1. firechaser97

    Broken Arrow P25 system BAFD?

    I'm in northeast Oklahoma. I'm looking for any information others may have about the Broken Arrow Communications Regional P25 System. for years BAFD has been encrypted. They are Harris Opensky. I've herd they are migrating away from it and are going to the new Harris XL-200p. some of their...
  2. S

    OP25 Talkgroup Priority

    Putting this question out there to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. I have OP25 successfully running on a dedicated xUbuntu machine and have explored it thoroughly. But I was wondering if implementing talkgroup priorities would be possible. I imagine this would be implemented in...
  3. J

    WS1040: Whistler 1040 New out of Box

    I live in northern Wisconsin Dead center between two counties Ashland and Bayfield. I just bought the WS 1040 because it's specs say it can handle PS25 trunking. I download the PSREdit500 software and installed it. 1.I was able to work my way through importing a trunking database from...
  4. T

    BCD436HP: Bcd436hp trunking discovery when not in the usa

    Good morning everyone! I just bought a BCD436HP scanner in Mexico, and I can´t figure out how to scan trunked radio systems. I have no problem with the conventional mode, but I would like to know what are the steps to program a trunking discovery in order to start scanning "from scratch". What...
  5. A

    Issues communicating digitally between two md-380s

    Hello everybody. I feel I may be missing something here and wanted to ask for some help. I am currently staying in a very rural area where I do not have access to any UHF repeaters, which is what my two md-380s operate on. I would like to be able to communicate with the others here at the barn...
  6. S

    XTS5000 vs Scanner

    I'd like to share my experiences in using an XTS5000 to monitor local digital trunking. And my opinions. For me, I am a Motorola buff. Love em (when you can get past the awful RSS/CPS). Once I learned the right way to program this radio via the hidden channel method, I have never had anything...
  7. L

    BCD536HP: How to identify discovery hits?

    We have a wildfire burning here last night, so I put discovery mode on (conventional) and ran it all night. This morning I looked at the summary and found a couple things. RunInfo_C 43.706877 -116.361965 20.0 168000000 174000000 AUTO Auto 2 All On 30 30 On BLM Conv Summary_C_Log 169637500...
  8. Biggyniner

    Anyone else have issues monitoring BOEC

    Hey all, I am out in east Gresham and I have noticed that two of my scanners, including my Whistler 1080 digital, can no longer receive BOEC transmissions, or they are very very patchy. I know that they have gone digital with an analog simulcast. Has anyone else had any issues in east...
  9. S

    PTT/Devices/Carrier - Digital 2-way

    Hello Apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am in need for some information. I have been looking for a dependable 'life safety" communications solution in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Over the last year I have been testing out PTT, conventional and digital radios I looked at Motorola...
  10. B

    Digital Central Virginia Planning District

    Has the Central Virginia Planning District become digital?
  11. J

    OP25 analog/digital mixed trunked systems?

    Is it possible to use OP25 for analog/digital mixed systems. Like Fleetnet Ontario or Fleetnet Manitoba, if so what is the NAC I use or command line argument?:confused:
  12. H

    "T" flashing on display but no sound

    Quite often the "T" is flashing on my display indicating that my scanner is receiving a trunking control channel frequency but I don't get any audio during that time, some channels I do get audio with the flashing "T" , some I don't or intermittent. Is this a out of range antenna type issue or...
  13. H

    PRO-668 Software EZSCAN ISCAN

    I've had the new scanner about a week, works good when you just put in your zipcode and just go with it but if you want to use the ezscan iscan software to create your own custom v scanner folders that don't use the standard analog frequencies but use trunked radio system digital p25 phase 2...
  14. BCasto

    Wake Simulcast Analog vs Digital

    By chance yesterday I had the Wake County Simulcast system up on 2 different scanners sitting side by side. I noticed one was receiving activity on PS Tac 14 and the other wasn't. As it turned out, one scanner was set to receive both analog and digital, the other only digital. The...
  15. WX9RLT

    Pros & Cons of Digital vs Analog

    Can you provide information on the Pros and Cons of Digital vs Analog Basically the range, reliability, safety for 1st responders, etc... I am trying to research this topic, and thought I would post this in hopes to get some answers from people who know scanners/radios :) Thanks in advance
  16. S

    Harrison county digital scanner online

    Looks like all of Harrison co is up and running. Sounds real good too. Harrison County Public Safety
  17. E

    WS1040: Programming a talkgroup help!

    Hello I am new to the scanner world! I just recently got a Whistler WS1040! My local police agency just updated to an digital trunked system. I have set up talk groups and I hear nothing. I am able to hear my local fire department and other agencies using frequencies perfectly. I have entered...
  18. B

    New to Scanning

    I want to be able to access a 365 DPL tone with FMN mode. What would be the cheapest scanner capable of picking this up? I really want to get into scanning but don't want to spend a ton of money. Thanks for the help!
  19. F

    So, the MD380?

    Is it actually worth it? I've seen that it could accept modified software. Does this allow for any more digital modes? I'm excited to get one, I've also noticed the newer model of this radio. Can it accept mod firmware as well? Is this dual band? I hate to be lazy because Google never works for...
  20. Buttabean

    Clayton county (City of morrow)

    Im hearing dispatch talk to a possible battalion chief acknowledging that she hears him on the "old" frequency of 154.07000Mhz so I assume from this they have a new radio network setup or have jumped on clayton county P25 network. And are keeping their old licensed frequency active. Not sure...