1. alex4659

    flash upgrading AS3 to 9600 baud?

    Hi, I would like to know who can personally flash my astro saber to to 9600 baud digital trunking. I found a way to monitor trunked radio systems w/o affiliating; from reading the forums on radio reference. thanks, Alex
  2. G

    Digital Scanner Toronto Help?

    I live in Ajax. Which for those of you who don't know is east of Toronto in Durham regeion. I want to purchase a police scanner to listen to police in my area. I know in my are the police use an 800 trunked system. Do I need a digital scanner to listing to this or Toronto police or will...
  3. K

    Guadalupe county going digital??

    Hearing rumor of Guadalupe county going digital. Can anyone confirm or deny? Also, what are your thoughts of changing from analog to digital? Kingsbury4266
  4. S

    Reporter seeking assist

    Hey everyone. I'm cBas, and I've been quietly lurking here since I bought my BCD 396T in 07. I'm also a news reporter for 2 radio stations in the Bay Area, and I'm working on a news series called The Other Digital Transitions. I've covered digital radio (the commercial aspect), analog CABLE...
  5. B

    Pro-135 Problem - Encryption or Digital

    I purchased my pro-135 about a month ago and I enjoy it very much. The problem i'm getting is that when I find the frequency of a security guard using Signal Stalker I can sometimes hear him speak but most of the times I just hear static. When his base responds to him it's always only static...
  6. B

    Pro-85 problem

    I have a Pro-85 scanner and it works great. Except for this one situation that I encounter. When I pick up a frequency of a nearby security guard I can hear him speak sometimes but not every time. Also when his base responds to him I only hear static on the same frequency. Are they using some...
  7. P

    Uniden RH96 Firmware

    Hi, I recently purchased a UBCD396T scanner then later bought (off Ebay) the RH96 remote head for mounting in the car. Both units power up fine but when connected do not talk to each other. I have a good feeling the head unit has the wrong firmware on it. Can anyone direct me as to where and...
  8. M

    Trouble hearing Norman OK

    Hi everyone this is my first post ever. I am not picking up any Norman traffic lately. I programed my scanner using the pro-500 software and radioreference database. I just bought a pro-197 and the guy at radio shack said Norman is going all digital and would be cganging frequencies. When I do a...
  9. bhall7

    Digital transmissions on UCAN?

    I'm considering purchasing a digital-capable scanner such as the Uniden BC396t, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it at this point. Is there any digital traffic on UCAN? Also, if the so-called digital support is for APCO-25 systems, would that even apply to UCAN since it's a Motorola...
  10. G

    Rail Monitoring around Richmond

    Asking for a railfanning friend here in CHO, he says around Richmond when monitoring CSX, sometimes it seems like when the train talks to disp they will come back on different freqs. I'm wondering (since I don't know) if he is just hearing 2 different freqs as used by road/dispatch or if, as he...
  11. P

    Senate Approves Digital TV Delay

    Read about it by clicking on this link:
  12. C

    I can hear base opertions but not patrol

    I live in Garfield county in CO. The problem is that I can hear the base talking but only garble from the patrol cars. I have a Pro-96 handheld from radio shack. Any help?
  13. JulietAlphaKilo

    HELP: Buy Pro-106, or Keep Pro-164???

    Hey folks, this is my first time posting a thread on this forum (after having nearly exhausted the Search Function), and I have a very important decision to make in regards to a scanner. I asked for a Scanner for Christmas, as my Great Uncle has been deep into the field for a long time now, and...
  14. P

    a reliable list of scanners that are reband ready today?

    So there seems to be at least three categories of scanners now. Those that are reband ready today, those that are reband capable but but are not currently "ready" (pro-164, for example), and those that are on the brink of complete obsolescence because they can't trunk the rebanded systems. I own...
  15. radioscan

    Butler County P-25 Public Safety System

    This is the start of a STICKY for the new Butler County P-25 Public Safety System. This new system is expected to be fully operational on December 31, 2008. This system has already been created for the rr database and is currently staged. When activity starts to pick up I will release it for...
  16. P

    Power Supply For The RS PRO-106 20-106

    Okay so you can use Alkaline Batteries and Rechargables. How about Lithium AA Batteries? What would be a good Power source for hooking up the RS PRO-106 20-106 to AC House Power? Any suggestions? A DC Adapater or some other way?
  17. D

    Digital Radio by Motorola

    Hello Any one knows some digital radios from Motorola. I Have a question, how can we see the GPS data sent by the radio? I hope someone can help me...I'm new on this area. thanks anyway best regards Daniboy
  18. qlajlu

    Digital TV hits Cache County

    Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30, 2008, marks the end of analog TV in the Cache County area. At 12 o'clock, noon, they will throw the switch and all analog TV will disappear. All new TVs have digital converters in them, and if consumers receive their TV through cable or satellite, they will not...
  19. S

    Boonton Police -Going Digital??

    Hi Just Curious, Anyone know if the Town of Boonton Police become digital anytime soon?
  20. G

    PRO-2096 Digital decoding issues

    I just received by "repaired" scanner after 4 months at RS service in FL. But I still have the same problem. The scanner decodes digital signals for a few minutes to 1/2 hr after being turned on, then stops. All I hear is the raw digital feed on the APCO 25 channels. It seems like a heat...