trunked radio system

  1. K9JRF

    SDS100: SDS100 Audio Weird Issue

    I'm having a weird issue with the SDS-100 and I can't seem to figure it out. I have tried filters, and IFX , changed squelch from 0 to 15 and can't seem to resolve it. The SDS-100 when a transmission comes in 2 out of 5 times, it has this audio sound at the start of the transmission. Its...
  2. I

    Finding Local Trunked System

    I have a ski resort in my area that I am trying to hear communications from, but I have not had any luck. I am using a SDS100 and the resort is Sun Valley Resort in Ketchum Idaho. They have Motorola handheld units that I can see their ski patrol and lift operators using, so my guess is some...
  3. C

    NJSP Trunked

    Hey All good evening, I was wondering Using the Arc15 for my BCT15 and programming NJSP Trunked via Radio Reference Do I need to upload all 16 sites ?
  4. mountainrider

    HP-1: LCN Finder how to......

    Two LTR Standard systems in Idaho with no talkgroups, White Cloud Communications and Intermountain Gas. In Sentinal, I created the systems as favorite lists, system type LTR, ID:Search on, created the different sites and put in the listed frequencies as well as the locations from the RR...
  5. B

    essex county ny

    I'm writing this in hopes of finding out what the actual frequencies are or will be for the essex county e911 system, after googling for some time , I have found nothing concrete, even the uls search had only something that might or might not be those channels.
  6. mkewman

    Apple (yes that apple) Building Bi-State MotoTrbo System

    Well, it looks like the boys and girls at 1 Infinite Loop have licensed several frequencies in Sacramento, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Alameda, CA and Travis, TX. Yes, you read that correctly, Not Travis AFB, CA... Travis, TX. According to their recent Licensing activity, in December 2012 they were...
  7. SafeRanger

    TK-940 Programming

    I am looking for a "walk-trough" on the KPG-25d software for the TK-940 (800mhz) Radio. I have been trying to get it right for a while now, but to no avail. Does anyone have a "Template" that I could look at, to make sure that I am getting all the right information in the right places. Or...
  8. kg4ojj

    Lee County GA to go to an 800MHz system

    From the Albany Herald: Albany Herald | Lee set for communications upgrade Again, it appears that narrowbanding is locally defined as "move to a trunked radio system." On a technical note, I have watched the shifting of frequencies allocated to the Albany/Dougherty (and Thomas/Crisp County...
  9. radioscan

    United Telephone of Ohio

    I programmed the Lebanon site of the system into my Pro-97. which at first appears to be a SCAT site. I do not hear any control channel data on 855.3875. Further examination of the license shows the FCC Service Code GO which is conventional, not trunked. Has anyone tried to monitor this system...
  10. kg4ojj

    Jacksonville FL - new P25 system

    Yesterday, I was playing around with my PSR-500 scanner and found something new.... Hooked up scanner to PRO96com Pro96Com - Control channel decoder for P25 Trunked Radio Systems and I found a new P25 system in Jacksonville, based off of the existing public safety TRS: Site ID: 3BD P25...