Shack/Office (In Progress)

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KO9JAD/Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic
Feed Provider
Nov 18, 2004
Davie, FL (Miami/Fort Lauderdale Metro)
My home office Shack is a work in progress. I will be eventually adding 2 more BCT15x's for non-trunked VHF/UHF.
I'm running the first PC 2 Screens with 3 instances of ProScan, listening to 6 Broadcastify Feeds, an RTL1090-SDR Dongle-Virtual Radar.
The second PC is an old Dell Win 7, old monitor, just dedicated to my Broadcastify Feed using a Baofeng UV-82HP pumped into RadioFeed by ProScan.
The Scanner Rack is a cheapy desktop server rack 8U tall StarTech from Amazon $30.00. I bought the 2U plates cheap on eBay with holes in standard Single DIN-E until the SDS200 came along, then just extended the DIN-E openings out. If you want the plates precut I recommend Alberta Radio Supply on eBay. Quick service and not expensive. I made the external speaker plate. Bought a 2U vented Plate and just screwed the speakers on the rear into the grilles on the front. When I ultimately get the 2 more 15x's they will go in the speaker spot. This setup is very flexible, allows for expansion, AND hides my cables. I'm running an old Electroline EDA2800 8-Way RF Amplifier with a single antenna on the roof. It's a mobile all band on a ground plane mast mount. Getting great results across all bands and pulling in P25 signals 35 miles away in Miami Beach, no problem.
Scanners - SDS200, BCD996P2, BCT15x, and the Baofeng.

Oh, that's my son's COVID virtual schooling work is on the wall. :)


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