1. gonzalu

    Ready Made Emergency Go-Box

    Hello all, I have been looking for a ready-made Emergency Go-Box I can buy where I can just mount my radio(s) and and antenna (and external power to charge batteries etc.) Frankly, All I find is DIY videos, websites, etc. My problem isn't that I can't do it myself, but I just don't have any...
  2. H

    Best bang for your buck Motorola Ham Radio

    Was thinking about purchasing a UHF and a VHF portable motorola brand for ham radio usage. Was hoping I could get some input as to which portable everyone recommends. I apologize if this is the wrong area for this post.
  3. W6SAE

    Manually Programming Baofeng UV-5R

    I recently came across this blog post: WP4AOH: Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming It demystifies the process of manually programming the UV-5R. It gives good information regarding radio settings and step-by-step instructions for programming for repeaters, stepping up or down...
  4. V

    Beaufeng Radio Questions.

    Is there any way of a putting a delay on Channels while scanning Traffic and although I see a feature for busy chan lockout on scanned channels the manual does not explain how to temp lock out frequency's that are busy without the need to too delete them.....
  5. VE1GAT

    Unresponsive Icom support

    I've purchased a batch of Icom transceivers and I am having problems with them. I have emailed and web formed Icom several times and Icom have yet to respond. Is this common for Icom to ignore buyers?
  6. K

    Building a GMRS repeater from two M-1225 mobiles

    hi everybody, just was wondering when i go into the external accessories to do "the pin locations" what profile works the best for the cheap interface cables you can get from Ebay..? right now i have it set as "General I/O" "Power -up Delay as 0.5...
  7. VE1GAT

    Frugal handheld GMRS MURS HAM Marine

    information & experiences with UV5R, BF888, counterfeits, antennas NA771 index radio programming with CHirp also covered with several packs to download.
  8. R

    Initiation au Radioamateur

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir si certain d'entre vous sont radioamateur! J'aurais des questions a poser car j'aimerais bien en devenir un! Donc mes questions conserne tout ce qui est en lien avec cette passion ainsi que comment obtenir une licence. Je suis présentement dans le Scanning.. Donc...
  9. WX9RLT

    Hiding your radio in your vehicle

    My main concern is a burglary to my vehicle. I was wondering does anyone else hide their radios? If so, how do you hide yours? I have a remote head, but have yet to use it. I currently have my radio on the dash of my vehicle. I want it out of sight. Any ideas on hiding it from...
  10. S

    New ham, haven't seen a rule regarding this question so I'll ask here...

    Hello all, I'm still pretty new to amateur radio but I'm pretty familiar with how 2m repeaters work, or rather, how to use them. What I'm wondering about is something a little different that I can't seem to find very much info on. So, I have a friend who is also a ham, who lives a certain...
  11. R

    Vertex VX-2200-AG7H-50 open up to 440mhz?

    I'm testing for my ham license soon and looking at radio options. Would like something that could do GMRS as well. I found a good deal on this radio have searched for information on opening up the frequencies, but found nothing. Thanks.
  12. RadioGuy1951

    Ham Radio Feqs

    Ham Radio Freqs Hello... I'd like the OPTION when retrieving ham radio freqs of being able to just see the 2m...or just the 70cm freqs, instead of 1 longer list with all the BANDS intermixed...which is much harder to use when I want just a list for a certain band... thanks...73
  13. D

    New 396xt user - antenna suggestions?

    Hi, I've had a uniden 396xt for a few months now but don't use it on a regular basis. I've had some police and fire channels programmed into it by a friend by cloning his radio settings. Recently I've been trying to make use of the search for services feature to try and pick up some CB and...
  14. W

    Amateur Technician License Preparation Course

    Become a Radio Amateur! Westchester (NY) Emergency Communications Association (WECA) is offering a free FCC license preparation course for the Amateur Technician Exam. This classroom course runs every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 PM at the Fire Training Center, 4 Dana Road, Valhalla, NY. It...
  15. ka9rxk

    For Sale: Icom F2721D UHF FM/P25 400-470 MHZ Pkg.

    The F2721D is a great radio for a ham because it not only offers you UHF FM operation, but also P25 Digital Operation. Included in this complete package are all of the following items in like new condition: Icom F2721D P25 Digital Ready 45 Watt UHF radio 400 – 470MHz (upgraded to the latest...
  16. G

    RepeaterBook announces new iPhone app

    The World's Free Repeater Apps now available for iPhone and Android The Free Repeater Directory App for USA, Canada, and Mexico. RepeaterBook enables you to easily find repeaters across the USA, Canada, and Mexico for free, and without a network connection. RepeaterBook mobile apps are...
  17. Danny37

    What are the most common 70m simplex frequencies that are used?

    I want to punch in some frequencies for a ham bank I'm putting in my scanner. I understand that 446.000 is the national calling but are there any more that are commonly used for simplex communication? Particularly in the 70m band.
  18. Eastie

    Scanning HAM freqs.

    Hello all, I would like to scan as many HAM frequencies as possible. Are HAM freqs the same all over the US? (I'm not talking about call signs, just a range of freqs) Does anyone have a list or point me in the direction of a list of each individual frequency? I don't see any list in RR...
  19. T

    Motorola CPS Updates

    For those who are Official Motorola CPS software owners/subscribers and stay up to date on your software, the latest releases of Professional Series (R06.12.08), Commercial Series (R05.17), CP110 (R03.01), CP185 (R02.03), and PR860 (R01.04) will NOT allow you to program ANY frequencies in...
  20. gonzalu

    XPR-6550 vs. XPR-7550

    Can someone please help me decide between these two radios? What are the differences and what are the pro's and cons? I would like to use on standard amateur UHF bands on simplex and repeater offset as well as get started with DMR nets. Thanks for your input..