1. C

    SDS100: Big Battery Replacement

    I am an earlier purchaser of the SDS100, and was promised a battery replacement with a notice in the SDS100 box when I opened it. My radio has long been registered with Uniden and my address has been verified in my Uniden account since August. It is now December 20, 2018, and I still have not...
  2. K

    SDS100: Program Favorites List Menu Greyed Out

    Windows 10, SDS100 Sentinel Software version 2.10. I right click on the menu pull down under "Favorites List" titled "Program Favorites List". Sometimes a city e.g. Mountain View rows of frequencies, can be edited for tone, alert etc. but other times the menu pull down is greyed out. The...
  3. N

    SDS100 Flashing red light?

    I have an SDS100 with the newer larger capacity battery. I was charging overnight and awoke to a flashing red light. I unplugged and plugged back in the charger. A short time later the light was green. The radio did not seem abnormally warm or anything. So what does the flashing red light mean...
  4. kd2pm

    Migrating from BC436 to SDS100, can it be done?

    I am sure someone has already done it or provided reference on how to do excuse the redundancy. Waiting on the SDS100 to come in and already have a BC436 that has all the FL and other settings the way I like them Is it "that" easy to just write the 436 profile to the SDS100? Or am I...
  5. A

    SDS100: analog image problem - uhf 5

    i purchased an sds100 about a month ago. only issue i have is a image frequency issue on analog uhf. local sherriff is 482.8625 (no pl) and the radio gets a strong image on 482.8125 - another sherriff frequency. IPX and attenuation settings do not solve the issue. changing antennas do not solve...
  6. tinocup

    SDS100 Best Antenna

    Curious what everyones consensus is on the best aftermarket antenna is for the Uniden sds100??
  7. rvacs

    Most Popular Upgrades for Texas - NXDN/DMR/ProVoice

    Just wondering as I travel in Texas a bunch. What are the most important upgrades to get in Texas? Ex: SanAntonio uses ProVoice .. .... ..... When driving with GPS want to purchase upgrade(s) that are used the most for Public Safety (aka Police) Dallas/Ft. Worth area I know has a...
  8. tinocup

    BCD436HP: upgrade to SDS100

    I have read so many reviews like all of us most likely... now I would like to hear from actual owners... I have a 436hp that I can return still.... Trying to justify the additional expense I would incur to get the sds100.... is it worth it? thank you in advance
  9. rvacs

    Comparing BCD436HP vs. SDS100 vs. BCD325P2 for GPS

    Wanting a solution for the car (limited) space so going with handheld. GPS connecting (Auto Location Based Scanning) - Agency selection (ex: Police / DOT). So this may knock out the BCD352P2. So as I drive through a city want it to auto change to that city and scan say Police without me...
  10. C

    Decoding software for SDS100

    Tried Unitrunker on SDS100, no go. Guess receiver is too new. Anyone know of any multi-protocol decoders (or P25, my main interest) that work with SDS100? Thanks.
  11. C

    Pro96Com for SDS100

    Just got the SDS100. Having nothing but problems with it. Uniden's software,Sentinental, doesn't communicate with the scanner. I plugged scanner into Win 10 computer, got messages drivers installed fine, so computer is communicating with scanner. But, Sentential doesn't see it. Downloaded 2018...
  12. andrew_m

    SDS100: GPS not working?

    Hello All I have an external gps unit from Jon here on RR. I haven't had luck getting it to work with my SDS100. I turn it on, green light solid, red light flashes every second. Changed the setting on "Setup GPS" to 9600 bps, range 0.0. Plug it into the scanner and the GPS on the bottom on the...
  13. S

    WTB: Uniden BCD436HP / SDS100

    Must be in excellent condition. My offer is $300 for the BCD436HP or $500 for the SDS100. Serious buyer with cash in hand. Local pickup in the Los Angeles area.
  14. J

    Availability BC-UTGC Uniden GPS Adapter for SDS100

    Hello friends! Has anyone heard anything about when these cables will become available again? I ordered one from Gigaparts back in June and the ETA originally said August. I just checked their site and now it says September. They must be heavily constrained! I don’t want to lose my place in...
  15. T

    Creating Bug/Error Files for Uniden

    I remember reading some instructions in one of these posts about how to capture error/bug information from the scanner, then sending it to Uniden, hopefully to help them address some of the issues with the SDS100. Can someone walk me through how to do that? Having issues with conventional P25...
  16. CaptMike2

    Recomendations BCD536HP or Whistler TRX-2 Desktop OR SDS100

    So I have been saving my money for a while now and finally have enough saved up to purchase a scanner. After reading through this forum and several websites I have narrowed down my selection to 3 possible scanners. What I really need is pro's and con's about each scanner to make a decision...
  17. Y

    SDS100: Creating a FL using the database

    Using Sentinel and the database, I would like to create a FL. So far I have not figured out how. Am I trying to do the impossible? If it can be done, help please!
  18. kf6olc

    SDS100: What am I doing wrong? I want to create favorite list for future travels

    I want to create a special list/profiles for future travels. This is what I've done so far. " 1.In upper left hand corner of Sentinel labeled "File" I clicked the"new" section. 2. The "Enter profile name" box pops up. I enter the name for the profile. 3. I notice that in the "Database" tree...
  19. L

    SDS100 solves manu simulcast issues

    Our local county and city (MO, Buchanan, Saint Joseph) has used a P25 simulcast system for over 15 years. I have tried every digital trunking scanner on the market with limited success. I have just tried the Uniden SDS100. It is the hands down best digital trunking scanner I've tried. If...
  20. W

    Importing HP2 list?

    Has anyone successfully imported a favorites list yet from a Home Patrol 2 to their brand new SDS100? I have 5 or 6 very customized favorites list and hope to avoid a lot of typing again when I purchase the new toy.