1. n6766j

    Whistler PC Software issue

    Hi everyone, When I loaded the frequencies for McCarron-Las Vegas Intl Airport using the Whistler software using the library import function, several frequencies were left out. They DO exist in the database, but not when the Whistler software make the database inquiry. The missing frequencies...
  2. C

    Interesting observation TRX-1 and Simulcast LSM systems -scanner LO drift critical

    I just got another TRX-1 mainly to use with DMR and NXDN, my other older TRX-1 has not been working on P25 LSM just every other kind of LSM DMR and NXDN> The New TRX-1 (factory refurbished) is trunking and receiving the LSM just fine. So, I did the following to the old TRX-1. Reloaded CPU and...
  3. gmclam

    How do you program your TRX-1, TRX-2 scanners?

    I highly customize the programming of my scanners. I find EZ Scan to be anything but easy to use. I wonder what everyone else is doing.
  4. P

    TRX-1: Questions about deleting certain simulcast in large system

    Thinking of getting the trx - 1. I'm looking at the EZ scan software and I can't seem to find how you can eliminate certain simulcast when wanting to scan only a certain group within a scan list. For example the RWC is Valley Wide radio system that has many simulcasts in them each simulcast has...
  5. mmhorn


    I have two questions about the TRX-1 and EZScan that I hope someone can answer; 1. What is the relationship (if any) between the display scroll/scan speed and the actual scan speed of the TRX-1? 2. If I perform a Channel Update, are the outmoded talkgroup names or frequencies changed to...
  6. N

    Whistler CDAT - invisible talkgroups?

    While programming my TRX-1 with the latest official CDAT software, I ran across something weird with what appears to be invisible talkgroup programming. Example: I try to program in a talkgroup of 3107 into a trunked DMR system. The software happily accepts it, but does not appear in the...
  7. CopperWhopper67

    TRX-1, Wildcard Help & Logging Radio IDs

    What's the purpose of a Wildcard, and how do I use it effectively? The manual is kind of vague about it. In the EZ-Scan software there is a section under each trunked system labelled Radio IDs. What's the purpose for this and how do I log IDs into the system? Thanks for the help!
  8. T

    Galt PD only on TRX-1

    Hello all. I'm new to this kind of thing and am trying to get Galt PD only, on my TRX-1. All the information I see on here about Galt seems old and conflicting. How can I get Galt PD on my unit? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. CopperWhopper67

    Uniden BC436HP or Whistler TRX-1

    Hello, Scanners! I want to ask the scanning community for input on which scanner I should by for my needs. I had a Whistler TRX-1 for while in the past but sold it to fund other hobbies so I am quite familiar with the user interface. While looking around, I stumbled upon the Uniden BC436HP. So...
  10. D

    TRX-1: Another TRX-1 programing question

    I just got a TRX-1 about a week and a half ago and cant figure out how to program it the way I would like. Is there a way to program each scanlist as a bank like in the older scanners? (RS Pro 106). I would like to have one scanlist as a roaming style and have one scanlist separate for each...
  11. allandunn

    TRX-1 App Error Message

    While attempting to install the latest CPU update to my TRX-1, the app states it cannot find any CPU firmware or DSP firmware for that matter. Does that with two different USB cables connecting to the computer. Yet the scanner still functions properly. Is there a reset or workaround?
  12. J

    TRX-1: Programming help.

    This may have been ask before, if so I apologize I’m new. I purchased a Whistler TRX-1 few months ago and as much as I love it, I struggle to get it programmed right. I have the software installed and did all that, and used the zip code thing to program my area but the problem seems to be...
  13. V

    Ottawa EDACS Activity

    I added the Ottawa EDACS system to my TRX-1 and I see no activity (24-25 June). Lots of activity on P25. Any ideas? The settings were downloaded using the EZ Scan software. If someone is using a TRX-1 to monitor Ottawa EDACS, could you please share your settings? .. Thanks
  14. S

    Looking for a longer USB cord

    I'd like to get a longer USB cord for my TRX-1 scanner. Is there anything special I should be looking for? I know the manual says using an incompatible USB cord may damage the scanner. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm a newbie.... Thanks!!
  15. D

    Baffling experience with SpectrumForce wide-band antenna

    I’ve run into an issue with my recently-purchased SpectrumForce wide-band antenna (SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and BNC | Scanner Master) that has me baffled. I primarily use two handheld scanners—my GRE PSR-300 and my Whistler TRX-1. The GRE is a much better radio and always...
  16. K

    Westland MPSCS Wayne County & Whistler TRX-1

    I would appreciate any help please I just bought a TRX-1 to listen to Westland, Garden city PD-FD / Wayne County MI area and nothing No chatter at all from where I want to listen to I know they are on MPSCS and I have tried all kinds of different programing options with no help Anyone have...
  17. N

    TRX-1: Does TRX-1 have good search capabilities

    From reading the (poorly written) manual it seems their are several types of searching available. The question is do they have a "search AND store" facility or does it just stop on getting a hit and you have to do a store manually? I read that the 436 Uniden does have a search-store feature...
  18. N

    TRX-1: Serial numbers - Please!

    May be buying a used but good shape TRX-1. Could someone post the serial numbers of a recently purchased TRX-1. The one I am offered is 003271. Appreciate some help, PLEASE Neil Bell, KJ6FBA
  19. T

    BCD436HP - suggestions on getting started

    Hi. A newbie here with both a Whistler TRX1 and Uniden BCD436HP. The Whistler is easy stuff. I input my zip or city. I select my scan list (Law Dispatch). Boom, I get my city, adjacent cities, state police, etc. I try to accomplish the same thing on the 436HP but with much less success...
  20. k4mm

    TRX-1: St Lucie County, FL

    I hear the First Aid, FD and municipal depts... But, no St Lucie County Sheriff, Fort Pierce PD or Port St Lucie PD. Any help with this?