1. Unication E3 Pager ( VHF )( Pocsag) ( B split 148-161 mhz)

    Unication E3 Pager ( VHF )( Pocsag) ( B split 148-161 mhz)

    I am selling my privately owned Unication E3 vhf pager ( black & Red ). The Pager is in very nice condition. Only used in my home as a receiver. This pager is programmable via a desktop using the Unication Programmer *not included* or via the pager itself. You can select the frequency, Capcode...
  2. Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    *PRICE REDUCED BECAUSE ID LIKE TO GET RID OF THIS PAGER AS SYSTEM'S HERE ARE NO LONGER MONITORABLE AND I WOULD LIKE PURCHASE A NEW RADIO* I have a Unication G4 Pager (Less Than 2 Months Old) w/ original packaging, charging brick, charging/programming cable, & extra belt clip. I did buy this...
  3. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  4. DavidNVA

    Unication G4/5 for Prince William County?

    Looking to upgrade my 436HP and have my eye on one of the Unication pagers, specifically the G5 so I can monitor both PWC‘s P25 and a VSP STARS system. I’m aware I wouldn’t be able to monitor them both at the same time, or at least that’s my understanding of this pager. Anyone here using one...
  5. RadioDitch

    Unication G5 Model Number

    Evening Gents, Does anyone know the correct model number for a Unication G5 450-512/700-800 with the latest firmware? Finally ordered one from Ray's Pager Sales, and I'd like to get started with putting together a profile in PPS for when it arrives. Thanks!
  6. David628

    Unication G4

    ***SOLD*** Good afternoon everyone. Im selling my Unication G4 700/800 with current phase 2 firmware installed that I bought new on 7/25/2018. Works great, minor marks on the outer case from light use being carried around.
  7. Unication G5. Like New Condition. VHF/800

    Unication G5. Like New Condition. VHF/800

    I thought I did enough research, but I didn't. I bought a new Unication G5 at the end of May, not realizing that it would not work on South Dakota's antiquated Smartzone 2 system. It only has about 3.5 hours use on it....which was monitoring Minnesota's ARMER system on the drive home from...
  8. rvacs

    Unication Receive Types - Motorolla Type II Smartzone to P25

    As we start seeing more and more movement from older systems (EDACS / Motorolla Type II Smartzone) to P25 Phase I or Phase II. I notice more and more agencies running them in parallel till the switch. I look at Oklahoma Tulsa - Motorola Type II Smartzone - also running OKWIN Phase I P25...
  9. rvacs

    G4 to G5 - Learning Curve? Profile imports?

    Hello All, First of all love my Unication G4. Just tried a new SDS100 with latest firmware and it couldn't even come close to SIMULCAST Phase 1. Thinking about upgrading to Unication G5. Seems Texas DPS uses 154-160Mhz. P25 statewide. How hard of a learning curve is it to upgrade to G5. I...
  10. jf911

    G4 text message

    Our county is currently in the process of upgrading from an old vhf analog to a 700/800mhz p25 system. All the volunteer departments will be given unication g4 pagers. I have read where they are capable of doing text messages. Can someone explain that process to me
  11. rvacs

    Problems getting Galveston Phase II to work G4

    Hello All, I have a new G4 that came with Phase II I am scanning in Galveston: TX WARN System: 1 (1) 054 (36) Galveston County Simulcast Galveston 769.44375 770.18125 770.78125 770.94375 771.89375 772.68125 773.18125 773.34375 773.94375c** 774.28125 774.55625 774.80625a** Setting the...
  12. E

    Unication Amplifier Problem

    I got my amplifier for my G5 and it worked great for the past 3 months or so then one day it decided to bight the dust no lights no nothing, so i sent it back for repair. I got it back last week and plugged it in and it powers up but when i put the pager in the cradle it just charges it doesn't...
  13. pbesselm

    G5 Monitor two bands on a single (channel) position?

    Is it possible to monitor a VHF system (single frequency) and a 700MHz trunked system on the same "channel" position ?