the key was broken but then I changed the key via software and no luck so far. I have the scan function on the main screen set to "B" for all the channels and the scan list set to "user" Any help would be...