1. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  2. T

    ProScan: RRDB Differences doesn't detect when a TGID Alpha Tag has been changed.

    Today I noticed something odd in ProScan's RRDB Differences feature -- not sure if it's a bug or normal. Recently the following TGID Alpha Tag has been renamed on the RRDB site (highlighted in GREEN): Here is the URL link where you can find these changes in the RRDB for reference: San...
  3. B

    Proscan - iPhone Web Streaming issues

    Hello: This posting and its questions are aimed at Proscan users and not necessarily Bob/Support. I am still trying to define the problems and wonder if others are experiencing similar issues or have a setting or workaround that may help me. I am using an iPhone X (10) or iPhone XR to stream...
  4. T

    ProScan: RRDB Differences fetches wrong system bug?

    I'm thinking this might be a bug, if not, hopefully someone has come across this peculiar issue and knows how to fix it. When I click on the RRDB Differences button on ProScan (v21.2), I tend to get the correct system and see right away if they are any new changes or whatever from the RRDB, but...
  5. KevinC

    BC780XLT: BC780XLT wireless control/programming

    With the success on my BCT15 I decided to try it on my BC780XLT. The display has been slowly getting dimmer and dimmer and was almost unreadable. Connected the BT serial adapter, changed the baud rate on both to 19200 (that's the fastest the 780 will do), started ProScan, picked the proper model...
  6. KevinC

    BCT15: BCT15 (original, not X) wireless control/programming

    Has anyone ever used an Air Console to do wireless programming and/or controlling of a BCT15? I haven't thought this through very much so it's possible it's a completely idiotic idea, if so I'm sure someone will point it out (and others will point it out again and again :rolleyes:).
  7. scanphreak

    ProScan: comm port issue (in use by this instance)

    I have a BCD436HP connected to Proscan and from time to time I may have to close down the application. Once Proscan is restarted and I try to establish connection with my scanner I'll go to Comm Port and select Auto Detect and instead of it recognizing my scanner and letting me click on the "Set...
  8. A

    ProScan: SDS200 - Unit ID Tags

    I'm new to both the SDS200 and ProScan, so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I've gathered a bunch of unit IDs and given them tags in ProScan. I then import them into my favorites list (I only have 1), I can see them listed there. I then FTP the favorites list into the scanner, no...
  9. P

    ProScan: Why do System Quick Keys only show up for Conv Systems?

    Why don't other systems like DMR & P25 not show up when setting the quick keys? Are they separate from each other?
  10. B

    Proscan Web Server Audio not Connecting

    Hello, I am running proscan with source client and web server with an SDS 200 all done through Ethernet. Before downloading the newest verson (21) of Proscan I never had an issue. Yesterday when reconfiguring my proscan set up after the verson update I can get into my Web Server but I can not...
  11. W2IRT

    SDS-200 Tone-out Setup menu?

    Simple, dumb question if I may: Does Proscan allow me to edit my table of fire tone-out RF frequencies, department names, etc, on the SDS-200? I can't seem to find "Tone-Out Setup" in the menu hierarchy in either the main screen or Favorites Editor I think I can do it in Sentinal, and I can do...
  12. F

    Radio feed audio become distorted/deep after a few hours

    Looking for suggestions. I’ve had my Radiofeed server running for a little over a year now but I’m running into an issue now where the stream becomes distorted. Like everyone’s voices are deep. Resetting radio feed fixes this but only for a few hours. Any tips on how to fix this ?
  13. Daddarussianews

    Proscan connection

    When I connect to the computer it wont connect to the trunk tracker v . It was working till I woke up this morning . It will not connect .
  14. Daddarussianews

    Help with pro scan

    Hey I’m Fred I was referred to proscan by WTP . I just downloaded proscan and it seems pretty cool but I don’t know what to do anymore . I have a bcd325p2 which I just got . It was programmed by bearcat warehouse. But it’s playing stuff I seem to not need . So I wanna use proscan to set up what...
  15. S

    Trunking Recorder 3.4 released

    I have officially released Trunking Recorder v3.4.5182. It includes the following changes since v3.3. Added Call Import support for ProScan call recordings (See Trunking Recorder - Recording audio from trunked radio systems monitored by Unitrunker and SDRTrunk for setup instructions. Added...
  16. S

    SDS100 Serial Driver

    Does anyone have a good link for the SDS100 (and similar) Serial Driver that works with Proscan? Found a link on this page: but the web server returns a 404 server error when attempting to retrieve the file. :-/ thank!
  17. Edelweiss

    ProScan on LINUX / Wine anybody?

    Hi, attempting to switch to LINUX and wondering if anybody is successful running PS on LINUX. There is an instruction here in the WIKI that I read, I had to install WINE and MONO, did COM port settings etc. Installed PS as successully as it seems. When starting HDD activity shows something but...
  18. gloucester

    ProScan: ProScan SDS 200

    I am having issues with ProScan version 20.6 shutting down and being unable to reopen the scanner display in the software. I start it up and I get the error that it is unable to open comm. port 28. Nothing else is assigned the comm port. Rather than open the rest of the way and let me check for...
  19. rrobinso84

    SDS200: Proscan Number Tag Jump

    So, I accidentally learned today that you can command your scanner to "Jump to Number Tag" from the History Tab in Proscan! Just click on any listed Number Tag in the History Display, and the scanner jumps to it and channel locks to it! Of course, you have to have defined the tag and had a hit...
  20. I

    SDS100: SDS100 P25 Simulcast Site NAC

    As I am programming my SDS100 for P25 Simulcast cells in my area, I noticed the option to set the site NAC code. Does this do any benefit to the scanner by programming the NAC? Also, would this help ensure the scanner is monitoring the correct cell?