1. Unication G5 P1/P2- Extra Battery / Charging Bay/ DMR + VHF / Autographed *SOLD*

    Unication G5 P1/P2- Extra Battery / Charging Bay/ DMR + VHF / Autographed *SOLD*

    Our local agency just went to Encryption (so sad to sell). Unication G5 Scanner - P1/P2 - latest firmware Extra Battery Never Used ($29 value) Charging Bay ($59 value) Data Cable DMR 700/800 + VHF NEW BLUE antenna (also including purple original - not as good) AUTOGRAPHED under the belt clip...
  2. S

    Unication G5 P25 Alerting

    I use a G5 as a backup alert for my fire department at home. I’ve had great success with setting up and using the P25 alerting function. My only hangup is that I wish I could set up the unit to only play an alert tone and do nothing else (reset immediately and not play the remaining dispatch...
  3. E

    Solutions for G5 audio hiss

    So far, I'm loving my new G5, but after just a few days of quiet listening indoors, the audio hiss when the speaker amplifier activates is driving me insane. Does anyone have a G4/G5 without the hiss? From what I've read it seems like this is just a design flaw that they all have and not a...
  4. Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 in the UHF C band (400-470MHz) for sale with the desktop charging dock. This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase 2 (TDMA) talkgroups. Includes G2 pager, antenna, battery, belt clip...
  5. L4wnd4rt

    Can't Login to New PPS 4.0 (Win11)

    Greetings, I had previous versions of PPS installed and working on my Windows 11 machine. But with the new 4.0 version it won't accept the admin/admin password combo. I tried reinstalling it multiple times, I used Revo uninstaller to make sure it was all out and I'm still getting the same...
  6. J

    Policy Unication wiki page had content deleted by an employee - suspicious? odd?

    Noticed the wiki page about Unication https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php?title=Unication_Voice_Pager_Receivers shows an edit history where a manufacturer account "UnicationKelly" made some edits to delete content. I'm not sure why as the link they removed did work, and still does. Seems...
  7. L

    G4 Unication Pager only allows push to talk

    I am brand spanking new to these pagers and am just learning how to program them. I have a G4 pager that somehow is now muted. The only way to listen to any talkgroup is to hold the reset button for push to listen. Push to listen is turned off, I have tones turned on for all of the channels...
  8. Unication G1 Vhf pager radios!

    Unication G1 Vhf pager radios!

    I have several used Unication G1 vhf receivers with batteries and chargers. Condition is used good with the usual signs of use. Note one or two buttons have been replaced with 3D printed versions (see pictures) but all are fully functional and they work properly. $150.00. Each.
  9. E

    Flex Pager Programming - Alpha Elite Secure

    Hi Everyone, I dont have much experience with programming so please be patient. I have a new Unication Alpha Elite Secure that will be used for personal paging as well as emergency response. I have the programming cradle and all of the associated cables, etc. I downloaded the PPS software and...
  10. M

    New to this: BCo Volly.

    I recently just bought a Unication G5. New to this whole pager/scanner stuff. Any who, I am a volunteer at a Baltimore Co station that is going away with pager and using Active 911 smartphone application. Its a love hate relationship for me right now. Active 911 has great features but with the...
  11. Unication G3 in Excellent Physical Condition With Desktop Charger (Make Offer)

    Unication G3 in Excellent Physical Condition With Desktop Charger (Make Offer)

    Gently Used Unication G3 Very good physical condition Includes desktop charger Purchased from East Coast Pagers in June 2021 ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED Paypal friends and family accepted.
  12. T

    Unication G5 UHF-D

    I have about a month old barely used G5 for sale, with a brand new screen protector and brand new case. nothing wrong with it I just don’t like it. I’m looking for $675 as it still has 23 months left on the warranty. please contact me perfect condition
  13. MTL_Emergencies

    New firmware misses certain communications on G4

    I upgraded my G4 to firmware 1.33 but now it's not picking up communications from dispatch (I can hear units but no answer from dispatch and I even checked with a scanner). The system I'm trying to listen: P25 Phase II with patched talkgroups (SERAM) I didn't have any issues with v1.31
  14. MTL_Emergencies

    Multi site system

    I'm trying to monitor a multi site P25 system (SÉRAM). Basically I want the G4 to connect to the underground site (site 15) when I'm in the subway (when there's no connection to the other site, site 1). I programmed the CC (of the 2 sites) into one P25 trunking system list, but I can only...
  15. J

    3rd Party Accessories Recommendations/Reviews - Unication G2/G3/G4/G5

    This thread is for reviews and recommendations for 3rd party chargers & other accessories that work with Unication G2 - G5 pagers. The magnetic charge cables with micro-USB tips that recess into the radio's charge-port are of course a forum favorite. To that end, I bought a handful to test. I'm...
  16. SOLD SOLD on Ebay - NEW Unication G4 700/800 - With Charger Amplifier

    SOLD SOLD on Ebay - NEW Unication G4 700/800 - With Charger Amplifier

    This G4 is now listed on eBay. But you can get it here cheaper. Selling a brand NEW Unication G4 700/800mhz-ONLY, Pager/Scanner. Purchased from Ray's Pagers. Goes new for $612.75 This is easily the best receiver on P25 Phase II with Simulcast I have ever had. Beats my SDS100/200 in...
  17. Unication G5 700/800 UHF D

    Unication G5 700/800 UHF D

    I have a Unication G5 700/800 UHF D For Sale in Good condition with a screen protector in place since it arrived Included are the Cable/Stubby Antenna and the Kenwood KRA-32k 700/800 Antenna (The one that doesn't destroy the center Pin) Radio Purchased new from Ray Zimmerman Paypal for Payment...
  18. T

    Unication VHF Two Tone Problems

    Hello all! My rescue squad recently purchased ten unication g5 pagers and I am attempting to program them with only partial success. The P25 talkgroups work perfectly, however the selective call function will not activate the pager for our VHF two tone pages every time. Some of the pagers...
  19. A

    Unication G5 Error Message

    Help, I was programming my pager when a message popped up on the programming software stating "programming error" or something similar. I unplugged my pager from the computer and turned it on. When I turned the pager on, I was met with a message saying, "Device Error. Please contact your local...
  20. L


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