1. For sale/trade Uniden SDS200 DMR upgrade

    For sale/trade Uniden SDS200 DMR upgrade

    SDS200 with the DMR UPGRADE. Original box,manual etc.. its mint and from a smoke free home.. looking at trading for a Unication G5 or a G4. Or 700/800. Depending on if it's the G4 some cash too on your end. PayPal accepted invoice only and must include the fee. Email me with question...
  2. U

    Harford Co - Unication G4 For Sale

    Will be moving to Wilmington, DE soon, and my Unication G4 will not be of any use there, so I am looking to sell my G4 and purchase a Uniden SDS-100. Listing it here first since I live in Harford, and it's currently programmed for Harford and other local counties. I have the base charger and a...
  3. J

    G3 VHF/UHF Antenna

    Hey everyone, I know a lot of people have posted their experience with third party antenna on a G5 with 700/800 but I can't seem to find post for VHF/UHF configuration. Any advice on what is a good antenna for the G3 would be great. I was wondering if the Nagoya 810 would work. Thanks
  4. C

    P25 Conventional 2-tone.

    Hello, I am looking for assistance on programming a Unication G5 UHF-7/800mhz. Before anyone slams me, I had bought this off eBay from a unication dealer and they will not provide programming assistance, since they are not from the area. I have had this receiver/pager for about two weeks. I...
  5. M

    Unication Amplified Charger Alarm Device 6 Pin Port

    Ok, so I have a amplified charger for my G5, and have it wired to active a light/alarm for 10sec when toned out. It activates just fine but for some reason it wont shut off. it seems to me that the relay dry contact in the charger is not releasing/shutting off. I wish they would have some sort...
  6. Unication G5 UHF-C like new

    Unication G5 UHF-C like new

    For sale is a Unication G5 purchased less than a month ago from a reputable dealer. Have a G3 on the way that will suit my needs better so parting with this one. Comes with original box, and all documentation. Shipping is 10$ anywhere US
  7. Unication G-4. Sold

    Unication G-4. Sold

    Like New Unication G-4 Pager/scanner this unit has the firmware update included is box original box and charging cord with wall wart unit is like new only reason selling is I now have a G5. $475.00 free shipping in USA
  8. qc

    Import Radio Reference Error

    I noticed I keep getting an error when I try to Import Radio Reference, I get "Invalid User Name or password" confirmed my login information and it works without problems with Butel ARC536PRO any help would be appreciated
  9. Dtmaster2008

    G5 priority option

    I won’t be considering getting one or a few of these till probably a good year in the future, but I do have one question. The priority function, does it act just like a run of the mill scanner as when you have a priority channel, and have that momentary skip in audio when it checks for any...
  10. Unication G5 7/800 & UHF with Trunking Free Scan

    Unication G5 7/800 & UHF with Trunking Free Scan

    Radio comes with the latest Trunking Free Scan beta firmware. I'll also include a Motorola 7/800 stubby antenna which did help with reception for me.
  11. Unication G3

    Unication G3

    Unication G3 dual band VHF and UHF 450-512. This has not yet been sent to Unication for the DMR update. If you want the base charger you can have it but I will not be including a USB charger. It is the standard micro usb we all have 10 of at home. In good shape with some scuffs as I carried it...
  12. w2lie

    Help with Manatee-Sarasota Unication Code Plug

    Hi All, I have a customer in Manatee county with a G4 pager. I've gone up, down, left, and right on the codeplug and I cannot find any reason why this would not work in the Manatee-Sarasota P25 system. We mapped out the following: Manatee Sheriff's Office (mapped to the Manatee Sites)...
  13. Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550 Unication pagers perform exceptionally well as P25 simulcast scanners. Performance is second only to subscriber radios costing many thousands of dollars. Very good condition. Model number: G5B67BF-SXUCEN1400 This unit has firmware...
  14. Hit_Factor

    Large TRS - all control freqs Tab D2 P25 Trunking System Setting

    I have put together two systems, Michigan and Indiana, for a start. Each System is listed in a CSV file that may be imported into Unication PPS, I'm using version 3.16.9 at this time. When you import the file, there is a display anomaly on my computer, I click select all and then OK. Enter...
  15. Cudgel

    G5 How to Scan and Alert? - Conventional

    Hi, Our dept uses the G5 P25 Conventional...we are trying to figure out something we thought was "basic"...how to have the pagers alert from one of the can modes. Basically we have several groups we alert based on need, but many of the department scan channels to be aware of other traffic...
  16. J

    Unication Receive Mode: looking for explanations / breakdown

    Unication Receive Mode: looking for explanations / breakdown There are several receive modes. Can someone do a little breakdown on each one please, purpose / use case: 1. Selective Call =? 2. Monitor = receive of single conventional frequency 3. Radio Compatible Mode = ? 4. Normal Scan...
  17. coopermj


    I've decided to withdraw the sale offer due to the new firmware upgrade released today. I've completed the upgrade with no issues. However, some folks are experiencing problems. Because the pager is stable in my environment, it may prove to not be in yours. I would not want a purchaser to...


    Up for sale is my month old UNICATION G4 pager/scanner comes with a 5yr warranty plus extra 800MHz antenna I’m able to pickup talkgroups 40 miles away with this antenna also comes with stock upgrading antenna You can use this as a scanner main reason for selling is my dog just passed and I spent...
  19. Unication E3 Pager ( VHF )( Pocsag) ( B split 148-161 mhz)

    Unication E3 Pager ( VHF )( Pocsag) ( B split 148-161 mhz)

    I am selling my privately owned Unication E3 vhf pager ( black & Red ). The Pager is in very nice condition. Only used in my home as a receiver. This pager is programmable via a desktop using the Unication Programmer *not included* or via the pager itself. You can select the frequency, Capcode...
  20. Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    *PRICE REDUCED BECAUSE ID LIKE TO GET RID OF THIS PAGER AS SYSTEM'S HERE ARE NO LONGER MONITORABLE AND I WOULD LIKE PURCHASE A NEW RADIO* I have a Unication G4 Pager (Less Than 2 Months Old) w/ original packaging, charging brick, charging/programming cable, & extra belt clip. I did buy this...