1. jakeschnabel

    Motorola 3.5mm Input

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me the best Motorola attachment for an HT1250 to be able to have audio from a 3.5mm cord be transmitted? I know there is a VOX function and want to be able to have audio from a phone put through, similar to the existing speaker mic, but a 3.5mm jack input instead. If...
  2. FoxMcCloud

    MDC Tool

    I'm new to MDC and Motorola. I have a few HT1250's and a GMRS license. There's a video on youtube describing the MDC Stun feature . What program is this? Where can I get it? What will I need for it? Are there any easy and cheap alternatives? Sorry for asking all these questions but Google did...
  3. jakeschnabel

    Adding Channels Or Zones To HT750?

    Hello All, I al new to the forum here, and hopefully im posting in the right topic area. (I know it’s annoying if its not). I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be if possible to make a 4 Channel HT750 flashed/converted to a 16 Channel? Or is it possible to be able to add zones like...
  4. T

    Motorola HT1250 Speaker Mic Not Working

    This is the older HT1250 without the full keypad. With some speaker mics I can hear but not transmit, and others i can't do either. Does anyone know why it wouldnt work with speaker mics?
  5. F

    HT1250 Display Help

    My HT1250 display screen has started having issues. For some reason, the backlight works perfectly fine, but the screen isnt showing any text, battery icon, etc. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?
  6. S

    How to program MDC-1200 on a Motorola Radio

    Hello. I recently purchased a Motorola HT-1250 radio and I was wondering how to program MDC-1200 on it? (I purchased a programming cable with it.)
  7. F

    Programming Problem

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with my CPS I have an older prolific drivers installed so I'm not getting a code 10 error but when I load into CPS I hit for it to read my COM3 it start to not respond I tried waiting 15 minutes and it didn't work, any ideas
  8. I

    HT1250 programming-different models

    Good day, One of my HT1250 radios has issues, so I found a good deal on another one. My existing ones do not have the DTMF keypad, but the new one does. When I try to load my programming, CPS tells me that the model numbers don't match and it won't allow the upload to the radio. I am on...
  9. F

    Dedicated VHF Antenna?

    I'm sure it's already out there, but I haven't been able to locate the thread that answers my specific question. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it'd be greatly appreciated! Looking for a VHF specific antenna for an HT1250, particularly for transceiving narrowband between...
  10. K

    Ht 1250 scan list field program issue

    My 1250 wont let me field program my scan list. It has it in the menu. And even let's me choose channels to add. But,when i scan. It doesnt pick up the channels i selected. Instead it scans channels all through the radio
  11. SlipNutz15

    HT1250 CPS programming error

    I had a friend ask me to program his HT1250-LS the other day. I have programmed many of these radios in the past so I knew what I was doing. I filled out 16 channels to mirror the local FD's radios and verified no errors in the error log before saving the codeplug and programming. When I...
  12. SpringHill

    HT1250 CDM1550 CPSR06.12.09 Questions

    More specifically i`m reaching out to ask for some knowledge on some of the deeper aspects of CPS. I understand the program on the surface but would really like to know what it can do! I really haven't been able to find much information on it so If anyone is willing to hop on a teamviewer...
  13. Q

    [HT1250] Any way to increase max no. of signaling systems?

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but a cursory search didn't turn anything up. Looks like the maximum number of systems per signaling type is four on the HT1250's. As the title states, wondering if there's any way to increase this limit? Particularly interested in adding several...
  14. S

    Anyone successful in ridding this burst on ht1250s?

    I am aware of the repeaters turn off code, pl settings, and lower end motorola repeaters. This issue is common when newer radios equipped with a active key loaded ucm or mace key transmitting in analog clear using post mdc data will emit a nasty burst if mdc is not muted and in any case muted...
  15. F

    Multiple MDC codes in one radio

    Hello, I have an issue when programming my radios for the departments I am with, So I have a HT1250 UHF radio and I have programmed 2 zones in it, one for my volunteer dept. and one for my job. I have 2 different unit numbers and I am trying to program the radio to where depending on what zone...
  16. S

    HT1250 current firmware version vs. CPS version

    I'm about ready to program an HT1250 that I recently bought, however I'd like to clarify one thing before I start. I bought the radio and the seller sent me a printout with the most current radio information that he had indicating the firmware version, original/latest codeplug version...
  17. U

    HT1250 CPS Programming Help

    I am new to programming Motorola products, and I have a HT1250 that I have been attempting to program for a while with no success. I bought the CPS software (version R06.12.09), and installed it on my computer. I am running Windows 10 on my computer, and have tried both with, and without...
  18. A

    HT1250 CPS region

    I have program software for CPS R06.09.06 and i am trying to read my radio and it says error 4-1379 invalid region code and wondering what i need to do to fix it and be able to program the radio
  19. S

    Record Transmission automatically after Quick Call II System has been received

    Is it possible to program an HT1250 with a recording option board to record Transmission(s) automatically after a Quick Call II System has been received, instead of having to manually hold down a pre programmed record button. Thanks for the help in advance !
  20. S

    ht1250 beep when someone transmits

    I have searched and searched and cannot find the answer to this.... The other night I bumped something on my radio while sitting on my squad. Now, whenever someone else transmits, my radio beeps first. I'm guessing it is designed to grab attention that someone is about to talk, but it is...