1. M

    DSD+ Output level problem

    hey everyone my first post on this site so forgive me if its in the wrong place! i have a question/problem with DSD+, with the Output level as shown on the 'DSD Interface' plugin. I cannot get this volume level into the green .it constantly stays red and never goes green no matter how much i...
  2. T1000

    SDR# Monitoring and Decoding TIII (MOT) Help?

    Hello community, nice to be here. I recently came in the radio world, i find it beautiful to play around. I have a RTL SDR V3 and started playing around with SDR# checking for signals in my arera. I found a DMR signal, always transmiting day and night non stop. Tried DSD+ on it and it says TIII...
  3. M

    SDR#, VB Cable and DSD - DMR Test File

    I'm trying to get SDR# to output to DSD, and for DSD to decode. I think I've got everything set up right, but DSD doesn't output any lines... It just sits with: "Digital Speech Decoder 1.7.0-dev (build:v1.6.0-86-g7ee04e5) mbelib version 1.3.0 Audio In/Out Device: /dev/dsp" Does anyone have a...
  4. N

    DSDPlus lame_enc_dll not found in current working folder (SDRsharp)

    Since I updated to DSDplus fastlane, it has lost compatibility with SDRsharp "DSD Interface" plugin. The software seems to ignore working directory path given in configuration window, and is looking for DSD files in SDRsharp directory. Any way to route it back or to fix the issue?
  5. N

    DMR text messages streaming to phone

    Hey guys. I’m turning to this forum with hope to possibly find a solution regarding DMR data (especially text messages) stream to smart phone. For decoding I currently use DSD+ but I want to access text messages when away from computer, over my phone. Is that somehow possible? Thanks and kind...
  6. T

    More Than 100% inlvl in DSD from GQRX UDP

    Hi, I output the audio from GQRX to DSD for decoding using UDP. nc -l -u localhost 7355 | dsd -i- -o pa:2 command is used to launch DSD and pipe in the UDP data. The connection is working fine and I am listening to a DMR amateur radio station. However, I found out that the inlvl is usually more...
  7. G

    Decoding Questions

    Posted below is a signal I recieve using a ham it up and a RTL-SDR, in receiving in sample rate 3.2 and 2.4. I would like to know what it is and how to go about getting clear communications. With co-channelers I was able to get comms, however I can't get them really clear. Any help or...
  8. R

    DMR Dump...any ideas what it does?

    Hi everyone I fired up DSD+ and was able to dump a, well at least I think it is, a DMR T3 CC...or could it be some kind of data modem? It is only periodically active, about every 30secs for a few seconds. Slot 2 seems to be silent, but in slot 1 I see data. What do you think...is it a data...
  9. iscottybotty

    Audio Settings Plus & DSD.

    Hi. I’m using Fastlane for trunk tracking my Cap+ systems no problem. This is via FMP24 and PlusCC.bat. I have since installed the open source version of DSD, and I want this version to pass audio. Example. I want the information to be received from FMP into Plus. Then, I want everything Plus...
  10. kg6nlw

    DSDPlus Sites/SiteLoader Files & iDAS NXDN - SOLVED/FIXED!!

    As the subject says, I am asking about the Sites/SiteLoader Files with an iDAS NXDN system ( Signature Wireless Group iDAS Multitrunk (Bay Area) Trunking System, San Rafael, California - Scanner Frequencies ). I can not get the Sites/SiteLoader files to properly recognize the sites I have...
  11. R

    Duda sobre el DSD en relación a las áreas y los sitios en la redes TIII

    Hola amigos, soy nuevo en este foro y quería presentarme, mi nombre es Rafa y tengo una duda en referencia al DSD, es una herramienta que uso a diario, creo que todos o casi todos los que estamos aquí la usamos en sus diferentes versiones. Mi duda es el porqué se representa en el DSD tanto el...
  12. SpectralContent

    Know RAS key for a protected MotoTRBO system - Can I now listen with an SDR?

    I have access to the RAS key for a particular DMR Cap+ system that I would like to monitor using an SDR software. I am currently familiar with DSD+ and SDRTrunk programs. Is there any way to input the RAS key to be able to effectively decode and listen to this system in any of these two...
  13. iscottybotty

    DSDPlus UK Cap+, FMP24 & DSD+FL HELP!

    Hi all. I’m looking for help with setting up a two frequency Cap+ system in FMP24 & DSDFL. I’m UK. I have searched and searched but can’t follow and are just getting myself in a muddle. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to input the details in the particular format, where and which...
  14. T

    Capacity+ rest channel changing

    I have been adding the ability to decode Cap+ with my custom DSD and I'm having problems with the rest channel following to a new frequency. I have the LCNs mapped to confirmed frequencies, I'm just not seeing the request to change in any of the sent PDUs. Considering that just about all PDUs...
  15. N

    Multiple Voice Channels using DSD+

    Hey all. I have three sdr's (one of them is sitting idle right now). One of them monitors a control channel, other one monitors a voice channel. My question is, has anyone been able to use the third SDR to monitor two separate voice channels at once? For example, one SDRlistens to a fire...
  16. B

    Sdr# to dsd+ . dsd shows the nac but audio is garbled, sounds like beeps

    No matter what i do it doesnt get better. Turn up the gain, turn up the volume on sdr# turn down the vokume. Turn up and down the levels in virtual audio cable. Filter audio is unchecked. Strong signals. Not encrpted frequencies. I can hear analog signals listening to the audio directly from...
  17. S

    OP25 with Discriminator Audio Question

    I've added a discriminator jack to my BCT15x and I am able to decode p25 easily with DSDPlus. I would like to do the same with OP25 so that I can decode on a pi4. However I have not been able to figure out if OP25 has an option for accepting discriminator audio via the microphone jack. I have...
  18. k8jss

    dsd: new rtl-sdr feature

    Nearly 5 years later, I've finally managed to carve out some time to add rtl-sdr support natively to dsd. Any feedback/testing/etc is welcomed. Usage: dsd -i rtl:0 -o pa:1 -c 446M https://github.com/szechyjs/dsd/pull/108
  19. P

    DSDPlus Fastlane Links Not Working

    Is anyone else having download issues (404 error) when trying to download FastLane releases now? I'm attempting to install the programs onto a new laptop and keep getting 404 error when attempting to download the .zip file.
  20. R

    Can a Pi enable me to do this remotely?

    Hi Team. Looking for your suggestions on how to accomplish something, if it is even possible! I would like to run a Pi at my cousin's house where the reception is much better than at mine. With 3 or 4 SDRs installed on the Pi (could be a mix of Airspy units, RTL-SDR v3),I would want to be...