1. D

    WS1040 Trunking Support

    Hello, I have recetly purchased a WS1040, and have been able to get my local EDACS trunking stystem to work, but I went to add my ID's in to just pick up those channles but every time I do it says "Value/Format Err, Go Back?" Any assistance would be amazing!
  2. SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    Whistler TRX-1. 2 Sets (8 batteries) - NEW External Charger - NEW Remtronix Antenna USB Sync Cable External Ruberized Green Case. Unit works GREAT - very very light screen scratch you have to move to right light to see. No manual - can download from Whistler / Download EZ-Scan from Whistler to...
  3. S

    Radio IDs Whistler 1040

    Looking to see if there is a way to change Radio IDs from a number to text using ARC500 software on my WS 1040. I was able to change settings to see the Radio ID number or alias now wondering how to change the number to a text tag.
  4. deim

    Whistler TRX-1/2 LTR system AU files

    Hi there! Can someone send me au files of Whistler TRX-1/2 recorded on LTR system? I need these files to do some checks with my player.
  5. deim

    Universal Scanner Audio Player

    Hi guys! Today I want to introduce my new app Universal Scanner Audio Player ( old name UnidenWavPlayer Uniden wav files player and organizer) Now support AOR DV-10, ICOM R30, Uniden 436/536/sds100/sds200/homepatrol, Whistler TRX1/TRX2 audio files. New player engine. Extended filter...
  6. D

    Ez Scan and CVS files

    I'm I correct that you can't export your scan list from Ez Scan to excel? I have tried different way to export my scan list to a cvs file but the only items that get put in the cvs file are the heads. Just would like advice on how people incorporate ez Scan into spreadsheets and if it makes...
  7. D

    The Future of Whistler

    First, I want to say this is not a rant. Just giving my honest opinion and would like feed back. I have been happy with Whistler in the past. I was looking at a SDS100 and other Uniden scanners. I decided to get a refurbished TRX-1 and they gave me a discount for being a vet. Here are my...
  8. Salvatorejrc

    Broadcasting on Broadcastify

    I want to broadcast a frequency on Broadcastify, although, I want to get the cheapest scanner possible to do it, being that I already have an expensive scanner for personal use. The frequency I want to broadcast is on p25. Any scanner suggestions?
  9. S

    Whistler 1010 - WS1010 - Not Closed, Send me a PM if Interested

    For sale is a barely used Whistler - WS1010 scanner. This was bought as a gift, but they ended up not using it. I am marking this as used since it is out of the box, but I see no issues, not even slight blemishes. $59.99 + Shipping [USPS Priority would come out to ~$7.50] Comes with: -WS1010...
  10. Whistler WS-1095 - P25 Phase I / Phase II / DMR MOTOTRBO in Box (SOLD)

    Whistler WS-1095 - P25 Phase I / Phase II / DMR MOTOTRBO in Box (SOLD)

    Whistler WS-1095 In the Box (all accessories) Upgraded SD Card 32gb SanDisk Extreme Pro Additional Cigarette Lighter Cord Additional Large Format Manual (Color Bound) Works Great - just don't need. PAYPAL only - insured FREE Shipment to Continental USA only. Will be on Ebay as well at a higher...
  11. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  12. *** SOLD***Whistler 1095

    *** SOLD***Whistler 1095

    Ws1095. Had less than 2 weeks. Prefer handheld. Still has screen cover on screen. Includes all accessories from factory in a white box $275 shipped priority
  13. Whistler TRX-2 Scanner DMR NXDN P25 Analog

    Whistler TRX-2 Scanner DMR NXDN P25 Analog

    I have a very clean Whistler TRX-2 Scanner still with the plastic still on the faceplate. Includes all original accessories except user manual, that can be downloaded online. In the box Digital Desktop Scanner Antenna AC Adapter USB Cable Remote Head Mounting Bracket Hardwire Kit LAN Cable SD...
  14. Whistler WS-1095 Digital Mobile/Base Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler WS-1095 Digital Mobile/Base Scanner P25/DMR

    Whistler 1095 Digital Scanner in excellent condition. THE WHISTLER WS1095 IS A MULTI-SYSTEM DIGITAL TRUNKING SYSTEM THAT DECODES APCO P25 PHASE I AND II, MOTOROLA, EDACS AND LTR. Works 100%, and has never been mobile. Sits on my desk in non-smoking environment. Includes all OEM Parts…...
  15. N

    Missing parts of transmissions Whistler 1040

    I'm noticing the begging and sometimes middle of transmissions cutting off while listening to the local fire/ems channels. For example, I'll hear an officer or dispatcher say something, there will be a pause (I assume 'copy' or '10-4' or the like was said) and then the dispatcher/officer will...
  16. J

    Upgraded PSR800 with Whistler Upgrade

    Got my psr800 back today from Whistler after they did my upgrade and seemed good. I was checking out the CPU upgrade and did the check on the cpu version and it was the latest so I unplug the scanner and the Boot version on the screen would not turn off. I disconnected the usb cable and then had...
  17. n6766j

    Whistler PC Software issue

    Hi everyone, When I loaded the frequencies for McCarron-Las Vegas Intl Airport using the Whistler software using the library import function, several frequencies were left out. They DO exist in the database, but not when the Whistler software make the database inquiry. The missing frequencies...
  18. Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box

    Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box

    Selling a Whistler TRX-1 Digital Handheld Scanner Radio in box completed. It is in great condition as kept in case and took extreme care of it. Only minor light scratches on LCD as they pretty much all do due to soft plastic they used at factory. Is very clean condition otherwise. Works great...
  19. Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner Phase I & Phase II

    Condition is used, but in excellent condition. All original packaging, accessories as the original antenna, belt clip, and 4 GB SD card, USB cable and documentation included. Did do all updates, so is ready to be used out of the box. This is a real Whistler 1080, not a RadioShack Pro 668 which...
  20. DoctorZ

    Whistler TRX-2 vs. Uniden SDS-100: Which Receives Better in P25 Multi-Cast Environment?

    No sense just "talking" about it. Here's a video of the scanners side by side in operation. The results may surprise you--they sure did me! Whistler TRX-2 vs. Uniden SDS-100