1. P

    DSD Fastlane audio does not work

    Hello, Normally, the problems I have had have been solved over time, but in this I find myself obliged to ask for help. Yesterday I bought the Fastlane version of DSD. When I install it, the audio stops working automatically. The TCP connection works, although in the add-on I use (TCP-DSD) it...
  2. M

    DSD+ not decoding.

    Hi everyone, First post here and I don't know a ton about radios, especially in regards to SDR and digital radio. Long story short, I have an SDR dongle. I am using DSD+ and SDRSharp. I can receive and hear FM stations with it, and I can hear the 'static' of non-decoded radio frequencies, but...
  3. K

    DSD PLUS 1.7 Trunking ??

    hey everybody this might be a dumb question but does anybody know how to edit the frequency file for System 381 here in SD to follow the CC and the voice channels ?? Con+, 381, 004, 01, 452.8500, 457.8500, 1.0 Con+, 381, 004, 02, 452.2750, 457.2750, 2.0 Con+, 381, 004, 03...
  4. Forts

    New DSD+ FL - Nov 11th

    Surprised there is no discussion on this yet... I'm sure the Phase II will be popular! Full release notes are with the update, but here are the highlights... DSD+ 2.145 Memory usage has been further reduced The -mp (PSK optimizations) command line option has been removed...
  5. T

    DSR and DSD Plus - Just want to listen to one target

    I can't seem to find anything regarding a setting in DSD+ to only listen to one target (talk group). Is there such a thing or is this a different plugin that has to be used?
  6. J

    DSD Plus tags to RadioFeed

    Has anyone come up with a way to get alpha tags directly from DSD to RadioFeed? I know if you integrate DSD and Unitrunker there are ways to get it done. But in my case the FMP tuner built in to DSD works better on the systems I monitor.
  7. E

    Sdr & dsd+ dmr

    Hello everyone, I would like to monitor my DMR Mototrbo system that has built-in privacy settings, I have managed to monitor but I can not enter my privacy code to listen to the network traffic. Is there any way to do it using the command line ?. Thank you very much. Greetings.
  8. N1DDC

    DSD+ Error??

    Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen it before in all the years I've been using DSD+ and UniTrunker... For some reason in the middle of decoding the tower next to mine showed in red and started displaying "ISOLATED" several times then started displaying "ISOLATED, FAILED". Does...
  9. J

    SDRSharp Autostart

    I searched and have not seen this posted on here. It has been as issue for a while of not having such a plugin. I was using tinytask to start SDR# and now no longer! This plugin will autostart (play) SDR# after five seconds. I am using rev 1666 and the plugin is working...
  10. B

    DSD+ audio issues

    Hello, I setup dsd+ with a nooelec HESDR Mini I think its called, and I am trying to decode my local police station in Tracy, CA San Joaquin County (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=221) and all I see is a lot of errors and invalids and all of that, and it is making the sound skip...
  11. LD723

    DSD audio crackly

    This is about the older original DSD and the problem I have is that the audio is crackly at random times on all protocols and on any optimization settings. Is there any way to fix this? My cpu usage is very low so it can't be the cpu. And im using the windows port.
  12. N1DDC

    DSD+ issue

    Hello folks! I'm having a little bit of an issue here. I have the subscription-based DSD+ FastLane w/ current version 2.39 and current FMP24 version. The issue I'm having is I can't seem to get the Over-the-Air Aliasing to work properly... My signal is good, no errors showing, and it's...
  13. D

    Multiple pipes from one SDR device

    I am trying to monitor a number of different radio signals in a tight bandwidth at once. I would like to be able to use one device, like the SDRplay devices that can monitor 10MHz and separate the output into multiple streams around the desired frequencies. Their software allows this but only...
  14. B

    DSD / DSDPlus P25 Phase II

    Are there any immediate plans to implement P25 Phase II in either DSD or DSD+? If not, is there another decoder available?
  15. S

    request help installing dsd from France ;-)

    Dear All, Sorry to disturb you but in really need help instaling DSD under Ubuntu 16.04... Here is the screen copy of the installation trial : [ 1%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/dsd.dir/src/p25p1_check_nid.cpp.o In file included from /usr/local/include/itpp/base/algebra/cholesky.h:32:0...
  16. M105

    DSDPlus 2P29 Released

    I see DSDPlus 2P29 in the mail this morning. Thanks for the Christmas update Santa. I am on the road and away from my setup so not able to really try it out. I am a little disappointed that P25 Phase II is not supported yet. Maybe next year.
  17. R

    Decoding D-Star

    Has anyone had any success in compiling DSD to decode the mode 'D-Star'? I know for a fact that the DSD+ version will not decode the audio but only show scrambled text. Would I be better off with Windows or Linux for this? Or does anyone have an working Windows version that they would wish to share?
  18. Z

    NXDN Trunking on DSD

    Is there a way to tell the difference between type "C" trunking (Kenwood) and type "D" Trunking (IDAS) in DSD Plus. I put the 3 system frequencies in the scanner and there is no continuous control channel data stream & the bottom of the window where the talkgroup information is shows "NEXEDGE48...
  19. K

    DSD+Error Message

    When I click on the "Start DSD" button in DSD+ I am getting the following error message. "Error - The system cannot find the file specified" Any idea what this may be since it doesn't say what file? I have installed the DSD, DSDPlus1p101, and DSDPlsuDLLs and the FMPA1p02 (since I'm using an...
  20. marksroberson

    DSD Plus Not Working

    I have been running DSD+ for a while now and all of a sudden, now when I try to open it, I get this: "Unrecoverable error encountered: Write Failure. Address:40A04A File handle:148 Block:18FD00 Block size:11 Bytes written:0 Filename: 'DSDPlus.$$$' Please report this error to the...