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NS frequency changes system wide


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Dec 6, 2005
Lots of freq. changes all over the system the past year or so, in order to concentrate coverage better. And yes, NXDN testing is in place, and has been in a lot of places. Part of the reason a lot of road freqs have changed.

160.950 is still used a lot, but it isn't the "Southern road channel" default like it once was. Used to be, you had that, and the Train / dispatch freqs in, and you were good to go.


Aug 26, 2003
Danville Dispatcher (Piedmont Division running thru Danville, Va) has also changed from the original Southern Territory line up to 160.905 (AAR 53) as Channel 1 and 160.515 (AAR 27) Channel 2. So far the yard has stayed on 161.490 and their radios still have the older frequencies but limited use.


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Jun 22, 2010
Yes, lots of NS changes. The "Rathole" (CNO&TP Second District) recently changed to AAR 31 (160.575) for channel 1 and AAR 59 (160.995) for channel 2 south of KD Tower where the CT dispatcher's territory starts. The First District portion dispatched by the Kentucky desk also recently changed to AAR 27 (160.515) for channel 1 and AAR 57 (160.965) for channel 2. Everywhere they've switched the channel 2 it's simplex and not half duplex like the old way. When all the dispatchers moved to Atlanta they consolidated a bunch of dispatching desks, and now each dispatching desk will have its own road and dispatcher frequencies.

This is a good source of NS frequencies and is updated regularly. NS Radio Frequencies - RailroadfanWiki


Oct 6, 2007
Lexington, NC
I am in Lexington NC, near Spencer Yard.
North of MP 333.
This is the southern end of Danville Dispatch territory.
It is almost into Greernville dispatch territory.

In this part of NC, Channel 1 160.95 is the ROAD Channel, and the 160.245/160.830 pair is Channel 2 DISPATCH.

I am still hearing 160.245/160.830 being used to issue track warrants.
I am still hearing 160.95 being used as a Road Channel.

Is 160.515 SIMPLEX going to replace the 160.245/160.83 semi duplex pair as channel 2?

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I am NOT clear on what you mean by Channel 1 160.905, and Channel 2 160.515.

Is 160.515 going to replace the channel 2 semi duplex PAIR with one SIMPLEX channel?
Or is 160.515 going to be half of a semi duplex pair along with another channel?
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