1. M

    Identifying idle frequencies

    I am running ProScan software on a bcd996T. The logging tab shows me a running list of the frequencies that have hit at least one time. Is there a way adding to that list the frequences or TGID's that are not "hitting". Maybe I am too far away and am just wasting time scanning by them.
  2. M

    Transfering a database to remote scanners

    I work with three scanners. At home, I am running a bcd996t on ProScan software. I have finally configured the database to just were I like it. Now I want to transfer that database and configuration to the scanners I listen to at work. At work I monitor a bcd996xt and bcd996t. Both scanners...
  3. M

    Playback audio has disappeared

    I am running a BCD996T on ProScan. When I playback recordings of scanner traffic, the audio sounds "echoey" or "tinny". So I opened up the audio tab and started "adjusting". My scanner is connected to my SoundMax sound card with a stereo cord, even though I only see the graphic display of...
  4. J

    BCD396T - Problem with Talk Group

    I just recently revived my BCD396T and used ProScan to download a few LA City systems from RR into it. One of the groups is the LA City Muni system #3 (EDACS). I only download a few talk groups for experimentation, R&P, GSD, and Radio Test (all 04-nnn or 05-nnn groups). Everything works OK...
  5. M

    Transfering ProScan configuration to another PC

    I am using ProScan (paid version) to stream a 996t and 996xt on a Dell running Windows XP SP3. I now want to move everything to a different PC. I have spent a lot of time configuring ProScan to exactly where I need it to be. Is there an easy way (using flash drive for instance) to copy those...
  6. M

    ProScan Control Instructions

    I a streaming two scanners from my home using a thirty day trial of ProScan. I can listen just fine at a remote location using the "Client" mode of another thirty day trial of ProScan. Before I buy, I want to make sure i can remotely control my scanners. I can't figure out how to do that...
  7. M

    i.p. address wont stay put

    The i.p. address on the computer running two scanners on ProScan keeps changing.. forcing me to update the router in order to continue streaming the feeds. I have tried "reserving" the i.p. address on my Netgear login LAN settings. But it, (and addresses of other devices I have tried to...
  8. M

    Saving two separate ProScan startups.

    I am using ProScan to operate a BCD996t and a BCD996xt on a Dell Optiplex running Windows XP SP3. I am streaming the feeds. What do I need to do to do the following? 1. Place icons on my desktop for each scanner that are easily and quickly identifiable. (i.e. color coded) 2. When I click on...
  9. M

    Scanner Software Screen Saver?

    My old flat screen monitor displays bcd996t and bcd996xt images using ProScan. Is there a way to have each virtual scanner image move around the screen slowly to prevent burning the screen?
  10. M

    Scanner display screen saver

    I'm using an older flat screen monitor that shows two virtual scanner displays (996t and 996xt). (ProScan software on Dell Optiplex running Windows XP SP3 if it matters) Since the monitor is on 24/7, I'm concerned that they will "burn" into the screen. Does anyone know of any screen saver...
  11. M

    Echo over IP

    I am getting an echo.. almost a feedback type sound... when I listen to my scanners over IP. I have a bcd996t and bcd996xt each connected to one dell optiplex running windows xp pro sp3. The mono audio cables from each scanner are connected to an adapter that mixes the two audio sources into...
  12. M

    I need another comm port

    Im trying to run two scanners... a bcd996xt and996t using ProScan on an old Dell Optiplex running Windows XP Pro SP3. One is connected to Comm Port 1 using a serial cable. I tried to connect the second scanner using a USB cable... But under options for the software, I am only offered...
  13. n3xbo


    I have a bcd996xt and tryed all of programing software and like proscan but have a problem with disconnects 2 Radio reference 4 my feed. I get 4 to 5 disconnects all day when I use proscan. But if I use the software that RadioReference supplies I don't get any disconnects all day. Just wonder if...
  14. M

    ProScan License Question

    If I purchase the ProScan license for two computers and then get a new computer, can I transfer the license to the new computer without buying the license again?
  15. M

    Splitting audio from two scanners remote over IP

    Can someone tell me how to split audio from two scanners on the same IP? I have a bcd996t and bcd996xt on my home laptop using ProScan. Both run fine but I can't figure out how to configure it, or get the right hardware to have one scanner audio on the left speaker of the client side pc and...
  16. M

    Issue with ProScan Free Client

    I am using the 30 day free trial on ProScan Control along with the free Client software installed on several computers. In general, when i allow the Client to run on a computer that I am not using for anything else, it seems to run fine. However, on computers where I have the view minimized...
  17. M

    BCD99xt intermittent audio loss

    When my xt stops on a channel, I lose the audio for about one second approx every seven seconds. Sometimes I miss important information. It's kind of like when I turn on Priority and it goes back and checks the Priority channel. But I don't have priority turned on. At least its not showing up on...
  18. M

    Proscan Multiple Scanners remote over IP

    I want to control a bcd996xt and bcd996t at a remote location using two PC's using ProScan. (One pc and two scanners at the remote location, and one Client PC) I already saw a thread showing that I can control the two scanners with ProScan. Link...
  19. M

    ProScan streaming from my wireless laptop

    Is it possible to hook up my 996xt to my laptop with it's wifi connection to the main hard wired PC to stream over the internet using Proscan? Or do I have to have the scanner connected to the hard wired PC to make it work?
  20. yhssenior05

    BCD996XT Problems Programing (OKWIN)

    Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else I am unable to find it if it has. I just upgraded from a BCD780XLT to a 996XT talk about night and day differences. Anyways I'm useing ProScan to program it and I am downloading the frequencies into Proscan VIA radio reference account, and I have...