1. AK4FD

    Catawba County area Ham Radio

    Hey y'all, For those Ham Radio enthusiasts (or Amateur Radio, as some prefer to call it) in or around Catawba County I have had BrandMeister DMR network create a Talkgroup for me and my group to use. We are all a group of local Firefighters, EMT's, Rescue Squad members, etc. It took me 10...
  2. S

    Help with mobile digital setup

    Hello, Smarter than i am people I have been working on a digital setup for my baofeng-uv5r handheld and i have come across a problem and was hoping i could get some help. I have attached a picture that shows my set up all it is, is 2 different audio cords that plug into the 2 ports on the radio...
  3. acey049

    Niceville PD has gone digital

    Niceville PD in Okaloosa County has gone digital. They went with Hytera (models unknown) instead of Motorola for DMR. Not sure if they're going to eventually go encrypted, but it is picking up just fine with my Radioddity GD-77 in Fort Walton Beach after gathering the config with my SDR...
  4. C

    Lowndes County

    Having difficulty hearing Sheriff and Columbus Police agencies. Are the frequencies up to date? Has the city shifted to MSWIN? At a loss here using Whistler 1040.
  5. K2NEC

    CP200d digital upgrade

    So I was messing around with my CP200d (analog version) and wondered if there was a way of "tricking" the radio into thinking it is digital capable? If not does anyone know how much said upgrade would cost? Thanks
  6. B

    Trouble with radioddity gd-77.

    Hello, I am having a problem with my new Radioddity GD-77, I have programmed it the right way (I've done my research) on the brandmeister network, and I have put my contacts into rx group lists and still no audio? My green led on top of the radio comes on but no audio, I have a local dmr...
  7. CopperWhopper67

    Uniden BC436HP or Whistler TRX-1

    Hello, Scanners! I want to ask the scanning community for input on which scanner I should by for my needs. I had a Whistler TRX-1 for while in the past but sold it to fund other hobbies so I am quite familiar with the user interface. While looking around, I stumbled upon the Uniden BC436HP. So...
  8. T

    SDR# TETRA Demodulator Trunk Tracking Demonstration

    I've been messing around with SDR# TETRA Demodulator plug-in to see what I could come up with in regards to trunk tracking TETRA. I did this as a stop gap until the big players have come up with something. And in true SDR form, here is the setup. I used 2 instances of SDR# (for CC and VC)...
  9. B

    Digital decoding issues Unitrunker/DSD Plus

    Hi all, I am having issues with my digital on Unitrunker, I have it going from Unitrunker to a Virtual Audio Cable, then to DSD Plus, where am I going wrong as it won't decode properly and just sounds like static and only hear a few words that you can't even make out, is there anything else I...
  10. E

    Kenwood NX-5800K

    Hey guys! Just had a quick question, my city I work in just switched over the radio systems to a P25 digital system. I found a used Kenwood NX-5800K that I was looking to buy. The seller told me that it is NXDN/Analog capable but I’d have to purchase a P25 upgrade option for it. Just out of...
  11. firechaser97

    Pro-668: PRO 668 not scanning anything.

    My radio is not picking up p25 nomore. I've done everything I could. I've formatted and restored everything in the radio back to default. nothing is working. the system I've been scanning for the last 3 years the Oklahoma wireless interoperability network P25 has been working great and just...
  12. firechaser97

    Okwin p25 tulsa cc change?

    I've been a freelance photographer all around Tulsa county. My handheld scanner the pro 668 been working fine on the P25 system for 2 years now. all of a sudden the last couple days. my radios gone cold. I don't hear Tulsa police nomore. or any of the talkgroups on the Tulsa site. the primary...
  13. firechaser97

    Pro-668: Pro 668 tips and modifications advice.

    I bought the pro 668 my first handheld radio when it was first released. the cpu n everything is updated to the max. I just want any ideas or tweaks that could top its performance. much like a real radio that police and fire use. Everyone in my county are P25 Phase 1 and 2. It receives very...
  14. firechaser97

    Broken Arrow P25 system BAFD?

    I'm in northeast Oklahoma. I'm looking for any information others may have about the Broken Arrow Communications Regional P25 System. for years BAFD has been encrypted. They are Harris Opensky. I've herd they are migrating away from it and are going to the new Harris XL-200p. some of their...
  15. S

    OP25 Talkgroup Priority

    Putting this question out there to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. I have OP25 successfully running on a dedicated xUbuntu machine and have explored it thoroughly. But I was wondering if implementing talkgroup priorities would be possible. I imagine this would be implemented in...
  16. J

    WS1040: Whistler 1040 New out of Box

    I live in northern Wisconsin Dead center between two counties Ashland and Bayfield. I just bought the WS 1040 because it's specs say it can handle PS25 trunking. I download the PSREdit500 software and installed it. 1.I was able to work my way through importing a trunking database from...
  17. T

    BCD436HP: Bcd436hp trunking discovery when not in the usa

    Good morning everyone! I just bought a BCD436HP scanner in Mexico, and I can´t figure out how to scan trunked radio systems. I have no problem with the conventional mode, but I would like to know what are the steps to program a trunking discovery in order to start scanning "from scratch". What...
  18. A

    Issues communicating digitally between two md-380s

    Hello everybody. I feel I may be missing something here and wanted to ask for some help. I am currently staying in a very rural area where I do not have access to any UHF repeaters, which is what my two md-380s operate on. I would like to be able to communicate with the others here at the barn...
  19. S

    XTS5000 vs Scanner

    I'd like to share my experiences in using an XTS5000 to monitor local digital trunking. And my opinions. For me, I am a Motorola buff. Love em (when you can get past the awful RSS/CPS). Once I learned the right way to program this radio via the hidden channel method, I have never had anything...
  20. L

    BCD536HP: How to identify discovery hits?

    We have a wildfire burning here last night, so I put discovery mode on (conventional) and ran it all night. This morning I looked at the summary and found a couple things. RunInfo_C 43.706877 -116.361965 20.0 168000000 174000000 AUTO Auto 2 All On 30 30 On BLM Conv Summary_C_Log 169637500...