1. K

    How do I decode Motorola Two-Tone?

    I am attempting to write software to parse and decode Motorola Two-Tone signals, but I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to get from having the A and B frequencies to getting a usable code out of it. Honestly its probably due to me not understanding how these codes are used normally...
  2. J


    i have a tk-2180 and the 2 tone decode only reads moto 1+1 quick call 2, 1 sec/3 sec tones. well our dispatch uses those for a couple stations but also uses .4sec/.8sec and my radio wont decode those. Anyone got any ideas or maybe point me in the right direction.
  3. amoking

    auto tone decode?

    Hi All, I am returning to the hobby and am more of a 2M/70cm listener than a talker. I often drive long stretches throughout the western states. Is there any new tech out there in the mobile units (Kenwood, ICOM) that allow for auto tone decode when a band scan hits a repeater? I have the...
  4. A

    Please read!! DMR CALL ID!

    Hi, I want some help on how to get a DMR Call ID without knowing the ID. I wanted to listen in a DMR Freq, but it dosent have the Call ID. Is there anyways to get the Call ID?
  5. A

    Telive windows tetra decoding listen only 1 group per time

    Hello everybody, I installed a few months ago telive on windows (Index of /data/my-tools/wintelive) , there is some method to listen to only one group at a time? many times on some busier repeaters are unable to listen. Thanks Alessandro
  6. zacsharpe

    XTS MDC Decoding

    Does an XTS model radio require "Enhanced Digital ID Display" to decode and display MDC on the screen on an Analog Conventional channel? Thanks in advance, Zac
  7. SlipNutz15

    APX decoding MDC1200

    Ok, I'm not new to radios but am still learning the APX CPS. I had a CDM1550 that would decode MDC1200's and would show an Alias on the display if properly decoded; do the APX series do this, too? If so, where in the CPS is it?
  8. D

    Control Channel indicate Talkgroups active on site?

    In realtime, does a P25 control channel stream indicate what talkgroups are currently active on the site, and can DSD+ or Unitrunker (or any other software for that matter) have a way to show that (in realtime)? The reason is that I am curious to study what towers (sites) are best for...
  9. N

    TK-7360 Decode

    so here is my question can i have an individual frequency set to be muted until a 2 tone is received and decoded? or do i have to set an entire zone that way? i think i have figured it out thru trial and error but the way i have it, just doesnt seem right lol any help would be greatly...
  10. BlueDevil

    Quik-Call II Delayed Alert

    I am setting up a CDM1550LS (VHF Model) to operate as a base station radio and station alerting system. I have all the tone information I need and have successfully programmed the radio to decode the tones. My issue is that the radio does not sound the Alert Tone until after the carrier has...
  11. N

    BCD536HP: Picking up a DMR Channel

    My company just installed a new conventional digital system and I bought the BDC536HP for monitoring it. I have since found that entering the information is not as easy as I expected and potentially not even possible. It is a conventional DMR system with a repeater with a color code of 3. Is...
  12. SlipNutz15

    WS1065: bad reception out off box

    I just received a brand new WS1065 and programmed it up as I did with my previous GRE's. I set the scanner up on the same table as other scanners. Where the other scanners picked up local traffic perfectly, the WS1065 did not pick up any traffic. (Yes, I have the proper frequency and PL...
  13. del1964

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding Plug In
  14. sparklehorse

    BCD396XT: BCD396XT Firmware Question

    Hi Folks, I've not been monitoring for a while, so it's been a couple years since I last fired up my BCD396XT. In that time one agency in my area has gone P25 (Washington State Patrol). The 396 decodes their transmissions, but the audio is often distorted and hard to understand. Sounds like...
  15. W

    TK-7360 two tone alerting

    I would like to understand how to set up two-tone alerting on my TK-7360. (I have the programming software and hardware.) The help menu in the software describes what each key function does, but doesn't explain how to set them up so they all work together. I am interested in being able to...
  16. M

    BCD536HP: Adjusting Band Defaults Multiple P25 Systems

    So I was reading through the various fixes here on the forum to improve P25 decoding (audio quality). I followed Upmans instructions and changed the Band Default and Default Range. However, I am currently monitoring two P25 systems. Both of which audio quality is lacking. One system is...
  17. SlipNutz15

    PSR500 decoding P25 issue?

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with the scanner or the system that it's not completed but here's the situation. When the console transmits on a Talkgroup the scanner does not decode the transmission unless there is a radio (mobile/portable) selected on that channel somewhere on the system. Ex...
  18. T

    Getting audio from your SDR to a program on the same PC (picture heavy)

    First things first, I am not a computer guy, I am a hardware guy (mostly tube type), what follows is just what I have noticed and found to work. I make no claims to being any kind of expert, just a sometimes frustrated user that might have encountered the same kind of problems as other users...
  19. Danny37

    Vmde-200 decode issues, help

    I have an vmde-200 installed in my vx-929, the radio decodes mdc1200 but doesn't decode DOS mdc1200? Is there anything I can do to make it work. Plus when it decodes mdc it makes a chirp instead of the squawk how can I fix this as well?
  20. scanphreak

    DSD picking up audio when no signal present

    I have a strange thing going on recently and I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what's going on. Lately while decoding a local 800mhz P25 system DSD will start to attempt to decode audio and partial words will come through. Only thing is the scanner is in SCAN when this happens. It's not...