1. S

    Greenie questions about listening to UCA with SDR-Trunk

    I've recently gotten an RTL-SDR v3 dongle and have been trying to listen around and had a few questions. Getting right to the point, I'm trying to use SDR-Trunk to listen to UCA but I'm unable to get any data from the control channels an I don't quite know why. To my knowledge I should have...
  2. V

    Broadcastify Calls & Simultaneous Calls

    Hello Everyone, I have setup Broadcastify Calls using a RTLSDR dongle, Trunking Recorder v3.1.4790.7807, Unitrunker v2.1.0.58 VB Cable A & B. All is working as it should. However I am scanning a system on only 1 site and it’s busy. For example, I would like to capture as many streams as I...
  3. E

    Low to no signal in PDW

    Hey peeps! I've recently bought a RTLSDR dongle, RTL2832U. I've followed the set-up of both this, VBAudiocable and PDW. I've put my settings to the following, (see file attached). Also included is PDW signal and what's coming out. I can't seem to get over 20% which is very sad since I...
  4. S

    Linux Based Motorola SmartZoneII Decoder?

    I am looking for a linux based Motorola Smart Zone II decoder compatible to RTL-SDR dongles. I have 3 of them. I tried SDRTrunk but it won't do it. I can't run a virtual box it'll be top much on my laptop. Windows has a few but anything that looks like a 'penguin', or linux, doesn't have one but...
  5. E

    Receiving/Decoding Two P25 Channels Simultaneously via RTLSDR and OP25

    I've got OP25 (boatbod) rx.py working using an RTLSDR dongle, and the audio sounds great. Is there a way to simultaneously receive/decode more than one channel that falls within the RTL's 2.4MHz of spectrum being sampled? The two channels I'm interested in are not trunked channels. They were...
  6. R

    Help with two RTL-SDR's and Unitrunker?

    Hey everyone, I want to listen to a trunked system, ICIS https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2856 I have two RTL-SDR's connected, and they both work in SDR#. I'm trying to listen to Montebello's systems, I have Unitrunker's Signal on the primary control channel, and Voice (from my...
  7. drsn0w

    Confused about LASD radio systems

    Hello RadioReference! I'm using an RTL dongle to listen to LASD frequencies in my area, and I'm confused about a few things. 1. I understand the busy tone, but why is it sometimes a steady pulse of beeps and other times it sounds like morse code? 2. With SDR# I get a waterfall view of about...
  8. J

    spyverter software question

    Which programs supports spyverter, and where you get them... and setup instructions?
  9. A

    unitrunker roaming

    sorry if this has been discussed before this site is very active i have a very large system in my area and i would like to set up unitrunker to automatically grab another control as im driving.. would adding all the ccs to a single site and using Chase to grab them work for what i want...
  10. cybersec

    RTL-SDR Antennas

    Hello! I'm a bit of a newbie here and with SDR in general, but I had a question about RTL-SDR dongles. From what I've heard and read so far, RTL-SDR dongles are the cheapest way of getting into SDR while still having a fairly quality product. I impulse-bought a dongle a few months ago when I...
  11. A

    SDRSharp + Unitrunker. Lockout all feature?

    Hello, I've finally got Unitrunker up and running with a FunCube and RTL + SDR#, it's great however there's one particular system that I track that gets a TON of activity (Detroit City Simulcast) and so the scanner goes a bit wild switching from one group to the other, sometimes cutting off in...