talk groups

  1. ComputerComa

    BCD996P2: Listening to a DMR system with unknown talk group ids.

    Hi, so I have a BCD996P2 and I can find the frequency for the DMR system in my country, but I can't find anywhere that has a list of talk group ID's. Is it possible to setup a DMR system without putting in talk group ID's and just catch anything that goes over that DMR frequency? I'm using...
  2. T

    Tytera Programming talkgroups with a TYT DMR radio

    Here is a picture on all of the information i have about the talk groups i want to program into my TYT-380. For example if i wanted to use the EMS talkgroup how would i do that? I already have the FM frequency for it but i only hear the dispatcher. I want to hear everything. How would i do this?
  3. E

    SDRTrunk Unable to get Graham County talkgroups in SDRTrunk . PLEASE HELP!

    I have everything setup and am able to hear decoded voice APCO P25 in SDTrunk. I can hear other counties not sure which ones I do not have any Alias/groups setup besides my local graham county. Im putting the Dec talkgroup numbers 19501-19507 setup as aliases and all put into one group set to...
  4. K

    UCF: A public records success story

    I wanted to share, with you all, a public records success story of mine. A few weeks ago, 12/05/2018, I submitted a public records request to UCF (University of Central Florida), in order to receive a list of talk groups, their ids, names, and associated departments. This is a record I was...
  5. K

    Anyone 868 UVGPS Talk group List Not Loading

    When I press the "List" button (The red double dash button immediately under the screen) IT says book empty. The other day it showed my talk group list So I could select a talk group. Not only is it empty, but it will not populate the list from the programing software. The only event i can...
  6. S

    BCD325P2: New user with programming question.

    I recently purchased a BCD325P2 to listen to San Diego County - Imperial County RCS which is a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. I used Freescan to upload the TG's that I want to listen to but I am still hearing all the TG's that I DON'T want to listen to. In Freescan, I locked out the TG's...
  7. W

    West Hartford Pools

    Does anyone know what talk groups are used for West Hartford pools, specifically Cornerstone and Beachwood? The miscellaneous group has some groups labeled "facilities", but there's never any activity to be heard.
  8. apsyms

    FDNY Admin. Talk Groups

    Hey everyone! (This is going to be my first post here, so please excuse any ignorance regarding the following) So I am aware that, in order to listen to FDNY's administrative talk groups, one needs a scanner that is capable of inputting the specific DEC. However, I have no idea where to even...
  9. K

    pro 651 and Win500

    OK, Just paid 30 bucks to get my RR database access updated. Now I can't figure out how in the world to assign a talk group to a tsys using win500. Dont answer cut and paste...that's not the right answer.... I download from the RR database selecting some sites and then some talk groups...
  10. F

    BCD396T: Talk Groups

    I'm trying to set up a Trunked site. I obtained Talk Group numbers but when I try and put them in it says they are not valid. I believe I'm enering them in the correct foremat. Can you give me some direction. Thank you Fred
  11. L

    PRO-197 won't recognize talk groups

    One of my PRO-197s has been working fine for over 3 years on a P-25 digital trunked system. I have police, fire and sheriff talk groups programed. There are about 20 others (jail, courts, animal control, public works, etc) that I don't have programmed. Several days ago the scanner went silent...
  12. D

    BCD996XT Issue with talk groups

    Here is my problem. I am using Freescan to program. I am trying to divide the NW Ohio Public Safety trunk into Police TG's EMS TG's and Fire TG's. When I upload the info to the scanner, I get police TG's in the EMS and FIRE. Frustrating. I have used the easy program page, but it doesn't seem...
  13. A

    Problem scanning SRRCS with RadioShack Pro 163

    I used the ARC300 software to upload the Sacramento RRCS from I can hear audio on the various frequencies when I monitor them manually (and I see the talkgroup alpha tag), but when I trunk scan, it continually scans without picking up any audio. All of the frequencies and...
  14. wlittle

    Two questions

    In my daily monitoring endeavors, I have come up with two questions regarding frequencies/talk groups on the south side of metro Atlanta: 1. Has the Clayton County Fire Department changed radio systems to 800 Mhz. or EDACS? I was going to monitor them the other day and saw that fire department...
  15. CrimeCaster

    Elkhorn Talk Groups

    I dislike how some of these new systems are set up on Radio Reference. I'm from Kansas City, and am visiting family in Elkhorn this weekend. I would like to listen to my scanner while I'm up there, but when I located the frequencies for Elkhorn and surrounding areas, it is confusing as to what...
  16. S

    scanning in with blocked MOT trunks - pro 163

    Ok I did my 2 (or 3) weeks of pulling my hair out and i can now store talk groups in my pro 163. and I can scan and I have tons of chatter. Now I blocked out the police ones as I dont seam to prefer perp chatter and pull overs. To do this, I had to put all the channels in MOT mode so the locked...
  17. CSX_TampaBay

    New Scanner- Needs help..

    I've looked on RR for about two hours now and I am still confused??? I bought a Pro-164, live in Pinellas County Florida. They use Motorola 2. 800 band... Years ago my old scanner I would just enter a freqs... now- there are talk groups and DEC/HEX's ??? I thought I would just enter as an...
  18. Y

    New Group ID's Alachua Co

    I do not know yet what all of these are yet: 35568 - I know this is ACSO, I have heard a Baker County Patch test and some references to emergency traffic (10-33) (Heard it as Channel 3, patching with Dade co) 34768- Unknown Only had 1 hit so far. 15280 - I have only heard tones. 2608 -...
  19. wdrescher

    St. Joseph Talk Groups

    I've searched everywhere to find an answer and have not found anything. I programmed my scanner for the new Indiana Safe T for St Joseph County Indiana. The talk groups listed for St Joseph County in the Database do not work. Using ID SEARCH I'm coming up with 100-1, 101-15, etc... nothing like...
  20. KT7L

    UCAN Talk Group Rules/ Rural Rpt Maps

    In case anyone missed it, here's a link to the UCAN site for a new memo on TG Usage, dated Jan 30th 2009. Also note, you can print out reference maps of the rural UCAN repeater sites by going to: The Utah Communication Agency Networks