1. I

    ProScan - SDS100 - Marine VHF Channels

    Hi there, I hope you're doing well! Exciting news – my new SDS100 is set to arrive tomorrow, and I've been tinkering with the ProScan (PAID) software in anticipation. I'm eager to add the US Marine VHF Channels to a Favorites List, but I could really use some guidance on this. I've attempted...
  2. I

    Combining DMR Sites in Favorite List

    Hello, I have a question about DMR favorite lists imported from RadioReference using ProScan and my SDS200. As an example if I were to use the RadioReference database and I selected the following options: State: Wisconsin State System: Business -Get Data -Transportation Under...
  3. jbix1958

    Existing connection forcibly closed by the remote host

    I'm using an SDS-200 & ProScan (v. 22.8) to send the local county fire/ems feed to Broadcastify. Every couple of nights (and yesterday at 17:46 which is unusual) my feed gets booted offline and has to reestablish it's connection. The log says "Error Code 10 - Unable to write data to the...
  4. I

    ProScan: SDS200 Ethernet and Remote Control/Monitoring

    Hey there, I'm diving into setting up my SDS200 to monitor and control my scanner remotely via any web browser. However, despite scouring Google, tech support from Eero, my ISP's tech support, forums, and even taking courses on YouTube University, I'm hitting a roadblock. I'd really appreciate...
  5. T

    ProScan: Proscan port forwarding

    I have my sds200 programed and functioning. I have proscan up and running my stream. I can access the stream locally but not on the go. I have the xfinity router. I have port forwarding set up but when I use open port check. The port is closed. Is there something I am missing? Or is there...
  6. JimD56

    SDS100/SDS200: CAN I RUN SDS200 to an Android Tablet - WIRED NO INTERNET

    CAN I RUN SDS200 to an Android Tablet - WIRED NO INTERNET I want to go straight from the SDS200 Ethernet to the Android Tablet – Wired with No Internet. SDS200 will sit out of sight in the center console with the 7” Tablet in a Dash Holder - MOBILE Application I know it has to be some sort...
  7. L

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS200 cutting audio

    Hello, and have a nice day to everyone. I need help with my Uniden SDS200. It cuts aprox. 0.5-1 second of all transmissions at the beginning and, sometimes, at the end. So I can't hear what speaker have said at the beginning, espessially if he turns on radio station and start speak...
  8. P

    ProScan: Remote Scanner over IP trouble with front input

    Can anyone please offer me a solution to fix this? There are times when ProScan decides not to accept anything from the front mic/headphone jack, though very rare, also very frustrating. I don't remember how I fixed it last time, but I want to record my scanner during the setting up to ball drop...
  9. T

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Programming BCD996P2 for Dummies

    Hi. I’m trying to program my BCD996P2 and am just scratching the surface on the scanner world. I’ve downloaded ProScan, was able to find the local system and upload to the scanner (the com port / usb port hurdle was a hoot 😅). I’m having difficulty picking up all the area’s frequency for fire...
  10. marine61301

    ProScan/SDS200 audio over LAN

    I'm having an issue with ProScan and an SDS200 on a Windows 10 machine not transmitting audio. I have it connected and can control the scanner via the ProScan application on a remote device. I see no activity in the scope when audio is being broadcast. Scanner does NOT show in the the Auto...
  11. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  12. T

    ProScan: RRDB Differences doesn't detect when a TGID Alpha Tag has been changed.

    Today I noticed something odd in ProScan's RRDB Differences feature -- not sure if it's a bug or normal. Recently the following TGID Alpha Tag has been renamed on the RRDB site (highlighted in GREEN): Here is the URL link where you can find these changes in the RRDB for reference: San...
  13. B

    ProScan: Proscan - iPhone Web Streaming issues

    Hello: This posting and its questions are aimed at Proscan users and not necessarily Bob/Support. I am still trying to define the problems and wonder if others are experiencing similar issues or have a setting or workaround that may help me. I am using an iPhone X (10) or iPhone XR to stream...
  14. T

    ProScan: RRDB Differences fetches wrong system bug?

    I'm thinking this might be a bug, if not, hopefully someone has come across this peculiar issue and knows how to fix it. When I click on the RRDB Differences button on ProScan (v21.2), I tend to get the correct system and see right away if they are any new changes or whatever from the RRDB, but...
  15. KevinC

    BC780XLT: BC780XLT wireless control/programming

    With the success on my BCT15 I decided to try it on my BC780XLT. The display has been slowly getting dimmer and dimmer and was almost unreadable. Connected the BT serial adapter, changed the baud rate on both to 19200 (that's the fastest the 780 will do), started ProScan, picked the proper model...
  16. KevinC

    BCT15: BCT15 (original, not X) wireless control/programming

    Has anyone ever used an Air Console to do wireless programming and/or controlling of a BCT15? I haven't thought this through very much so it's possible it's a completely idiotic idea, if so I'm sure someone will point it out (and others will point it out again and again :rolleyes:).
  17. scanphreak

    ProScan: comm port issue (in use by this instance)

    I have a BCD436HP connected to Proscan and from time to time I may have to close down the application. Once Proscan is restarted and I try to establish connection with my scanner I'll go to Comm Port and select Auto Detect and instead of it recognizing my scanner and letting me click on the "Set...
  18. A

    ProScan: SDS200 - Unit ID Tags

    I'm new to both the SDS200 and ProScan, so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I've gathered a bunch of unit IDs and given them tags in ProScan. I then import them into my favorites list (I only have 1), I can see them listed there. I then FTP the favorites list into the scanner, no...
  19. P

    ProScan: Why do System Quick Keys only show up for Conv Systems?

    Why don't other systems like DMR & P25 not show up when setting the quick keys? Are they separate from each other?
  20. B

    Proscan Web Server Audio not Connecting

    Hello, I am running proscan with source client and web server with an SDS 200 all done through Ethernet. Before downloading the newest verson (21) of Proscan I never had an issue. Yesterday when reconfiguring my proscan set up after the verson update I can get into my Web Server but I can not...