1. kf6olc

    First Scanner School video of 2024!

  2. P

    Business radio power output question

    I don't know if this question has already been asked or not but please notify me if it has and link me to the original. To simplify: Why does VHF use 5 watts while UHF uses 4? Full Explanation: I want to know; why are VHF radios set at 5 watts while UHF is set at 4? Since UHF has a shorter...
  3. L

    LAPD and FD callsigns

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what callsigns the LAFD and LAPD use for patrol units, Does LAFD use a 1-UNIT-00 system or? Also, what does 1 in front mean, what do the -00 numbers present? What does Lincoln, Adam, David mean?
  4. P

    Questions about joining a trunking system

    I don't think anyone has asked this before. But if were wanted to join a trunking system, how could I locate the owner/company of it and what would I need to do to join one. Along with other questions like; what are the main requirements that I need to meet, how frequent are the charges if used...
  5. P

    Question about simulcast

    There are many ways to phrase this question but... How come p25 scanners of the mid 2000s had no issues with picking up simulcast back then, but have those issues now? What has changed with simulcast? More towers maybe? Give me the history!
  6. P

    Is Michigan's Public Safety Communications System Phase I or II?

    I'm VERY confused by all this. The RR Database says phase II, but from what I heard recently that the state uses phase I or most of the state uses phase I. So...what is it?
  7. P

    Are Unidens a SOC?

    Are Unidens a 'System On a Chip'?. My BC125AT has always seem to pickup a lot of interference causing me to lock out several channels and just made it more difficult to pickup nearby counties, but I recently picked up a Pro-89 and it is a very sensitive receiver for the most part, and I could...
  8. P

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Color display question

    Can it do orange like the other non flagship uniden scanners?
  9. P

    Question about frequency storing for one simulcast tower

    Hello, I am soon getting my BCD996P2 scanner and I plan to build a Yagi antenna for 800 mhz to listen to local police, fire, etc. and point it towards one tower. On the RR database, it has all the frequencies for the towers for my county, do I need to program them all in or just the ones...
  10. P

    Why are the upgrades so expensive?

    This is another question about them. Why are they so expensive and why don't they come with the unit?
  11. P

    Can you use one upgrade key on several devices?

    Possibly stupid question. Can I use the key on only one device or do I need to buy separate keys for each one? Has anyone tested this? And If it's only for one time use, then why can't it be shown in videos and/or pictures?
  12. daugherh

    Pickens County Upgrades

    Hey guys. Just saw where some licenses have been recently granted (12/22) for Pickens County, SC. See here. Looks like normal FM and NXDN emission designators. I was getting ready to buy some XPR5550s for ham use and monitoring local but am wondering now if I should look into something like a...
  13. S

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: BCD996p2 control channel problems

    Hi so I was wondering if someone could give me an answer as to why my Uniden BCD996p2 drops the control channel in one particular spot of my house I have been moving the scanner around and found that if I set it across from where its been sitting since I got it the issue goes away also if set...
  14. daugherh

    XPR 5550 Double Mounting Bracket

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone out there has any ideas or leads on a dual bracket for the XPR5000 series? I'm limited on space (single cab Toyota Tacoma) for mounting and found a side mount that hooks to the seat bolts like this and was thinking of trying to mount two XPR mobiles on it stacked...
  15. L

    Question About Frequency

    Hello, I have been very interested about what all the sounds are and mean on the frequency of 158.100. I am near Philadelphia across the river in NJ. thank you!
  16. J

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: BCD436HP

    Hi when I attempt to quick save a TGID I click “yes” and then it says “over limit press any key”. How do I fix this?
  17. Anime

    Requested: Documented Cases of Civilian Scanner Listeners Helping LEO/Fire

    Hi there, apart of my attempt to gather evidence to show the benefits of open scanner traffic(dispatch only, obviously), I am looking for news articles or PD/FD Facebook/Twitter post that mention a situation where someone listening to their radio traffic ended up helping them. Such as hearing a...
  18. M

    Strange signals on SDR#

    I just got my sdr a few days ago and while scrolling through the spectrum i found some strange signals. It's a continuous transmission and it's not digital or at least not something dsd can decode. Does anyone know what this is?
  19. T

    Tytera TYT TH-350 "tri-band" HT unable to tune to 1.25m

    Hello I recently picked up this HT from a local hamfest. It is advertised as a tri-band radio, it came with all the original material and box, but I am unable to tune to anything in the 1.25 meter band. When I switch to VFO input and manually input a frequency like 224.00 it just gives me two...
  20. A

    Ways to boost reception/range when scanning Airband and MilAir

    I'm looking for ways to boost my scanner's reception/range when scanning the Aviation and MilAir bands. It uses an SMA-F connector. More specifically, I'm looking for a way to listen to the military aircraft refueling at AR-206 (I live under the entrance of it). Any and all help would be...