1. A

    UCA TG 18496, Event 3, Salt Lake County Activity on 436hp but not the TRX-1

    More of a technical question re the 436 vs TRX but posting on the Utah forum since you all are more likely to be familiar with the digital trunking systems used by the UCA. The 436 and TRX both have the same UCA sites and talk groups loaded and all in all seem to be on par with each other...
  2. D

    Using Priority Channels on TRX-1.

    I monitor about 14 conventional frequencies on my TRX-1 along with 2 P25 700-800 Trunked systems. I also have one conventional channel marked as priority and one trunked talk group marked as priority on system 1. No talk groups are marked as priority on system 2. The settings in EZscan are...
  3. P

    TRX-1: Can do other types of digital trunking?

    I know that whistler never bothered to pay Motorola and Kenwood to trunk track for DMR/TRBO and NXDN 48/96 systems so it never came included on the scanners. But, in the TRX-1 programming software, it apparently has the ability load DMR and NXDN type C and D trunking systems, but from what I...
  4. P

    BCD436HP vs TRX-1: Which is better at receiving simulcast

    Before I make my final decision, what one gets simulcast a bit better on average? Both phase 1 and phase 2. EDIT: besides the sds100 guys, i'll get a pager before I get the SDS radios anyways.
  5. R

    Need Help New TRX-1

    I just bought a TRX-1 because I want to listen to my local police and fire departments. I'm still learning the device but the only problem I'm having is the city police and county sheriff's transmission are very garbled. It's not understandable. It's not a signal problem it's something else. I...
  6. Whistler TRX-1

    Whistler TRX-1

    For sale: Whistler TRX-1. With original box, plastic outer cover, and antenna. Used, but in excellent condition. $400 plus $15 USPS S & H. Will ship only to the USA.
  7. R

    TRX-1: Possibly defective TRX-1?

    So yesterday I got a new TRX-1 thinking I may retire my PSR-800. I setup the TRX-1 and start scanning, it picks up nothing. I fire up my PSR-800 and sit it next to the TRX-1. The PSR-800 starts picking up transmissions without an issue. I've programmed the TRX-1 to have the identical...
  8. R

    TRX-1: DMR detection Sprectrum Sweeper / Tune Mode

    Hi everyone! I'm in proccess of trying my new TRX-1 out an I have a question for all of you. How accurate is DMR detection while using Spectrum Sweeper / Tune Mode? In 80% of cases it won't detect DMR on my device. It stays in FM mode. The signal comes from a DMR Tier II repeater. My TRX-1...
  9. R

    TRX-1: Not able to enter specific frequency

    Hi everyone It seems there is an error in all european bandplans (I activated FRA) since I am not able to program specific frequencies. Concerning PMR446 - Wikipedia Digital FDMA (more or less NXDN) channels: I cannot enter them, they get automatically corrected (wrongly). E.g. the range...
  10. ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    ***SOLD*** WTS: Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2

    Looking to sell my two whistlers that I have had over the years to take a further dive into the SDR world. What is pictured is what goes with it. The handheld is missing the clip and olive drab insert for the case. The base/mobile is missing the bracket, network cable(for different placement for...
  11. rvacs

    TRX-1 P25 Phase 1 System - Keeps Cutting out during broadcast

    Hello All, Got a TRX-1 and got the P25 Phase 1 System I am using loaded in. Sounds good but often during broadcasts it drops for a fraction of a second and comes back in. I have squelch turned all the way to the left. Signal shows full strength... In EZ-SCAN - Should I adjust anything like...
  12. Whistler TRX-1 w/ Remtronics 800mhz Antenna

    Whistler TRX-1 w/ Remtronics 800mhz Antenna

    *** SOLD *** *** Whistler TRX-1 in Very Good Condition *** Includes the highly popular Remtronics 800MHz Antenna, in place of the stock antenna Includes the protective case that came with the radio Includes the green and gray plates that came with the radio Includes original belt clip, only...
  13. H

    TRX-1: What kind of cc and how to set up?

    Can anyone tell me how to work with this kind of control channel? I've tried sets on MOT, P25 and DMR but none of them worked. 👇🏽 Control Channel
  14. D

    Silence on P25 LAPD

    Sorry if this may be posted in the wrong forum. I don't know if this is a issue with the TRX-1 or not. I travel daily to LA and have imported Analog LAPD in one scan list and Trunking LAPD in another scan list from the database using EZscan. Analog comes ins beautifully. Silence on the Trunking...
  15. D

    Quick LA question on encryption

    Real quick. I moved to CA last year and now have a job that takes me in the Valley and near LAX. I'm a little confused. I read that most Police channels are encrypted yet I see posts saying LAPD operates on P25 which can be listed too. I also looked in the data base and see many Police channels...
  16. TRX-1 Like New In Box

    TRX-1 Like New In Box

    TRX-1 barely used. Protective film still on display. Includes the following: - Box, documentation, housing, belt clip, rubber antenna, USB cable. - 32G Sandisc memory card - Four Eneloops NiMH AA batteries (2000 mah) Price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail to USA. Payment via Paypal or...
  17. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Front USB Port, Using It To Charge/Run Other Scanners

    I have been using the SDS200 front USB post recently. I saw it was meant for the gps, and future developments. So, one day I plugged in my buddies trx-1 handheld scanner into it. To see what would happen. Long and behold, it ran and charged the batteries of my buddies trx-1. We kept it...
  18. SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    Whistler TRX-1. 2 Sets (8 batteries) - NEW External Charger - NEW Remtronix Antenna USB Sync Cable External Ruberized Green Case. Unit works GREAT - very very light screen scratch you have to move to right light to see. No manual - can download from Whistler / Download EZ-Scan from Whistler to...
  19. D

    Question on RHWA-450-sbm antenna

    I just received the RHWA-450 -SBM Scanner Antenna from Arcadian. I'm pretty sure its helping my UHF and VHF but concerned that the BNC connection doesn't fully lock on my TRX-1. Seems there is a bump that prevents the antenna from fully locking onto the Whistler. Should that be a concern?
  20. D

    Quick thoughts on my new TRX-1

    First of all not really "new" got it refurbished and also got a Vets discount but looks and acts new. I listen to mostly non Trunking stations for now and was very disappointed in the reception until I put the ATT to G or off. Made a HUGE difference. I haven't used it for Trunking yet so I can't...