BCD436HP vs. TRX-1

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Jun 19, 2002
I ordered the BCD436HP today and will be returning my TRX-2. I'm going to give mobile scanning a shot and also picked up the GPS unit which rules out Whistler. I didn't enjoy the intermod on the TRX-2 and didn't want issues with an overloading TRX-1 as mentioned here and elsewhere. It has a tiny screen (probably flickers as well since it's the same one), lack of software support (can use same BuTel software) and probably has a painful long boot/load time like the TRX-2 which is annoying; just going to the menu and back causes it to load again and wait.

With the price I got the Uniden for, I will get the DMR upgrade and bring it up to the same price as the TRX-1. I can care less about NXDN since what is available in my area is of no interest to me. The only thing Whistler gets a nod on is the software, but that still leaves a lot to be desired.

Spent 3 weeks over the last few months in Boise, staying on Gowen Field in the barracks, as well as the Fairfield Inn across the 84 from the airport. Used both TRX-1 radios I own at both locations, as well as mobile while downtown, up to Bogus Basin (albeit in August), that butte thing with all of the towers on it and generally all around town. Never experienced any overloading at all on either radio, with ducky antennas (Diamond tri-band models) or NMO Comtelco multiband antennas. (logs posted here)

Also never experienced in the 1.5 years I've had them any screen 'flickering'.

I do not use the location-based scanning, however, and have never used the RR database. I find the TRX software completely suitable for my purposes.
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