1. $375 FOR BOTH Whistler TRX-1 & Whistler WS1040

    $375 FOR BOTH Whistler TRX-1 & Whistler WS1040

    Selling (2) whistler handhelds. Both work and are part of my collection. Replacing them with base units, so I am selling these. $375 FOR BOTH shipped in the US. I accept PayPal or Venmo. What you see in the pics is what you get. I do not have boxes or belt clips or any other accessories
  2. C

    Ws1010 analog scanner

    So in wanted an analog scanner mainly for airband. I almost exclusively buy things thru amazon prime so I had to pick between a 120 dollar Whistler or a 200 dollar uniden. I'm a Uniden guy, with uniden radios, and 3 uniden scanners, so this is my first time with Whistler. I got the scanner...
  3. P

    BCT15X vs WS1065

    What is better in terms of programmability, sensitivity, usability, mobility, and quality? Either will be used to listen to analog systems.
  4. P

    Whistler vs GRECOM vs Radio Shack

    I want to know which brand I should go with for my second scanner like in the title in terms of quality and reception. You can tell me which scanner is best. Looking for one with analog trunking.
  5. **SOLD** Whistler TRX-2  w/ Remtronix Antenna

    **SOLD** Whistler TRX-2 w/ Remtronix Antenna

    Whistler TRX-2 w/ Bonus Remtronix Antenna * Works great - in box with all items. (only missing manual - can download online). * Also box does smell of cigarette smoke - scanner - not much at all - only because I bought it used. Great Price ... PayPal only / No trades. Continental Shipping...
  6. R

    Need Help New TRX-1

    I just bought a TRX-1 because I want to listen to my local police and fire departments. I'm still learning the device but the only problem I'm having is the city police and county sheriff's transmission are very garbled. It's not understandable. It's not a signal problem it's something else. I...
  7. XBrandonEdwardX

    Whistler TRX-2; Niagara Region Scanning Issue

    Hey Everyone, I am curious if anyone could maybe shine some light on what could be happening down here in Niagara Falls with the 'Niagara Region' system... Recently I got my hands on a Whistler TRX-2 scanner and I have imported the entire system with all of the frequencies and the Niagara Falls...
  8. Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 still under warranty just used a few time. Adult Non-Smoking hosehold - never outside / no scratches. Great scanner - I just don't need it afterall. See my feedback. Upgrades: Remtronix Antenna (much better) - will include stock telescopic Upgraded 32gb SD Card for more...
  9. ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    Looking to sell my two whistlers that I have had over the years to take a further dive into the SDR world. What is pictured is what goes with it. The handheld is missing the clip and olive drab insert for the case. The base/mobile is missing the bracket, network cable(for different placement for...
  10. S

    What is TriMed On?

    I thought TriMed was on the TRBOWEST system. I loaded their TGs into the TRX-1, but haven't herd anything the best 30-45 minutes. They're not encrypted, are they?
  11. D

    Need a good scanner antenna for Whistler WS1040

    I have a Whistler WS 1040 scanner and my antenna that came with it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been looking for a good antenna but I’m having trouble since I don’t know anything about antennas or frequencies. I live in NYC and I would like to listen to the FDNY and NYPD. Do you have any good...
  12. Whistler TRX-2

    Whistler TRX-2

    Howdy gang! For your consideration is my TRX-2. Less than a year old and working as it should. All accessories and original box are included, with the exception of the manual, which was misplaced in a recent move. $375.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. No international shipping, and I'm...
  13. Reconrider

    Whistler TRX-1

    Putting some feelers out to see what I can sell this unit for. Year and a half to 2 years old. Barely used. Bought sds100 and have used that since. Use TRX1 mainly as my analog since it doesn't work on my simulcast state system. I do have the hard case for it as well as the 2 harder plastic...
  14. M

    Looking to buy a Whistler 1065

    In search of a Whistler 1065 in good condition....
  15. H

    TRX-1: What kind of cc and how to set up?

    Can anyone tell me how to work with this kind of control channel? I've tried sets on MOT, P25 and DMR but none of them worked. 👇🏽 Control Channel
  16. KI5UFO

    WTS Whistler TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is my Whistler TRX-2 base scanner. Recently purchased a SDS200 and with the purchase of a new car my plans of running dual scanners dropped since I'm not trying to drill any holes in the car. Looking to get 350 or best offer. It will come with all known accessories, I...
  17. SOLD - Whistler TRX-2 -  APCO P25 I & II / NXDN / DMR / MotoTRBO in Box w/ BONUS

    SOLD - Whistler TRX-2 - APCO P25 I & II / NXDN / DMR / MotoTRBO in Box w/ BONUS

    Whistler TRX-2 - Does all the Popular modes - no paid upgrades needed. Detachable face - great for vehicle use. BONUS - Comes with better Remtronix Antenna. Like new in BOX with all Accessories. Only used inside in Non-Smoking Household. PAYPAL only - sorry no trades...act fast or it goes to...
  18. D

    WS1040 Trunking Support

    Hello, I have recetly purchased a WS1040, and have been able to get my local EDACS trunking stystem to work, but I went to add my ID's in to just pick up those channles but every time I do it says "Value/Format Err, Go Back?" Any assistance would be amazing!
  19. SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    Whistler TRX-1. 2 Sets (8 batteries) - NEW External Charger - NEW Remtronix Antenna USB Sync Cable External Ruberized Green Case. Unit works GREAT - very very light screen scratch you have to move to right light to see. No manual - can download from Whistler / Download EZ-Scan from Whistler to...
  20. BabaDude77

    Radio IDs Whistler 1040

    Looking to see if there is a way to change Radio IDs from a number to text using ARC500 software on my WS 1040. I was able to change settings to see the Radio ID number or alias now wondering how to change the number to a text tag.