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Nebraska (Statewide) Wireless Interoperable Network "N-WIN"


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Dec 28, 2002
Ahwatukee, AZ (Phoenix)
I was in Central Nebraska this weekend, and I verified NSP using 769.15625 (799.15625 input) NAC 293 in Troop C near Loup City. I'll get this added to the DB. I'm guessing the DVRS are multi channel, so others may be in use, but this is likely channel 1. They may also use some of these frequencies for talkaround during events.

They may be using 700 MHz vehicular repeaters.
I found a list of frequencies on a FCC license application attachment or something (don't remember where).
I think I posted this a few years ago but nobody ever mentioned if they heard anything on them.
I don't know if this is accurate or not.

769.15625/799.15625 State DVRS
769.18125/799.18125 State DVRS
769.20625/799.20625 State DVRS
769.40625/799.40625 State DVRS
769.45625/799.45625 State DVRS
769.68125/799.68125 Washington County MO3
769.70625/799.70625 State DVRS
769.95625/799.95625 NPPD MO3
770.15625/800.15625 State LE
770.18125/800.18125 State LE
770.20625/800.20625 State LE
770.43125/800.43125 Washington County MO3
773.79375/803.79375 NPPD MO3


Dec 2, 2012
Dodge, NE
In 2014 got to see the channel line up for their portables. They had 84 zones. Each troop area had their own zone for being on the SRS then they copied that zone for each DVRS channel (10 DVRS channels at that time) plus OPD's zones A-C. Then they had a zone for VHF and 7/800 MHZ conventional interop plus another zone for conventional for SWAT that zone had 6 VHF (3 secure 3 non secure) and 6 700 ( 3 secure 3 non secure) believe these were simplex and used the same frequencies for secure and non secure channels. Also a zone for 16 statewide event talk groups and a zone for favorite channels.

At that time they had the DVRS channels split up between the state agencies. NSP patrol used DVRS 1-4, ISO, Emergency Ops, Scales, AirWing, Command Staff and other users used specific DVRS channels. I have lost the list for the DVRS usage but still have the zone/channel line ups.