1. MTL_Emergencies

    UID not displaying in P25 Phase II on patch talkgroup

    Hello, I am monitoring a P25 phase II trunk system (SERAM, site 1) but I am having issues with unit IDs: FD dispatchers use patch talkgroups to combine multiple talkgroups together (the patch name is REGROUPEMENT and patched talkgroups are COMMANDEMENT). In phase I, unit IDs show up just fine...
  2. manxman

    SDS100: Getting started with Trunked Systems

    Howdy folks, and warm regards from the tropical Isle of Man! I'm getting back into the hobby, having recently upgraded my 3500XLT to an SDS-100E, and to say I'm finding it complicated would be an understatement. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for some high-level steps to...
  3. N

    APX Trunking Can't RX or TX audio

    I've previously been monitoring a P25 trunked network (NSW Government Radio Network Trunking System, NSW Statewide and ACT, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) in my state using the non-affiliate scan method. I.e. I created the actual trunked channels and placed them in a scan list linked to a...
  4. E

    I've always had a scanner - but want to get local police on Trunking channels - Rec

    Good day - I have two scanners now, which are standard channels. I'd like to get a trunking scanner, but don't know where to begin. I'm not out for the biggest and best, just one where I can hear local police such as the Cleveland, Ohio police, Olmsted Falls Police, etc. Could someone please...
  5. laythrom

    Private Trunking or Conventional?

    First off, let me say that if this is in the wrong location on the forum, I apologize. Secondly, let me explain the situation and why I made this post. *Disclaimer - I'm no where near an expert on radio comms, just a little bit to be dangerous; I am talking to a couple companies to get things...
  6. H

    Havasu Police & Fire Equipment Changeover

    In a City Council Meeting dated 9/22/2015, approval was given to Police Chief Dan Doyle by City Council to purchase new radio equipment. In the meeting notes, it is detailed that the following equipment is to be purchased: • 800MHZ P25 Trunked Radio and MCC 7500 Dispatch System • MotoTRBO...
  7. D

    BCD436HP: How to turn on / scan P25 trunked systems?

    Hi, I'm trying to determine how i can turn on P25 monitoring for my BCD436HP. I've read 4 strings here, and watched 2 YouTube videos, all of which seem to be skipping the beginning on HOW to turn this on. What i would like to accomplish is to be able to monitor these types of channels (as an...
  8. G

    Unitrunker/Airspy - cant decode at all

    Hi all, I've recently bought an Airspy Mini and have discovered local emergency and other services use a 864MHz APCO25 trunk network. Manually tuning around the area i can see and hear the control channels clearly and also snippets of clear analogue audio on the various channels surrounding...
  9. T

    TRX-2: Easy method for importing and splitting P25's into multiple scanlists

    The trial and error way I ended up doing mine is that I imported the entire P25 system into scanlist 001. 1. I went through and clicked on most all the trunk ID's that I knew I wasn't interested in, and clicked "REMOVE", *not* delete. Better not to click delete, just remove. 2. Then I...
  10. N

    Manatee County

    Hello... Visiting and soon to be a resident of the area. Does anyone have the correct LCN for the main Manatee County system? I loaded what is listed here but am only hearing occasional tramsmissions where I used to hear everything. This leads me to believe one of the LCNs is out of sequence...
  11. billreitan

    Looking for trunk mount for 2009 Impala

    I'm debating installing a either trunk mount antenna, which the whip may interfere with the rear window. I'm also considering using a 90 degree bracket on the side of the trunk. Just looking for suggestions from others.
  12. B

    Madison Co. Indiana unified dispatch radio system quotes range from $12M to $20M

    ANDERSON – Madison County officials received two proposals Tuesday that will be considered for the purchase of a new radio dispatch system for all local law enforcement agencies. The Madison County Commissioners opened the three proposals for the new radio system, but one of the three didn’t...
  13. B

    Filter a trunked system

    I have several older analog scanners, but wish to get a newer digital trunking scanner. I'm currently eyeing the Uniden BCD436HP. From looking at the regional system in use in our county: Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) Trunking System, Hamilton, Ohio - Scanner...
  14. Viperguynick

    Problem with LTR System on Pro-106 - no audio

    Hello all. I am having a little problem trying to get a local LTR Trunking system to work correctly on my Pro-106. The following is the link for the trunking system I am working with: WPSR407 (RADIO COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT INC) FCC Callsign Details I am trying to program from site #3 on...
  15. SlipNutz15

    P25 Linear Simulcast Modulation ASTRO

    Ok, I may be overthinking this but Centre County 911's new P25 radio system has three emissions, 8K10F1D P25 Phase I C4FM data 8K10F1E P25 Phase I C4FM voice (P25 mode in Database) and then 8K70D1W P25 Linear Simulcast Modulation ASTRO (9.6 kbps in 12.5 kHz...
  16. T

    Quantar questions

    I have a couple questions. I am new to the world of trunking and am having some trouble getting started. My company has about 100 users spread over 12sq miles. We are currently using xts 2500's and we have two quantar t5365a's running as "dumb" repeaters. Is there anyway to trunk these two...
  17. O

    Why Is My Scanner Dropping The Signal

    Hello everyone, I have a Uniden BC346xt handheld scanner that I use in Toronto, Canada to listen to the analog trunk system that all of our public safety responders are on. I have been able to listen in for months to the transmissions without any problems, but recently I have encountered a...
  18. J

    iScan PRO 107 Conventional vs Trunked

    I'm new to Trunked Systems, but I've noticed something odd with my RS iScan PRO 107. If I create a Playlist with only Trunked Systems and play only that Playlist, I get a lot of activity from the Trunked Systems. If I add conventional channels to the Playlist or created a separate playlist and...
  19. N2SCV

    Bayonne and JC Trunk Systems

    Are the control channels low power? My new Pro-106 will not pick up these systems from S.I. near the Outerbridge. Also, I'm trying to learn this radio and using ARC-500 to program it. Any pointers? Thanks.
  20. P

    Pro-164 Programming

    Hi, I have a Pro-164 and trying to program some frequencies Ocean City Trunking System, Ocean City, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies here you can see these frequencies have a (dec) (hex) How do I program them into this unit? Thanks