1. stantorres

    Base vs handheld digital, technical difference

    Wondering if there is any technical difference between the handheld and the base versions of the Uniden digital trunktracker scanners. Is the base radio just the same exact guts as the handheld, just mounted in a bigger box? Or is there additional processing, filtering, better components in the...
  2. P

    Can I use H1446A to remote a digital astro spectra+ D04JKH9SW7AN

    Good afternoon, Can I use H1446A remote kit to remote mount a D04JKH9SW7AN (Digital Astro Spectra+)? Thanks in advance!
  3. BamaScan

    Hale County MotoTrbo

    Picked up tonight 151.2875 a MotoTrbo Signal and looked it up in the FCC Database and it may be Hale County. It is not here on Radio Reference Database. Can anyone confirm that Hale County is using 151.2875 ? ?
  4. Y

    Need PRO help

    Greetings from Yuma, AZ!! Thank you for reading my post. I will be as short and sweet as possible. My company sponsors a HAM Radio club. I want to get into it. My ONE question is.... Has anyone been able to listen to YUMA POLICE DEPT. Radio traffic?? I believe it is P25. I know it is trunked...
  5. 3

    BCDx96XT: Smartnet II Digital issue after 1.07.03 Upgrade

    I just upgraded my 996 to 1.07.03 and now I am getting digital burst and trouble decoding audio on the Orange County CCCS Smartnet II System.I get audio 75% of the time, digital noise 25%. I have adjusted all of the waiting time, threshold and filter settings - to no avail. It worked fine...
  6. H

    Does XTS-3000 encryption work in analog or just in digital mode

    Looking at an XTS-3000 that supports two encryption modes ... DES-XL DES-OFB Does the encryption work in analog mode or does it only function when operating in digital mode? Thank you.
  7. H

    Can a digital radio make use of an analog repeater?

    Can a digital radio make use of an analog repeater to relay to another digital radio? I am thinking probably not but I am not sure so I figured I would ask. The same frequency is being used in both analog and digital but am I correct in thinking that the analog repeater would not know how to...
  8. H

    Both digital and analog operation?

    Which Motorola radios can communicate in both analog and digital modes? XTS-3000, XTS-5000, Astro Saber? Thank you.
  9. T

    Analog or Digital

    Hey Everyone! I'm sure it's a very silly question, but I can't figure out if I need an digital scanner or not. Here is the page for the are I live in Craig County, Virginia (VA) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference I am looking at the Law Dispatch and wasn't sure since it was DPL...
  10. U

    ICOM F3161 programming issues

    So I'm a total noob when it comes to ICOM. I'm normally a Motorola man, but since I heard about the railroads slowly going to NXDN, I decided to invest in my first ICOM since I'm a train buff. I got the software from theantennafarm, along with an F3161 with a keypad, and a cable, etc. Basically...
  11. B

    Filter a trunked system

    I have several older analog scanners, but wish to get a newer digital trunking scanner. I'm currently eyeing the Uniden BCD436HP. From looking at the regional system in use in our county: Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) Trunking System, Hamilton, Ohio - Scanner...
  12. S

    how can you tell/know if the frequencies in your area is Digital or not?

    i heard that if you buy a scanner thats not digital and the frequencies are indeed digital in your area your scanner wont work. so how can you tell if you need a digital scanner or a regular analog scanner?
  13. P

    MotoTrbo mobile shack.

    Picture of a VHF and UHF Motorola MotoTrbo stack. This is a mobile setup and is stacked near the transmission hump. A dual band antenna and connector box is used with these. Anybody else use MotoTrbo in the Pacific Northwest?
  14. S

    will a new digital scanner work in alaska new police and trooper digital system?

    hello, im new on radioreference but not new with scanners. i have moved to alaska view years ago and recently bought an older analog scanner the realistic pro 2005. i really like this scannerand paid 50$ for it but i have noticed i cannot hear the police or state troopers only ems and fire and...
  15. kg4ojj

    Georgia DNR and P25

    All, We have a nice catalog of Georgia's DNR frequencies here: GA Department of Natural Resources Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference According to recent posts on ScanAtlanta and my own monitoring, however, DNR is moving to digital (P-25 specifically). Post your findings here...
  16. SlipNutz15

    QA01749 question

    My county is going to a new digital conventional system. They ordered Motorola APX6000's with Flashcode #108040A040003 which shows: Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation QA00572 Primary Band: UHF Range 2 QA01749 Legacy SW System Key Enable QA01833 Extreme 1-Sided Noise Reduction Q507 12.5 kHz...
  17. Danny37

    Vertex vxd-7200 dmr programming software

    Does anyone know the name of the software that is specifically for the vertex standard vxd-7200 DMR radio. I searched all over the net but I've only found the name for the P25 version of this radio. It usually starts with a "CE" followed by a number. Thanks for the help!
  18. S

    Please Help (Buying a scanner)

    I want to buy a police scanner as a Christmas present but I don't really know which one is the right one. I live in Eastern Ohio and I was informed that the police frequencies here are transferring over to digital. My budget is 150, 200 max. Is there any scanner that may fit this criteria?
  19. ai8o

    Which digi mode will win out in the end????

    I currently see lots of experimentation and discussion about digital voice modes,P25, Mototrbo, NXDN, D-star, etc,etc,etc. I think that a lot of experimenting going on is a good thing. All this experimentation will uncover all the various strengths and weaknesses of the various systems...
  20. SlipNutz15

    PSR500 decoding P25 issue?

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with the scanner or the system that it's not completed but here's the situation. When the console transmits on a Talkgroup the scanner does not decode the transmission unless there is a radio (mobile/portable) selected on that channel somewhere on the system. Ex...