1. D

    Building collapse and major fire 116th St, Harlem.

    NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - The NYPD is on the scene of a reported explosion inside a building on E. 116th St. in Manhattan. There are unconfirmed reports of a loud blast at the scene near Park Ave. Metro North Rail Road is reporting that the Harlem Line Service into and out of Grand Central Terminal...
  2. M

    Lancaster, PA Frequencies

    I am new to this and I am trying to figure out the frequencies of Lancaster fire department, so I can listen to the firefighters and PPL Electric in Lancaster, so I can know whats up during storms. Can somebody let me know what they are? Right now I have fire dispatch but I cant listen to the...
  3. scanfan22

    Toronto Fire Set Up

    The Toronto Fire feed are Broadcastify is only for the south side. Do they have separate lists of frequencies for each part of Toronto? From where the feeder is, which I don't know where, is it possible to get all the Toronto Fire Frequencies? Can someone fill me in as to what I am missing...
  4. R

    Want a new scanner (Nassau County) Digital vs Non Digital

    Hello, I'm from Nassau and I am in a VFD, I started off a few years ago with a BC355C.... then with narrowbanding I "upgraded" to the BC355N, now I want something with alpha tagging. I generally listen to the ncpd 2/8 and 3/6 simulcast, most of the county's fire freq's and trooper dispatch and...
  5. DFD1994

    Dallas Fireground Repeated/Admin

    So I have scanned Dallas/Ft. Worth for several years but for some reason I have missed the Dallas Fire frequency that is listed as "Repeated Fireground/Admin" at 453.67500 with a tone of 131DPL. I am guessing I have missed this because it is never used but I was curious to know if anyone has...
  6. T

    Broadcasting via Internet?

    Hi , My name is Tim and i want to add a new frequency for my location (police &fire) . I do have a Sam Broadcaster but I'm not sure that it will work. Can someone Help me do this? Thanks
  7. danceredt

    Danville Large House Fire

    Fire Dept dispatched on a 6 alarm fire to a residence with disable person trapped in building. Also dispatched were 5 transports for multiple burn victims. Elect. Dept dispatched.. EMS called for air support for one victim.
  8. BamaScan

    Fire at Atmore Southland Motel. Need Help

    Fire at Atmore Southland Motel. Atmore requesting help. Walnut Hill, Florida , Nokomis, AL, Atmore, AL, Poarch Creek, AL Fire, and Flomaton Fire all in route. You can hear the audio feeds here. Escambia County Alabama Live Audio Feeds
  9. Z

    Central County Emergency 911

    Just a heads up to everyone who listens to Fire/EMS in St. Louis County, as of 10/30/13 Central County 911 took over North Central. The frequencies are still the same, just a new dispatching agency. I think that North Central's med-9 channels are not being used anymore and all of the apparatus...
  10. Danny37

    Color of radios do you have a personal preference when a radio is black or yellow

    It seems to bother me when I see yellow colored motorola radios, I get that "kiddy toy vibe" for some reason. I understand in the workforce some fire/EMS agencies may issue their members yellow radios but the standard color is black. I've always liked black and black only. I think it gives it a...
  11. S

    Baltimore County Fire Dept box maps

    I am trying to find fire box maps for Baltimore County FD. I have some vary vary old ones from years ago when I was volunteer, and they really don't work well anymore. If anyone would happen to have a copy of them I could get, or if someone can advise me where I can get them, I would truly...
  12. W8VFD

    Radios Fail at Detroit Four-Alarm Fire

    About 2 a.m. Tuesday the radio communication system for Detroit police, EMS and firefighters went down. That left firefighters and other first responders to rely on their cellphones to contact dispatchers while they were out on the job. That made the job more dangerous. Radios Fail at Detroit...
  13. Y

    Automated voice alerts for calgary

    Has anyone heard the automated voice dispatching for calgary Alberta fire lately? If so what talkgroup would it be on?
  14. W

    woolsey Fire

    Fire broke out this afternoon in the Woolsey Canyon area near the Ventura County line. Frequencies used include 159.150, 119.975, 470.4875, 470.6175, 860.4375, 470.6125 and probably more. Knockdown was declared around 5:00pm and many units were released, but activity continues.
  15. RadioGuy1951

    NW Cal Lightning Fires

    Cal Fire MEU & HUU fightling several lightning caused fires in Northern Mendocino & Southern Humboldt counties... Air attack 110 (Mendocino Unit) along with Humboldt air attack in a running battle... Fires are generally along or near Bell Springs Road...I've heard of 6 incidents so far...
  16. H

    Lowell Fire Dept. Broadcast Host Feed

    Hi everyone, I have been the Exclusive Feed for the Lowell Fire Dept.,( Greater Lowell Area Fire ) (Only Transmitting Lowell Fire). Today I have changed the location of my antenna and I am now able to receive a much larger area. So I have changed the feed to Transmit Lowell and Tyngsboro Fire...
  17. J

    Help with feed

    My feed is ran through a ham 800 mhz trunk radio and it is 24/7. It's an online feed ran through the internet. How do I use the address for the feed and put it into my feed on here? Cerro Gordo County Public Safety Dispatch The link for the feed ran through the internet is...
  18. S

    Cabarrus Ops Channels

    I am a junior fire fighter at a fire department in Cabarrus county, North Carolina and am programming a personal radio to use until I am 18 and join on and get one from the fire department. Well I have all the fire and ems dispatch channels, but I don't have the "Cabarrus Operations" channels. I...
  19. GTR8000

    Rockland County Fire Paging UHF Simulcast

    470.800 (77.0 PL) Simulcast from 10 sites* throughout the county: Rockland County UHF Paging and Trunked System Site Map Enjoy! :D * It's currently 9 sites, the Monsey (Grove St) site is not yet built out
  20. W

    Wildfire near Lake Elizabth, CA

    Fire officials report about 30 structures have been destroyed east of Lake Elizabeth, near Castaic. Evacuations north of Lake Elizabeth road and east of Munz Ranch Road are being effected now. Fire officials have prohibited LASD from going onto Munz Ranch Road. As usual, there are people...