1. KE4ZNR

    2008-2012 VIPER Discussion (Archive)

    This thread is for discussion of VIPER related info only. Any off topic posts will be deleted. Please Help by keeping posts on topic. Thanks and Happy Monitoring!
  2. KE4ZNR

    Heads Up: VIPER Discussion Thread->

    Just a heads up Guys & Gals: With the beginning of a new year comes a need for a fresh start in many different area is going to be the VIPER discussion thread....On December 31/January 1st I will lock the current VIPER discussion thread (but keep it stickied for archive purposes) and...
  3. KE4ZNR

    Tarheel Scanner/Shortwave Group Upcoming Meeting

    Fellow Members of, Details of the next Tarheel Scanner/Shortwave Group Meeting: --The Next Tarheel Scanner/Shortwave Radio Group meeting is Next Monday Night (December 15th) at the Red, Hot & Blue Restaurant on Falls of Neuse Rd in Northeast Raleigh. Dinner is at 6:30pm with...
  4. KE4ZNR

    Raleigh PD (Wake County) 460.150Mhz Issues

    Just FYI: The Main UHF Dispatch for Raleigh PD (460.150Mhz aka "Raleigh 1") is having some issues. Apparently the Repeater is operating on Low Power. Meaning that unless you are in the Downtown Raleigh area receiving it will not be easy. The appropriate people in Raleigh PD know about this issue...
  5. KE4ZNR

    VIPER Related Scanner Files

    Howdy Folks. I have had a lot of email/PM requests for VIPER related software files. I am going to try this as an experiment as a way to share VIPER related software files... I am starting this thread for the purpose of sharing VIPER related Scanner Software Files ONLY....any off topic posts...
  6. murrayustud

    Chapel Hill Carboro Police Changes?

    I know that Chapel Hill Fire is still on UHF but I don't seem to be getting anything on the old UHF Chapel Hill Police freqs nor the TG's posted on Viper. Anyone monitor Chapel Hill/Carboro Police and have any info? Thanks in advance, Charles