1. Crocker_B

    Building a Repeater

    Hey all! So I am looking into building a small repeater at my home, just as a hobby or really a thing to do. But I would like to go about this the proper way, I do understand the equipment I will need but the one thing I am not sure of is how to go about getting the frequencies. I am looking for...
  2. K

    Icom IC-T81A aftermarket duck ?

    does anybody have a good aftermarket rubber duck for the Icom IC-T81a all it needs to be 6m/2m/440 i dont need it to be a quad band.. just tri-band
  3. rjvalenta

    fan harmonics

    i'm new to HF... and as i posted in a different thread i'm considering an MFJ Octopus, which is effectively a fan dipole. i have to choose 4 dipoles made of hamsticks to put in this - which will connect to my tuner. i was watching one of Dave Casler's videos (the man has taught me so much)...
  4. rjvalenta

    20m dipole ATU tuning vs EFHW 4010

    new to HF here, always on FT8... i have been using a 4010 EFHW for a few months with an MFJ939i tuner to my IC7100. I was always able to tune the EFHW from 40-10 as expected but could also tune it to 60m and 80m and even 6m. but i had to position it in a way that was causing RFI into my...
  5. C

    Wide or narrow

    Hello, I'm wondering, when it comes to programing a radio to a ham repeater, do you set it as narrowband, mid, or wideband? Couldn't find much on it when researching. Thanks
  6. rjvalenta

    DMR logging...

    i got my no-code tech license in 1993... i felt like i was cheating a little, would i ever be able to learn morse like the real hams that could build their own amps and pass the advanced test... everything they did happened in amazing ways over the air... then a few weeks ago i was listening...
  7. rjvalenta

    odd Pro197 behavior...

    on my roof are 4 antenna... a 4010 EFHW and a 10m/6m/2m/70cm vertical, attached to my IC7100 a dual band 2m/70cm, attached to my FTM400. and a tram 1411 discone for my Pro197 they are all at least 8ft apart. the base of the discone mast is a few feet lower on the roof than the rest which...
  8. Sheepdog777


    Bear with me as I am not messing with you. But we used trees as antennas in the military Hybrid Electromagnetic Antenna Coupler (HEMAC), and some adventurous Hams have used them as well. If you're looking a great Receive (Rx) Antenna most hardwood trees work great. With a Antenna Tuner you can...
  9. Sheepdog777


    Hello Ham and Radio Enthusiasts, This topic seems to have been a burr in the saddle of many radio professionals over the years. We use underground buried antennas in the military all the time. Depending on the mission, daily. In the Air Force we even have entire career fields which install...
  10. Sheepdog777


    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the approaching Spring. Hopefully, this will be one of the last cold days for Missouri this year… Let’s See What Happens. I know there is eleventy thousand Prefabricated Dual Band VHF/UHF Antennas out there, but...
  11. K

    Radioddity VHF/UHF QB25 Dual Band ,Radioddity , Mini Mobil transceiver Ham Bands

    VHF/UHF QB25 Dual Band , Radioddity , Mini Mobil transceiver Ham Bandsnd her Overall its a good little radio for under $100 to reach reapeaters, 2m,70cm,NOAA weather. I did find some difficulty getting set up so I am going to give some bullets points. 1) Manual is Lousy 2) Use...
  12. Uniden sds100

    Uniden sds100

    Used uniden sds100. Asking price $550. Payment thru pay pal. I will pay shipping. It comes with a battery charger, and 3 batteries. original box and instructions. The only thing is missing is the usb cable, can’t find it.
  13. B

    NOOB looking for recommendation on a HAM/SCANNER

    Hey all USMC veteran Rhode Island resident looking to buy a HAM or scanner and need some advice. My main usages will be to monitor local traffic (PD, FD, State Police, etcetera) and to maintain and become proficient with a back up reliable source of communication. Any recommendations on what...
  14. W

    KPG-D1N - P25 Reflector List

    Working on programming a P25 Talkgroup list (P25 Reflector List) in my NX5800 to be used with a Hotspot. I can only input up to 4 #'s in the Talkgroup ID. Did this get fixed on a software update or is it the only option? I'm currently running v4.22.
  15. sempervirens

    SDS100: SDS100 -- Scanning DMR and P-25 Amateur repeaters?

    Hi all, I'm trying to listen for DMR and P-25 traffic on my local amateur bands, and can't figure out how to do it. I've tried two things: 1. listen for digital chatter with an analog radio, and directly enter that frequency on the SDS. It will sometimes decode the color code and TG but the...
  16. C

    Is privacy on decentralized, wireless communication even a thing?

    Not sure where the best place to post this is but I'm hoping to get some enlightenment from the part 95 folks. If there is a more appropriate section for this to be in, please do move it. I got my ham ticket almost exactly three years ago and given the state of the hobby with the emerging...
  17. W

    Creating a portable repeater with a mobile transceiver

    Hello all! I have returned to seek expertise on a project I am creating. Task: Create a simplex repeater for search and rescue operations using a mobile radio. I am trying to find a way to boost coverage of team communications in a remote area. I currently have a 25w AnyTone AT-778UV which I...
  18. FreeSpeechIW1776

    Wouxun Wouxun KG-UV9 Repeater Programming

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Wouxun KG-Uv9 ham radio. Does anyone have experience with programming it? I watched a few videos but can't figure out how to program a repeater into it. I'm trying to program a repeater using Repeater Book. If anyone knows how, can you walk me through a step by step...
  19. Z

    P25 radio as ham / first responders scanner

    I found some cheap used p25 radios on ebay and I'm curious to know if it's legal to use these types of radios to scan first responder and ham frequencies? (I do know better than to transmit on these frequencies) I don't have a tech license yet and I'm new to the amateur radio scene. Any answers...
  20. S

    AOR DV-1

    I'm going to be selling my family's AOR DV-1. This receiver has been handled extremely carefully its entire life and treated with extreme care. I will be uploading pictures shortly, but am making a preemptive post to see if there are people who will be interested. $1,200.00