1. RadioDitch

    New Jersey Turnpike Authority P25 TRS

    In my free time I've been working on a mapping project of the NJSP, NJICS, and NJTA systems. Sites and ranges. I'm not sure if the ranges in the database for the NJTA system are defaults at 5mi, but I believe they're wrong. When you map it out, it leaves significant gaps which don't exist in...
  2. n6766j

    Whistler PC Software issue

    Hi everyone, When I loaded the frequencies for McCarron-Las Vegas Intl Airport using the Whistler software using the library import function, several frequencies were left out. They DO exist in the database, but not when the Whistler software make the database inquiry. The missing frequencies...
  3. airsquad9

    Sentinel Favorites Updates

    I've been using Sentinel for programming most of my newer Uniden products since it first came out but I just realized something. When I update the Master Database it doesn't update my Favorites lists with the new info. How do I update my Favorites without creating a new one? Seems like that...
  4. H

    Repeater locations database

    Hi, Not sure if I am on the correct forum. I would like to download a list of texas repeaters that I can upload into my garmin gps for future reference. Does anyone know if there is such a list.?
  5. WA6NHC

    BCDx36HP: Sentinel Database feature requests

    Here in the Inland North West, it's fire season (as other places). This means that a LOT of Fed firefighters are moving in/out of the area, using their home frequencies as they work the fires. They're mostly USFS, some NPS, some BLM, some are aircraft, some are contractors. Since one never...
  6. S

    Downloading coordinates in search results?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to download a search result that includes the coordinates of the sites of the system. Is that possible in any download report (CSV)? I would prefer to search by FRN to get an entity's entire system's sites. How do I do this? All of the reports I have looked...
  7. S

    Whistler ws1080 is missing folders

    My WS1080 only has these folders on the SD card: CDAT LOG REC Is there a way to get all the other folders mentioned in the manual back on the card so I can use the scanner again? (like BTMP, DB, MTMP, STMP, etc) Somehow I managed to delete those today and can't use the scanner. Thanks, Mike
  8. C

    Figuring out what frequency my school runs on

    Quick question, I'm trying to figure out what frequency my school's janitors communicate on, just because I'm curious and have nothing better to do with my life. What's the best way to figure this out? I don't know what walkies they use or anything like that. Is there a database I could look up...
  9. W

    FCC data base "Frequency" modifier

    In the FCC database, some numerical frequencies are followed by a space then an upper-case letter "V." An example is callsign WPTE977, licensed to Georgetown, County of (S.C.), Site 2, Pawleys Isl, 3700 West of City off US 17 on Dump Road: 853.23750000 V 853.35000000 V. What does the "V"...
  10. N1DDC

    Lincoln County database page update...

    Hello all The Lincoln County, NC database info is slightly out-dated by a few years, so I am going to update you on it. I have verified this information with my own eyes & ears, radios & scanners... I will make a chart below of what is currently on there, and below that I will make a chart of...
  11. M

    Can't hear Mobile Police

    I recently reprogrammed my 325p2 using freescan and the radioreference database for Mobile County. Everything seems to be working ok, sometimes I can only hear the SO dispatcher, not the deputym but that's what ever. What is weird is I have all of MPD programmed but I just can't hear anything...
  12. W8HDU

    Searching the Database

    Is there a way to search the database on RadioReference database for users in the 30-33 and 47-50 MHz portion of low band in a specific state? I've looked at the search feature and don't see a way to drill down to a specific range of frequencies. Might be newbee issues.
  13. w9xxx

    Uniformity of Database

    I'm going to catch a lot of flak for this but, There's no uniformity of Service types in the Database. Sometimes state DOTs are listed as Public service, sometimes as transportation. Prisons and jails are sometimes 1 of 3 different law types instead of corrections. City buses are a variety of...
  14. F

    Need help with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency

    Hi guys, I have problem with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency. I Programmed my uniden BCD436HP and wouxun KG-UV8D radio with frequency that i found from radioreference database. but the problem i have is i can't hear anything except Dispatch. I checked my frequency and Tone but i can't...
  15. F

    Need help: Can't hear any thing on UHF 424.1750

    Hi everyone, i have problem with my Fire Department radio I'm living in West Bloomfield and they are using 424.175 frequency with 100.0 PL Tone which i found from radioreference database. i programmed my uniden and wouxan with that frequency and tone but the problem i have is i can't hear...
  16. F

    BCD436HP: Need Help

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Fire Department frequency I'm living in West Bloomfield, MI. I wanna listen to Fire Department radio, but the problem i have is i can't hear any thing except Dispatch on West Bloomfield Fire frequency, i programmed my uniden BCD436HP and also wouxun dual band. I...
  17. F

    BCD436HP - useful outside of US/Canada?

    Hi all, I'm seriously interested in buying the BCD436HP for my scanner needs, but i'm not sure how useful it will be for me since i do not actually live in US/Canada (I'm moving between locations in Asia / Europe). >>>Does anyone have feedback on how the BCD436HP operates when there are no...
  18. BamaScan

    Can we get C4FM Added to the Database ?

    Can we get C4FM Digital Mode by Yaesu added to the Database ? My Database Admin said there is no way he can add C4FM to the database. It does not give him an option. So he has to use p25. It is not P25 and no P25 Digital scanner can decode C4FM. The Database Admin is stuck with adding it as a...
  19. E

    Database Use Strategies... Pro-197

    Hi Folks, I just bought a clearance RS Pro-197. This is not my first scanner, but first trunking and digital scanner. I am looking for advice on the best strategy for programming this scanner using the RR Databases. I got the cable, and software (TRIAL - limited use) from RS with the scanner...
  20. M

    Transfering a database to remote scanners

    I work with three scanners. At home, I am running a bcd996t on ProScan software. I have finally configured the database to just were I like it. Now I want to transfer that database and configuration to the scanners I listen to at work. At work I monitor a bcd996xt and bcd996t. Both scanners...