1. cakers900

    NX-5000 DMR Tier III Trunked Radio Talk Group Scanning Priority

    I am in the process of deploying a public safety DMR Tier III Trunked Simulcast System. I have nearly a million dollars worth of NX5000 subscriber equipment sitting in my shop that I am not ready to deploy because Kenwood has yet to enable the ability to select a priority talk group during talk...
  2. M

    Caledon Fire Station Dispatch Talk Groups

    I am putting a Caledon scan list together for somebody and I cannot seem to find the dispatch talk groups for Caledon's Station dispatch. I was able to Program OPS 5, TAC 8 & 9 but OPS 5 does not dispatch any calls even for Brampton. I rarely hear them page because they have the dispatch setup...
  3. mtnlion

    BCD996XT: Trunked system programming issues

    I'll preface this by saying I'm not 100% confident in my understanding of trunked systems and how to program them, so if I'm missing something or making any mistakes please educate me. I'm trying to program a statewide P25 system into my scanner. Specifically, the Montana Public Safety...
  4. K

    Wake county 800 Mhz P25 and the FV IR sites.

    Hello I was monitoring the 6038 system for wake county a month or so ago and listening to Fuquay Vrina and Holly Springs PD Talk Groups. I started monitoring again yesterday and they are no longer on Wake 800 P25. I thought they maybe on the FV IR site , but the talk group list for that site is...
  5. K

    BCT15X: Programming a Trunked System on BCT15

    So I am using FreeSCAN on a windows 10 machine, I have a USB to serial cable plugged into the serial port, I've already made a connection with the scanner and programed a conventional system so I know the connection works. I am trying to upload my local P25 system. I have imported it from RR...
  6. B

    Philadelphia Medic Reports

    I recently began scanning in Philadelphia and seem to be having trouble picking up the Ambulance-Hospital reports. My scanner (WS1065) is receiving signal from the city trunked system as I am picking up police/fire dispatch fine, but for ambulance reports, there is essentially nothing coming...
  7. D

    Yagi upgrade of my trunked scanner

    My old setup was just 2 telescopic antennas and 2 SDRs and it wasn't great, and with that, I wasn't getting the best reception and so I wanted to listen to systems that were farther away from me and get better reception on my local systems. I started doing some research on a better antenna setup...
  8. ChrisBoden

    Legality of decoding P25 Police/EMS/Fire data in an educational video.

    Greetings everyone. :) I'm in preproduction on an educational video teaching how to use an SDR with DSD+ to build a simple rig and listen to trunked emergency services data on P25 systems. Could someone please advise me on the legality of teaching this and posting it to the internet? I'm...
  9. D

    Georgia Trunked Systems with GPS

    Are there any Trunked Systems in Georgia that send messages and along with those GPS coordinates? Because in SDRTrunk there is a map feature and I was wanting to test it out. However, I do not know of any GA Trunking Systems that utilize GPS coordinates with their messages.
  10. D

    Fulton County Trunking

    So I am new to this forum however I have been into police scanning for a long while. I just got a setup in order to decode trunked radio. While doing research to find which system my local police is on (Johns Creek Police) I saw that they were apart of the "Fulton County Public Safety P25"...
  11. Remington12G

    University Of Kentucky P25 System

    I recently submitted some TGID's to RR for the UK P25 System. Some of those TGID's were channels where I heard specific radio traffic for certain buildings on campus but it also appears that University operations do work in zones/posts. I have scanned the Secondary Dispatch channel and it...
  12. S

    Starting out, I have no idea what to do.

    So, i am thinking about trying to set up a scanner for all talkgroups in Snoqulamie and North Bend, (police, fire, ems) but i don't know if i need an analog or digital trunking scanner, or what talkgroups i need for fire and ems, also if i can get just Snoqualmie and North Bend, or if i have to...
  13. P

    Hillsborough County EDACS info

    Hello, new here and trying to learn. I was looking to use the control channel for the HCSO and the HCFD but when I got to the page for the info on them ... ...... the System Frequencies have NO .......... Red (c) are primary control...
  14. AK4FD

    Hickory PD Info

    Does anyone know if Hickory Police Dept/Hickory Public Safety has changed any of their channels? The system info can be found here: Hickory Public Safety. I ask because I’ve been doing some testing for the past hour close to downtown Hickory and I’ve tried all 3 channels listed in the DB using...
  15. S

    SDS100: Applying IFX (Intermediate Frequency Exchange) to a trunked system CC

    How do I apply IFX to a trunked system control channel? The only info I've gleaned from the forums seems to suggest that you would create a conventional channel with that frequency and enter Func key then 7 key and that will apply IFX to all instances of that frequency including trunked system...
  16. J

    US DoD (14C) Key West NAS Site

    Spending a few days down South, way down South! And brought my Whistler TRX-1 along for some entertainment while walking the dogs. The county P25 system is coming in great, even heard the NAS tower, but the trunked system has been quiet for two days. The last 12 hours or so I've been...
  17. B

    NXDN SACCH Decoding

    Hi, I am currently writing a C/C++ code to decode voice and control channels of an NXDN4800 trunked system. I have successfully decoded sound frames but i am having problems on obtaining call information, namely SACCH decoding. I get RTCH voice frames with full VCH(4x72 bits) without a problem...
  18. S

    Problems with hidden channel scan and missed transmissions

    Hello all! I have a question about an XTS5000 and monitoring digital trunked system via the hidden channel method. I have two different systems programmed in here. (I am well versed in the CPS and programming) but for some reason one of the systems works perfectly and receives 100% of the time...
  19. M

    Phoenix P.D.

    Can anybody tell me the latest freqencies that PHX PD are using, I currently have the Radio Shack Pro-651 scanner. I am having some trouble programming these to my scannert, any help at all would be much appreciated!
  20. jjsongs

    BCD325P2: Not receiving trunked channels

    Good day everyone. I just purchased my BCD325P2 and have been testing and programming for the last couple of days. Just for reference I live in the San Bernardino, CA area and have extensive past experience with scanners. I decided it was time to upgrade from my RS Pro97 and I thought that the...