1. Edelweiss

    Nice to have visual status flag

    Hi I am using Proscan on a laptop that I take to and from work while the radio stays home. The database is on a NAS drive at home. When I return from work I reconnect the laptop and run up PS and then walk away without realising that at times (quite frequently) the laptop has not mounted the...
  2. WX9RLT

    ProScan: FTP Read Works, Writeable Does Not Work

    Quick question. I will admit, it probably is operator error. I just can not seem to figure out what I did wrong. I can log ftp using the read account. But if I try doing the writable, it says authentication error. I have the user and pass correct. And I have restarted it. Still the...
  3. J

    ProScan: Replace existing UID in FL DataBase

    When I move a ProScan UID to the FL UID database, I get text in the Unit UID (number) field if a matching UID entry exists. I've tried all three variations in the move/copy tool. Is there a way to move/copy to replace the existing UID or create an additional entry with the UID number and text...
  4. N

    ProScan - Hits & Duration

    I’ve let my SDS200 run a few days with a county PD/FD list here in Southern NH’s Hillsborough county. Top on the hits list are nearby PDs, with Goffstown leading at 4883 hits and 2:22:12 duration, followed by Bedford at 3001 hit and 2:51:14 duration. My home is in the NW corner of Bedford, near...
  5. N

    Talk Group Hunting

    SDS200 ProScan 19.4.0 I am monitoring a Trunked Radio System that has LOTS of Talk Groups and User I.D.'s. Is there an easy way to scan for Talk Groups that would not be listed in the Database or on the Radio Reference Page?
  6. S

    Audio file to text?

    Is there a proscan add on or other software you can add to convert audio files to text to stream host on web server? Thanks in advance.
  7. Edelweiss

    Proscan at times recording silent audio files after startup. Familiar?

    Hi Wonder if this was experienced by others, starting up PS, appears to run normally but at times records silent audio files. Missed an important transmission recently this way. Using external USB sound card for this. Closing PS and using other recorder shows sound card records the audio from...
  8. captaincraig44

    ProScan: Google Nest Wifi issues with Proscan Web Server

    I have everything working with Proscan running the web server for my SDS200 except the port forwarding. I am using an ethernet wifi adapter to connect the 200 to the network. Interestingly in the Google Home app, the wifi adapter does not show an IP address, nor activity, and the SDS200's IP...
  9. Edelweiss

    ProScan: After update 19.2 no record audio

    Hi, anybody having similar issues? Seems other people have similar problems. With BCT15X all was fine on 19.1. Using Lookup Record flag from database. After upgrade no recordings. When cl icking "activity" it records as expected, with the database flag it does not. All tested, audio coming in on...
  10. xantegh

    Noise on Audio feed

    Team, Is it possible to identify the background noise in the below audio file? ZSE UHF - 343.6000 - S32 - 09-04-10.mp3 the setup is as follows: BCT15X --> audio out --> Sabrent USB adaptor --> Anker USB Hub --> ProScan (latest version)
  11. S

    Pro Scan Remote Connection with NetGear Genie

    Hello all, I am looking for some assistance setting up my pro scan stream via remote IP. I have the pro scan set up with my scanner and it is working well through the computer speakers. I downloaded no IP software and set up a service. I just can't get the website to work, I think it's something...
  12. dirky8713

    BCD536HP: Uniden 536hp/ProScan issue

    I’m having an issue when my 536HP is connected to ProScan via WiFi. It’s only when it’s connected to ProScan, if it’s only connected to my WiFi and not ProScan I do not have this issue. My scanner will stop receiving all radio transmissions, as if there is no antenna connected to it at all. You...
  13. Edelweiss

    PROSCAN Old thread RSOIP Client No Audio resolved?

    Hi I am struggling with the same problem and didn't see any resolution to this problem as the thread was broken off over licensing discussions. Connecting to a client works, I remember playing with it briefly months ago I once heard some audio. I have now probably messed up the settigns it is...
  14. C

    updating database, getting new talkgroups with proscan?

    I searched for the answer and was unable to find it. Let me know if this has been answered already. I have a RadioReference membership and use Proscan to set up my favorites with my SDS 100&200. Love it. It's a great tool! As I understand, when someone finds a new TG and updates the info on...
  15. A

    Proscan: Risks with port forwarding?

    Question regarding Proscan & network vulnerability when using port forwarding. I have proscan running on a dedicated laptop with my SDS200 and the laptop connected to my network. I used port forwarding to open port 5000 on my router and I'm able to access the scanner from my cell phone and...
  16. W

    Proscan + iMac (via parallels) + LAN = issues :-(

    Does anyone have experience running proscan on an iMac via parallels? I'm using a iMac with M1 chip, parallels, windows 11 (yes 11, not 10), and setting everything up via LAN/Wifi instead of connecting the scanner directly to the computer. I am transitioning from the same wifi/lan setup on...
  17. T

    BCD325P2 migration to SDS100

    In an attempt to mitigate simulcast issues, I am considering upgrading my main in-car scanner from a 325P2 to an SDS100. My 325P2 is programmed using ProScan and is set up to my needs, using quick keys to toggle between specific systems, geographic areas and businesses. I know that with...
  18. JimD56

    June 2021 Shack

    I think at this point I'm right where I want to be with my shack. It is primarily monitoring with only a little bit of DMR. Here is the lineup. Top Right and Top Left - BCD996P2's monitoring different local digital P25 Phase II systems that are NOT Simulcast. Center Left - SDS200 monitoring...
  19. S

    BCD235P2 & ProScan

    Hello, I am fairly new to the current scanner technology, but was looking for an easier way to program my scanner. We we travel in our motorhome a lot and I need an easy way to program the scanner for my current location. I down loaded ProScan after reading reviews and am on the trial period...
  20. JimD56

    New Found BC125AT Awesomeness - ProScan

    I was using my Uniden BC125ATSS software to load more freqs and when I was done and closed the program, ProScan picked it up and populated it on my PC Screen. ProScan has full virtual control over my BC125AT. How awesome is that, and it reads it as a BCD325P2, Nice. (y) Can't program it, but...