LWIN Talk Group Identification Thread


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Mar 30, 2016
Caldwell Parish, Louisiana
Leland and the Sulphur-Carlyss Information Station Facebook page is the reason all law enforcement agencies are going encrypted.
May be the reason some are going E, but I believe at least one in NELA (which shall not be named) is switching to hide wrongdoing. I say this because they've been dabbling with encryption on the main dispatch channel lately. This comes after a scanner recording was used against the department in a lawsuit, which was brought because nightshift deputies targeted, illegally stopped, and illegally searched a motorist on at least two occasions. And also after someone uploaded a recording to YouTube (since taken down for some reason) that suggested deputies were planning to target and retaliate against someone who had taken photos of their patrol cars parked in handicap parking spaces. Oh, and also after a scanner recording contributed to LSP busting a certain police chief in the same general area.

But nonetheless, I guess encryption is inevitable anyway.