1. jtsmith82391

    HT1250LS+ scan issue

    Hello everyone, I have a Motorola HT1250LS+ Model #AAH25RDH9DP5AN. I'm having an issue while scanning, it won't pick any transmissions up while the scan option is enabled. but when I turn scan off it will pick-up on whichever channel is selected. I am familiar with the CPS I'm just unsure what...
  2. D

    W8DEJ about Wouxun KG-UV6X Programing-Scaning

    I purchased a Wouxun KG-UV6X and it works fine. I can not find any information on how to toggle any memory channels from scan to not to scan using the keys or functions in the field. How can I go from Memory to VFO in order to program a channel in the field and save it to memory. The...
  3. J

    BCT15X, Service Scan problem?

    So I was setting up my scanner, after viewing some tutorials online. I made two systems. The first was a trunked system , and the second was a conventional. On both, I did not set quick keys, etc. After programming it started scanning: The first system, then the second system, and then...
  4. daugherh

    Scan List Programming Help

    I have just received my Moto GP338 from ebay and it works quite well. I'm using it to monitor a few of my local fire/ems channels and use MURS. My question for those of you with more programming experience than myself is: How can I set it up so that if I select say channel 6 (1-5 is MURS and...
  5. T

    APX7000 Won't Scan!

    Hi, Just finished programming my APX7000 radio. Setup 5 zones, and 2 scan lists. I programmed my top orange button to scan, however when I push it, it just beeps like an programmed key and does nothing. Also, if I try to add the scan menu items, it wont show up after writing to the radio. I...
  6. A

    How do I lock/unlock banks on a 796D?

    Is there a way to lock and unlock banks on a BC-796D other than waiting for 20-30 minutes for the BANK list to actually show? I have been trying for the last 15 minutes to unlock several banks by pressing TRUNK then SCAN.........I am attempting to press the bank numbers before the scanner picks...
  7. BlueDevil

    HT750 Scan upon Power On

    Anyone know how to set up the HT750 to automatically start scanning upon powering up the radio? Right now the radio will not even start scanning when the scan feature is left on when turning the power off. Let me know what you think, Thanks, Brandon K7KLA
  8. B

    Homepatrol HP-1 will not scan??????

    Having an issue with my new HP-1. After power up it locks onto a frequency (there is no talking) and will not scan, it just stays on that channel. I have checked the squelch, and even cleared all programming and started fresh, still the same result. Anybody have any ideas here... Thank you, Dan.
  9. J

    anyone using the BlackBox VHF mobile?

    thinking of pulling the trigger on my first radio (BlackBox VHF mobile) and the way this radio looks It will double as a mobile scanner for me too :) any comments on these radios ? handhelds too if you have either one. thanks
  10. Eaton90

    HT1250 - scan programming issue

    Hi everyone! I've got a problem with programming scanning in my HT1250LS+. I've created two conventional zones - the first one consists of 2 channel, the second one- of14. I also created 2 scan lists which also have 2 and 14 personalities. What I wanted is to be able to scan all the channels of...
  11. A

    MaxTrac 300 Scan

    My Moto MaxTrac 300 UHF 6ch has the scan button on the control head, but I cannot access the scan list in the rss. I am able to get into the user program scan list and alter the list. When I exit the user program scan and enable scan it will only recieve activity on channels 1 & 6. it does this...
  12. K

    Vertex Scanning

    Hi- I am using a UHF vx-924 and hoping someone out there can help me. I am looking to set up scanning so that I can scan channels in multiple zones and have the selected channel be the priority. Currently I am using the "Follow-Me" scan and it works fine for 1 zone scanning. As soon as I...
  13. P

    I really screwed I SOL?

    I'll get right to the issue...My Radio Shack Pro 96 was submerged in water for 20 min...I got it out took it apart blew it all dry...Now it will not scan or receive... I can hook up to computer and upload to scanner...all the freq's show up, sound still works I can hear the beeps..... Any...
  14. davef3138

    LTR scan speed on 396XT

    I've noticed on my 396XT that when scanning Motorola systems, if there's no control channel signal present the radio will fly past the site/systems quite quickly. With LTR systems however, it will "dwell" on each system for about a second whether there's a signal present or not. (yes, the...
  15. M

    Listening to live audio on mobile phone

    I have a sprint HTC mogul (the PPC-6800). I would like to listen to the live audio on my phone but when I open the mobile website on my phone and try to click the link, it says that I do not have enough memory available. Can anyone help PLEASE????
  16. P

    HT1250 scan lists

    is there anyway to program one channel to be in multiple scan lists???
  17. M

    Just bought one...

    hey everyone, i just purchased what i believe to be an HT1250 on e-bay. i keep hearing conflicting reports on what model number designates what. so i will post my model number here... i am sure one of you know exactly what it is. It is in a yellow case with a dtmf keypad as well...
  18. linkinpark9812

    Spectra 16 channel scan limit HACKED!!!

    Just posted this on batboard a couple of minutes ago, but it has to be approved first..... Comments and Questions are welcome! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have programmed it without a problem. Here is the deal with front programming. If you have zone slaved for both priority and non...
  19. K

    My Shack..Saint Petersburg, Florida

    My modest shack for my streams for Pinellas County, Florida..A Termtex Thin Client, Pro-96, BC246T, BCT15 setup in a spare bedroom. I plan on updating everything after we move. I hope to run just about everything by solar power at that time. Not shown is my other scanners, two Pro-2052, and two...
  20. C

    Frequency Scanning Software Available?

    Ok, first, i'm a scanner / frequency novice. I've owned a few police scanners in past. I wanted to ask if there is a software that is for sale that would scan police / fire / military / aircraft, etc frequencies without buying a hardware scanner (device)? Basically i'd like my pc to be a scanner...