1. w4wxp

    What is this net? (Video attached)

    Anyone know what this net is? I have no idea. It was on 6977 khz at 10:30 pm GMT today (Sept 23rd). I'm sure it's maritime related, but it sounded like a ham net....but absolutely not on 40 meters as it was in the 6 meg range. Is that a maritime ssb frequency? If so, what's the net called...
  2. S

    Brazoria County Texas

    We are Brazoria County ARES. Our web site is Brazoria County ARES® Our two main repeaters are 147.180 near Angleton and 145.110 in Alvin Texas. We do EmComms for the county, major cities and towns in the county, homeland preparedness and the hospitals. We have over 50 members who are all...
  3. J

    Emergency radio transmissions

    I was wondering about one part in particular of the FCC Rules regarding Ham radio. Essentially, my question is: If you are a LICENSED Ham operator, are you authorized to transmit emergency messages out of ham bands in an emergency situation? My hypothetical situation is: I'm out driving...
  4. callahanfirebuff

    What radio to get? New HAM

    I am getting my license on the 29th of May. I want to get a radio ASAP. Here are the specs. I want(that I know of) *handheld/portable *durable *VHF/UHF *wideband *dual receive/channel watch *100 memory channels *trunking I have looked myself and I think I like the Yaesu VX-6R and VX-7R. I want...
  5. DiGiTaLD

    Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™

    Greetings! Once again this year, K9NZF Systems™ and the Chief Anderson Amateur Radio Club are proud to announce the Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ special event wide area voice network for the 2012 Hamvention®. MegALinK™ was conceived as a way to provide FM mobile voice coverage from central...
  6. K

    Rag Chew Group For Amateur Ops/Hams

    I am trying to start a late night rag chew group using the SCHEART system....if you can get into one of the repeaters listed on their website then please do so and use DTMF *71 to link your repeater to the Conference back-up reflecter....the Rag chew late night insomniac group will start @ 11pm...
  7. devildogusmc4

    Is this radio any good?

    This is Baofeng UV-3R Multiband VHF/UHF/FM Two-Way Radio, Dual Frequency Display, I wanted to know if this is any good and if anyone else had one. http://www.amazon.com/Baofeng-Multiband-Two-Way-Frequency-Display/dp/B006J4G49C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326067682&sr=8-1
  8. kc8mln

    Will narrowbanding effect ham radio?

    I am a ham op and also on our local FD, so I know that our county has to comply with the FCC mandate for narrowbanding of all public safety/service frequencies in the VHF & UHF bands, but will the narrowbanding mandate effect the 2-meter VHF and 440-UHF amateur bands in any way? (ie, will...
  9. Chip4Par

    Building inverted V for 10 M - What RG8 is best

    I am building an inverted V for my 10 meter mobile and was wondering if the Davis Bury cable or 9913 would be the best shoice for the feed line? I am getting back into HAM after about 20 years QRT and am re-learning a LOT! 73's Hank
  10. M

    HamRadioHelpGroup - Beginners to Experts in Ham Radio - YahooGroup

    Great YahooGroup to join. HamRadioHelpGroup · Beginners to Experts in Ham Radio This group is dedicated to those who are interested in getting started in Amateur Radio or upgrading their license. Don't forget to look around in the "LINK" area of the group...
  11. W

    Antenna question

    I'm currently using a Diamons D-220 for my radio scanner, but I am thinking about getting into the ham radio hobby sortly. The antenna allows tunes transmitting on certain VHF/UHF bands. Is it possible to transmitt on my ham radio and listen to the scanner simultaneously? Thanks, Robert
  12. K

    Seaside Oregon Radio Convention

    Sea-Pac ham convention starts tomorrow. There are lot's of goodies for any radio hobbyist and not just hams! It runs all day Saturday and till noon on Sunday, so if you're at the coast drop by and see what kind of goodies you can't live without! 440.925+PL100.0 146.660-PL 118.8 147.000-PL 118.8...
  13. kd7kdc

    New P25 repeater in New Zealand

    The Wellington VHF Group Inc (Branch 74 NZART) is pleased to announce the first dedicated amateur radio APCO Project P25 repeater to operate in New Zealand. Wellington is the country's capital city. The machine is on 147.075 MHz (+600 kHz split) and is mixed mode. The site is at 1,500 feet...
  14. theshadowman

    Question regarding Killingworth Ham repeater

    Why is it that the Ham radio repeater in Killingworth requires an input PL (110.9) but when it broadcasts its own identifier, it broadcasts with no PL? Is this common practice with Ham radio? I am not at all familiar with amateur radio and only noticed when I was monitoring the channel with a PL...
  15. G

    GRE-PSR 800 Sweeper.

    Was wondering if the spec . sweeper is same as close call ? If it is ...how do you activate what the manuel calls special mode. I understand what the search service and freguency search does. bottom line ...."Is special mode same as close call" ? HOW IS THE SPECIAL MODE ACTIVATED.?? Following...
  16. KC0FZZ

    Strong Interference in South Metro Areas (Burnsville, Prior Lake)

    I was wondering if there was anyone else who routinely drives in the south metro on 35W in the Burnsville area, right around the Burnsville Parkway and Hwy 13 areas. Any time I've driven those roads lately (*the last 6 months or so) I've picked up very strong interference along both off ramps...
  17. A

    First Ham Radio, What is good?

    Greetings, I know this will be a loaded question but it is a place to start. I am working on my technicians license and will be purchasing my first Ham Radio very shortly, I have six kids and four have also endeavored on this journey with me... we shall see if it lasts. Anyhow I would like to...
  18. MetalGear753

    Preventing Frequency Scan BCD996XT

    BCD996XT Whenever I do not have system hold on, it scans through HAM Frequencies, CB Frequencies, and then the selected systems that I have programmed (If their system key is enabled). How do I stop my scanner from looping into the HAM Freqs and the CB Radio and just scanning my systems listed...
  19. F

    Am I a "ham"

    This is going to be a really dumb question, Are you ready? I like to listen to the scanner and find new frequencies. would this be considered a "HAM"? or is there a better term for what I do? At some point I want to get certified for ham radios however I don't have the money to get the radios...
  20. K

    AC/DC coming to Augusta, GA

    No, not AC/DC the band, but AC/DC the Ham parts vendor is coming to the Augusta Ham fest on OCT 9, 2010. AC/DC has those funny "reverse" SMA antenna connectors for the WOXUN HT's the everyone is buying. Hamfest 2010 See you there 73 Kent KQ4KK