1. K

    AC/DC coming to Augusta GA

    No, not the AC/DC the band, but AC/DC the Ham parts vendor is coming to the Augusta Ham fest on OCT 9, 2010. AC/DC has those funny "reverse" SMA antenna connectors for the WOXUN HT's the everyone is buying. Hamfest 2010 See you there 73 Kent KQ4KK
  2. Shawnlin20

    GMRS Repeater

    I would like to purchase a 5-10watt GMRS repeater. I have seen several repeaters that people have built out of mobile or handheld radios but I am not a master with electronics. I would need a plug and repeater type. As in receiver, transmitter, duplexer, controler, and power supply all in one...
  3. K

    HAM Radio at the Aiken(CSRA) BIT Exposition, July 17, Saturday

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As part of Celebrate Aiken, the 175th anniversary of Aiken, South Carolina, the Schofield Middle School Radio Club N4SMS, the Aiken County Emergency Management Office, and the Aiken ARES Ham Radio Support Team will...
  4. K

    HAM Radio at the Aiken BIT Exposition, July 17, Saturday

    As part of Celebrate Aiken, the 175th anniversary of Aiken, South Carolina, the Aiken Public Schofield Middle School Radio Club N4SMS, the Aiken County Emergency Management Office, and the Aiken ARES Ham Radio Support Team will be on display at the Business, Innovation and Technology Exposition...
  5. duchee

    duluth,mn Ham frequencies

    wheres the best place to find used ham frequencys and repeaters for my area?? i have found misc sites but there not the best and kinda suck. thanks!
  6. aspclay

    New Live Audio Feed, Arkansas Emergency Weather Network

    This channel monitors the Emergency Weather Networks of the CAREN club & the CAUHF club in central Arkansas. This feed covers all of central Arkansas with officially trained storm spotters, most of whom have been through the storm spotters class provided by the National Weather Service. You will...
  7. 2

    SkyWarn Ham Repeaters DB TN District 7?

    Is this list up to date? (I went to http://www.wx4tn.org/ but it didn't give me any freq/repeater lists) Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference District 7 - Upper East Tennessee District 7 serves NWSFO Morristown for Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Johnson, Unicoi, and...
  8. skywarnn

    WISCONSIN Skywarn Freqs

    A Wisconsin statewide database of mostly ham radio channels hosting Skywarn/weather nets has been managed and maintained by the Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association for a number of years. In preparing for the 2010 severe weather season we need your help to update and verify its accuracy. View...
  9. scanfan22

    Radio programming

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone in the Los Angeles area could program some HT 600s for a friend of mine. The channels would mostly be amateur repeaters and GMRS repeaters. He has both licenses. He would be willing to pay a small fee for the programming services. Thanks
  10. K

    Aiken HAM Repeater updates

    The Aiken HAM repeaters have gone thru a few changes. Many of those changes are NOT reflected in the current ARRL Repeater guide(of course) and also changes have not been made to many Ham Club web site listings. The below is current, please update your files as you see fit. - Aiken repeater...
  11. scanfan22

    Down LA area repeaters

    Hello gang, I have a few questions about some local ham repeaters: Does anyone know when the 147.270 Mt. Disappointment repeater will be back up? Does anyone know what is wrong with the 145.300 repeater? Do they accept guest check-ins for the 147.330 net? Does MARS 447.820 repeater have a...
  12. KB3SJV

    My Command Center

    Just some pictures of my shack. For Ham equiptment I have a Yaesu Ft-60 portable, Kenwood TM-V71a mobile (using as a base), and a Kenwood TS-820S for HF. For scanners, I have a borrowed RS Pro-95 portable, a RS Pro-163, a Pro-82, and a RS Pro-2037. CBs and FRS I have a Cobra 90 ltd Base that I...
  13. M

    MotoTRBO Systems in Washington

    Does anyone know of, or better, have a listing of TRBO systems in Washington? I'm looking for any TRBO users; Commercial, Amateur and/or Public Service. I operate a UHF TRBO repeater on the east side on ham and have it IPSC linked to 5 other repeaters in other states. Finding more active...
  14. M

    MotoTRBO Ham Repeater List Wanted

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive (or any) list of Amateur Radio Repeaters running TRBO? Our group is running 6 repeaters in 3 states and we are curious who else is running TRBO and IPSC networking of those repeaters. We are MotoTRBOUSA and are be maintaining a list in our groups Database...
  15. newsphotog

    newsphotog rig 2.0

    I completely overhauled my setup in a 2004 Chevrolet Impala that was previously seen at http://forums.radioreference.com/pictures-your-shack-mobile-setup/123489-newsphotog-rig.html -- there was a version 1.5 but it wasn't anything worth mentioning. It seems like it's more for personal enjoyment...
  16. K

    two radios on one feed???

    Hello all. I am using oddcast and want to play separate radios on the two channels, but not sure exactly how to go about it. Can I just use a splitter to separate the left and right channel audio at back of soundcard and then use a different cable for each radio? Basically I want to stream ham...
  17. J

    DFW Repeaters

    I'm trying to reprogram my F121S radio and I'm looking for the most active 2 meter amateur radio repeaters in the Fort Worth area. I am located in West Fort Worth, but I'm mobile all over Fort Worth on a daily basis. I only have a few openings (about 8) in my radio, so I am only looking for...
  18. F

    Newbie - Lots of general questions

    Hello to everyone! As my thread subject says, I am a newcomer to scanning. I post this in the Eastern Canada forum because I hail from Québec City (and I am french-speaking, so feel free to reply to me in english or french). If the admins feel this message belongs anywhere else, I apologize...
  19. Rekd

    HAM radio as a limited scanner?

    For a couple years I've been thinking about getting my amateur radio operators license (HAM) to use in the desert. I'll be getting a mobile station for the sand rail and a base for the trailer. More recently I've been considering purchasing a police scanner for my home. (I live on a very...
  20. E

    Ram Install

    Hey all. So ive been googling for a couple of days and really havent been able to find what im looking for. So im newly HAM licensed, and its time to start putting my equipment into my truck. I already have two nmo scanner antennas for the scanners im going to move from my desk to my truck. Its...