1. R

    163 base station help programming edacs

    I've tried and read watched videos and I'm going insane. Please help. Want to program Collier County Florida edacs system. I have the frequencies and the afs but an totally confused on the steps to take.
  2. marksroberson

    Okaloosa County South Fire Radio (channel lineup)

    I recently went through a P7100IP while doing work at a fire station, and here is the lineup of channels in an Okaloosa County South Fire SLERS radio and what I believe they go to (Listed in DB): S FIR (20561) S FIR T1 (20562) S FIR T2 (20563) S FIR T3 (?) S FIR T4 (20566?) OK LZ T (?) OK HAZ T...
  3. gcopter1

    Volusia/Brevard radio ID's

    Does anyone here have radio id's recorded for either county? I have a Whistler TRX-2 and I'm interested in recording those particular id's, specifically for LE helos. TIA.
  4. C

    BCD396XT No longer receives Brevard County EDACS

    IDK what I did to my scanner last night, but this morning, it won't receive anything on this system. I don't see the signal in the upper right corner. It's been a long time since I set this up, so I don't remember what settings to look for. When I lock on the primary control channel, I am...
  5. SOLD - Uniden SDS100 w/ DMR / ProVoice EDACS / NXDN Upgrades Exc+ in Box w/ 3 Antennas

    SOLD - Uniden SDS100 w/ DMR / ProVoice EDACS / NXDN Upgrades Exc+ in Box w/ 3 Antennas

    Uniden SDS100 is in outstanding condition. Includes all 3 upgrades. Comes with the standard SMA antenna, a Remtronix 700/800 Mhz SMA antenna and a 7-16" telescopic BNC antenna with a deluxe SMA adapter (great for AIR and VHF). The current jumbo battery and other original accessories included in...
  6. N


    I'm curious about the mechanics of EDACS reception in this radio. When I find a control channel, I use a PSR-500 to gather the Channel # (which I presume would be its LCN) and the Site #. Over time, I find sequences of frequencies via searching and collect similar info when other freqs in the...
  7. Salvatorejrc

    Port Authority NY/NJ EDACS System

    I heard that there is currently traffic at times on Port Authorities previous EDACS system. Is there any way I can program it into my scanner without putting it in manually due to the fact that it is not on sentinel?
  8. D

    WS1040 Trunking Support

    Hello, I have recetly purchased a WS1040, and have been able to get my local EDACS trunking stystem to work, but I went to add my ID's in to just pick up those channles but every time I do it says "Value/Format Err, Go Back?" Any assistance would be amazing!
  9. KB1IZV

    Problem Monitoring Collier County, FL

    Hi, this is my first post. I live in Naples and have a Uniden SDS100 and when I purchased it I paid for programming Collier County Sheriff and Naples PD. I know the County uses the EDACS system and for the life of me, I can't get any radio transmissions from either the CCSO or NPD. I can see it...
  10. A

    Edacs trunking system added and/or changed channels..

    I'm using a radio shack pro 164 triple trunking scanner to monitor multiple EDACS system in my area. Lately I've noticed that there is another control channel that has appeared but radio reference does not have any information about it. As well 1of the 2 edacs sites that I'm monitoring is no...
  11. P

    Hillsborough County EDACS info

    Hello, new here and trying to learn. I was looking to use the control channel for the HCSO and the HCFD but when I got to the page for the info on them ... https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=220 ...... the System Frequencies have NO .......... Red (c) are primary control...
  12. C

    How Long Since EDACS Support Was Discontinued?

    How long ago did Harris stop supporting EDACS systems? And exactly what does it mean to discontinue support? What is it that they no longer do? A number of agencies still use EDACS, so are they flying by the seat of their pants if something big goes wrong with the system and they can't get it...
  13. deeroc417

    BCT15X Picking up half of the transmissions of my local PD EDACS system.

    Hello, I am fairly new to scanning, but I do know how to program ect. So basically I have my BCT15X programmed to scan my local Pd, everything is programmed correctly. The thing is when I listen for example dispatch could call the call sign of a a unit, then it waits 30 seconds and the dispatch...
  14. K

    P7200 800 mHz Conventional

    I have a non-profit disaster response NGO. The state donated a P7200 handheld for disaster use. Florida has a conventional 800mhz disaster bank. The radio is programmed with the Statewide Law Enforcement Response Service (SLERS) EDACS. I need somebody that can delete the SLERS EDACS and leave...
  15. V

    Ottawa EDACS Activity

    I added the Ottawa EDACS system to my TRX-1 and I see no activity (24-25 June). Lots of activity on P25. Any ideas? The settings were downloaded using the EZ Scan software. If someone is using a TRX-1 to monitor Ottawa EDACS, could you please share your settings? .. Thanks
  16. H

    Provoice issues

    I have a Uniden BCD325p2 trunktracker with the provice update installed. When I import and upload the systems from the San Antonio/Bexar area. Specifically the Police frequencies (which use the EDAC Provoice) I don't receive any transmissions. Is there some basic function that I have...
  17. E

    Dutchess County/NYCOMCO EDACS

    Will be setting up a scanner tomorrow (Uniden BCT15x) and was curious about the NYCOMCO EDACS system. I am using freescan. I want to listen to City of Poughkeepsie mainly. Do I need to program for the Walker Mtn tower only, or will I need other sites as well in order to listen to other...
  18. R

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Help w/manual prog. EDACS?

    First time, trying manual programming on the 996 (with DMR installed), here with EDACS. I know it's complicated and have a Mac, so not using software. Between forums here, easier-to-read guide and instruction manual, hit a wall. I can't find a way to enter actual frequencies. At one point...
  19. S

    Harrison county digital scanner online

    Looks like all of Harrison co is up and running. Sounds real good too. Harrison County Public Safety
  20. J

    If I buy a Harris radio used by Public Safety System, will I be able to listen?

    Or will I have to have the radio programmed? Because I Could just scan the 800 mHz band right? I am just wondering because it has a simple concept.