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Dec 17, 2010
This is a message that I posted on the Montgomery County PA Forum this morning.

I went into my BCD325P2 last night to see if the frequency of 855.2375 could be found. Of course, nothing at all. Montgomery County East has 4 control channels which are 851.8875A, 852.2625, 852.375PC and 853.7625A. The A stands for Alternate and the PC stands for Primary Control. I have the option of being able to lock out certain control channels through the software program. The question is that I'm not sure which control channel controls the frequency of 855.2375. And it could be that it's totally arbitrary and the computer that controls the radio controls the frequency.

CavMedic wrote, The radios are programmed for a hot mic for a short period , but if I believe they revert back to a specific talk group " orange" per channel announcement. I really don't understand this but this problem has only started within the past 2 weeks. So evidently Montgomery County has changed something. Or I need to delete and reload Montgomery County again. The only frequency that is involved is 855.2375 and it is just plain annoying that it hinders the scanning process. I also forgot to add that it only happens on the Dispatch Channel.

Any insight on a possible solution would be appreciated.
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Jun 20, 2007
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The system only uses one control channel at a time, but it could be any of the red or blue frequencies listed in RR. The control channel can change at any time, so you need to have them all in.

The currently active control channel determines what frequencies are used for voice channels and can change frequencies in the middle of a conversation.

I am still confused as to exactly what your problem is, but if the system has been rebanded and needs the specific bandplan info for the radio to interpret what frequencies to go to for voice, it can send it to the wrong frequency. Generally this is not a problem for just some talkgroups, but will be a whole on the entire system.

Montgomery County PA is a rebanded Motorola site, so you might need two lines of bandplan to tell the radio how to interpret the control channel. If you review the Rebanding info on Radio Reference and what to enter for a Uniden radio, this could be your problem, especially if you are entering the system manually.

I see no reason why locking out a control channel will solve any receiving issues, but it will create some, as the whole system will go dead when the system changes to whatever frequency you lock out.

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