1. W

    Proscan + iMac (via parallels) + LAN = issues :-(

    Does anyone have experience running proscan on an iMac via parallels? I'm using a iMac with M1 chip, parallels, windows 11 (yes 11, not 10), and setting everything up via LAN/Wifi instead of connecting the scanner directly to the computer. I am transitioning from the same wifi/lan setup on...
  2. T

    BCD325P2 migration to SDS100

    In an attempt to mitigate simulcast issues, I am considering upgrading my main in-car scanner from a 325P2 to an SDS100. My 325P2 is programmed using ProScan and is set up to my needs, using quick keys to toggle between specific systems, geographic areas and businesses. I know that with...
  3. JimD56

    June 2021 Shack

    I think at this point I'm right where I want to be with my shack. It is primarily monitoring with only a little bit of DMR. Here is the lineup. Top Right and Top Left - BCD996P2's monitoring different local digital P25 Phase II systems that are NOT Simulcast. Center Left - SDS200 monitoring...
  4. S

    BCD235P2 & ProScan

    Hello, I am fairly new to the current scanner technology, but was looking for an easier way to program my scanner. We we travel in our motorhome a lot and I need an easy way to program the scanner for my current location. I down loaded ProScan after reading reviews and am on the trial period...
  5. JimD56

    New Found BC125AT Awesomeness - ProScan

    I was using my Uniden BC125ATSS software to load more freqs and when I was done and closed the program, ProScan picked it up and populated it on my PC Screen. ProScan has full virtual control over my BC125AT. How awesome is that, and it reads it as a BCD325P2, Nice. (y) Can't program it, but...
  6. Fsnafu

    ProScan - Wine/Linux wiki is dated - unable to connect to any COM

    Been running Linux for the last ten years. Holds my network together... Excited to find out that there is a ProScan installation under wine but the problem is it will cough up and ask for a 32bit prefix and never run or it will run like clockwork and refuse to release COM's - 'the COM port is...
  7. K7MFC

    ProScan + BDC996P2 error: "No Resource Errors are generated from the scanner..."

    Today I attempted to program my BCD996P2 using ProScan (16.9.0), but the upload fails and I am seeing this error in the log file: I selected the "Delete all" option before uploading the data, and the scanner appears to be empty after the failed upload, shoing "Nothing to scan." The same...

    Site / System Specific Recording?

    @ProScan Is proscan capable of only recording specific groups, channels, sites or systems? (Instead of all received groups, banks and channels) Their is a new trunking system in my area the state is testing, I'd like the recorded to only record that specific trunked site / system which I have...
  9. C

    ProScan: Proscan not recording with line-in (Windows 10)

    Using the computer line-in input connected to the earphone out jack on my BCD436HP: Scanner audio comes through the computer speaker, but does not register in Audio Control tab. Input Device choices are shown in the attached screenshot. Thanks, Dave N0HMI in St. Louis
  10. K

    Importing Modified 15X CSV File?

    I exported a Proscan 15X database in CSV. Opened it in Excel. Made many changes to channels (freq/names) while taking care to not disrupt field names or file structure. Also filled the various other fields (tone, L/O, etc.) appropriately. Saved the file as CSV. Note, it's all conventional stuff...
  11. W

    ProScan: UID Logging

    I've searched on this, but only found one similar question here with no response: Running an SDS200 and I have the Detail Display Mode turned on, so UID is always shown on the display but after several weeks ProScan hasn't...
  12. K

    New Proscan User - BCT15X - Recorder

    I'm really new to Proscan. Installed yesterday. Successfully connected it to my also new BCT15x which is connected to my PC with the USB-1 cable. Struggling with getting the Recorder function to work. Well, it appears to be recording but can't hear any audio from the recordings. PC is a Dell...
  13. A

    Uniden BCP536HP scanner losing Wifi connection to Proscan software

    I have noticed in the last couple of days that my 536 is losing WiFi signal to proscan software, the software will show a blank scanner but my feed to broadcastify you can hear audio from the scanner but the audio is broken up so you can't understand it. Yesterday it corrected itself and maybe...
  14. spywiz

    HELP needed with sds100 and Proscan audio

    Help needed. Well, I have tried doing this for a couple of weeks now. I have an sds100. I am trying to record through my Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The "one and only" jack on the Surface Pro is a combo jack for wired headphones, microphone or headset with mic/headphone combo. My understanding is...
  15. thinbluebbq

    Looking for help programming Johnson County and Surrounding Counties

    Hi there. I have a BCD436HP I just got and I am looking to see if there is someone who would be willing to assist me in loading the right pieces from the database so I can monitor public safety, air, rail, etc. I am new to this model scanner and I just want to learn to set it up correctly. I...
  16. gcopter1

    PS Feature request

    Bob, would you consider adding to the "View" menu, an option to make the scanner only view, resizeable so that it can take advantage of the full screen?
  17. SamAltenberger

    ProScan Implementing Broadcastify Calls for current Uniden/ProScan Feed?

    Greetings all, I currently host the Seattle Fire and Fairbanks North Star Borough Fire radio feeds on Broadcastify. Both feeds use a Uniden scanner (BCT15X & BCD996P2, respectively), connected with both an audio cable and serial data cable to a Windows 10 computer running ProScan software. Both...

    ProScan Band Scope window?

    I just downloaded the ProScan for my BCT15X and it appears the area in the screen to activate the band scope is hidden, anyone else have this problem? I tried changing resolutions on my display card but no difference. I have attached two pictures: 1) my screenshot 2) ProScan manual
  19. S

    ProScan: ProScan Audio Connection Issue

    I just picked up my second SDS200 today. I am trying to get it setup with ProScan, but I am having issues connecting the audio to the second scanner. All the settings between the two scanners are identical except for the IP address. I am able to connect to the scanner in proscan and see the...
  20. P

    ProScan: BCD996P2 losing display on ProScan

    I use ProScan to stream, and I'm finding that every couple of days, I'm having to disconnect the USB cable from the front of the radio, and connect it back, and re-select the port in ProScan. Has anyone else had this odd issue and can tell me what the permanent "fix" is?