1. M

    Strange signals on SDR#

    I just got my sdr a few days ago and while scrolling through the spectrum i found some strange signals. It's a continuous transmission and it's not digital or at least not something dsd can decode. Does anyone know what this is?
  2. T

    Tytera TYT TH-350 "tri-band" HT unable to tune to 1.25m

    Hello I recently picked up this HT from a local hamfest. It is advertised as a tri-band radio, it came with all the original material and box, but I am unable to tune to anything in the 1.25 meter band. When I switch to VFO input and manually input a frequency like 224.00 it just gives me two...
  3. A

    Ways to boost reception/range when scanning Airband and MilAir

    I'm looking for ways to boost my scanner's reception/range when scanning the Aviation and MilAir bands. It uses an SMA-F connector. More specifically, I'm looking for a way to listen to the military aircraft refueling at AR-206 (I live under the entrance of it). Any and all help would be...
  4. E

    Looking to upgrade to a new sw radio, would like some help.

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this! I've had a Tecsun PL-380 for about over a year now and have enjoyed the time I've had with it. I'm still a novice when it comes to shortwave but I would like to get more serious and upgrade from my Tecsun. I'll spend up to $500cad and I don't...
  5. K

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT3DR question

    I’ve recently purchased a Yaesu FT3DR, wondering if anyone knows whether you can disable the ptt for specific channels or memories? I have several repeaters and simplex saved, but I know some radios are capable of disabling the ptt button if you wish to use certain channels for scanning only-...
  6. jakeschnabel

    Adding Channels Or Zones To HT750?

    Hello All, I al new to the forum here, and hopefully im posting in the right topic area. (I know it’s annoying if its not). I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be if possible to make a 4 Channel HT750 flashed/converted to a 16 Channel? Or is it possible to be able to add zones like...
  7. B

    Hytera MD-652 Question

    How do i get this mobile to turn off and on whenever i turn my vehicle off and on? I know this sounds lazy but i do get tired of turning this radio on and off everytime i get in and out of the vehicle. I know i would have to wire the radio into a 12 volt hot wire that would be controlled by...
  8. F

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  9. 1

    Randolph County, Missouri Radios

    Hello i live right outside of Rocheport,MO and i have typed in these frequencies to my scanner and have never heard them talking on them or using them. Does anyone know if they are running on a digital system? If they are can someone send me there talkgroups?
  10. SamAltenberger

    Motorola XPR 4550 desktop microphone button?

    Hello! I work in the security department at a university campus. We use a MotoTrbo digital VHS trunked radio system for communication with our field officers. Officers in the field use Motorola XPR 6350 radios and I use a Motorola XPR 4550 base-station radio with a Motorola RMN5050 Desktop...
  11. S

    New ham, haven't seen a rule regarding this question so I'll ask here...

    Hello all, I'm still pretty new to amateur radio but I'm pretty familiar with how 2m repeaters work, or rather, how to use them. What I'm wondering about is something a little different that I can't seem to find very much info on. So, I have a friend who is also a ham, who lives a certain...
  12. W

    Post-refresh "Open-Mike" oddity on the 330T

    The programming in my 330T is about two years old, so I recently decided to refresh the programming and make a few changes to the systems I scan (I use it mobile in my vehicle). One irritating issue I have though is that one specific conventional channel that scanned just fine with my two year...
  13. M

    Just Digital or Digital Encrypted. Sound Samples Attached

    Looks like "they" upgraded their equipment. I have a BCT15X analog scanner. I know they went digital, I just don't know if it is encrypted also. I would like to know this before I waste my time upgrading to a digital scanner and finding out it's encrypted as well. Sound samples are attached...
  14. T

    Uniden BC72xlt Scanning College Public Safety

    Hey all, I am looking into getting a scanner for my college police. I am an EMT on campus and want to listen. I was looking at the 'Uniden BC72xlt Scanner' off bearcatwhaerhouse. The frequency is 464.32500. Will this scanner work? Thanks
  15. L

    Signal Delay Question

    Hi, newbie member with newbie question, just wondering: If I am within a small office building listening to the radio (AM or FM) is there a delay in receiving the signal due to the building and surroundings? Or would I receive the signal at the same time as if there was no building? I know the...
  16. cornbread33

    Legal Question Please

    This morning our sheriff dept. got in a high speed chase , I saved the file from Archives (mp3) and converted it to mpeg i think it was and uploaded it to you tube so I could post it on my facebook page that coincides with my website for my Live Feed. Later tonight the actual deputy involved in...
  17. S

    Question: Can ham radios receive the same channels as those on a scanner?

    I am relatively new to this and i was just wondering if a ham radio can be used as a scanner to listen in on local law enforcement and fire channels. If anyone can answer this please let me know. Thanks.
  18. K

    Disney World

    A few questions that I know have been answered at least 100 times. I just need some definite answers and direction.... The research has been done and this is what I gathered about Disney World Florida's radio system They still have some 2meter and 70cm analog and digi freqs that they use for...
  19. kc8mln

    Narrowband question about how it works

    I know that the change from 25 to 12.5 is what narrowbanding is all about, but what is that in terms of? Say we use a given frequency of 462.725 (repeater output) and a standard offset of +5Mhz for a repeater input of 467.725 When narrowbanding is completed on the repeater will a radio that...
  20. wlittle

    Question about the FDNY

    I hope everyone will forgive me for asking a question that's not specifically about FDNY radio. I've noticed as I listen that they seem to have LOTS of manhole fires and smoke from manhole calls. I don't hear that so much down here in Atlanta and I was just wondering if the manholes up there...