1. K


    I am trying to do a proscan audio feed at a remote site that only has ATT cellular hotspot for a connection As ATT does not allow port forwarding thru the cellular system I was wondering if anyone else has ever ran in to this and found a solution Thanks Dave KD9BVF
  2. deim

    ProScan 15.0 UID logging with SDS100

    Hi there! Is it possible to UID logging with SDS100 in conventional scan mode? Some explain of my situation. I have favorite list witch consist of mix analog and P25 frequencies. In this mode ProScan not log UID`s. Some police departments in my city use mix of analogue and P25 direct...
  3. J


    Can someone tell me what or how to use the FTP WRITE and FTP READ SCANNER can be used? I'm assuming you can update the scanner files via the LAN instead of plugging in the USB cable and I assume that is what the FTP WRITE/READ is for but I can not figure out on how to use it. Thanks.
  4. M

    BCD536HP: BCD536 WiFi Keeps Dropping

    I have a BCD536 that I have hooked to ProScan to stream. Everything connects fine and works. However randomly the Scanner disappears from being connected. If I power cycle the scanner, it magically starts working again automatically without me having to do anything. Is anyone else having...
  5. N

    Problem with ProScan

    11/7/2018 12:34:39 PM Hi I’m new to the forums, glad you’re all here, so my question is.. I have a Uniden BCD325P2 and mainly use ProScan to program it, for the last couple of month or so.. Just recently I’m having a problem I can not figure out. When the scanner is connected with ProScan...
  6. W4EMS

    Proscan Hits Reset

    Anyone discovered a way in Proscan to reset the hits counter(s) to zero?
  7. w2lie

    ProScan: Error Code 4 and Error Code 8

    If anyone has a list of error codes and how to correct them, that would be helpful! I have a user of mine that seems to be getting error code 4 every 10 minutes or so. I looked into my logs and I see error code 8's flagging. One of feed, it seems to be him, but on another ProScan feed I run...
  8. JSTARS03

    ProScan and TASCAM US 16x08?

    Does anyone have a TASCAM US 16x08? I was thinking of getting one or two to replace those cheap USB sound dongles. I had a question if the TASCAM would even work with ProScan. Do all 16 channels show up in Windows Recording Devices to appear in ProScan? Or would ProScan need to support ASIO to...
  9. K4EET

    ProScan: BCD536HP Database Reading from Scanner

    Yesterday afternoon I purchased the ProScan software. In reading the manual, it says about databases: I've got the Scanner Type set for my scanner but for whatever reason, and I am definitely a noob at this software, nowhere do I see a Menu --> Database menu option. :confused: What am I...
  10. WA1LMC

    ProScan: Good Software but worst customer service ever!

    I purchased Proscan and the software is good. But after a computer issue that required a restoration, I lost my activation key. So on Sunday i sent an email expecting a reply on Monday. Well it never happened so I sent another and with no reply I copntacted through Paypal. Well he answeered and...
  11. R

    BCD536HP: USB Remote control hangs on power cycle

    Recently I deployed a BCD536HP to a remote location feeding Proscan. the serial connection was on the front USB, after a brief interruption to the USB connection; power loss or USB connection, the scanner hangs in the nag screen to select mass storage or serial. This is unacceptable for...
  12. K4EET

    Third Party Software for Uniden's BCD536HP Scanner

    I "just discovered" the world of third party software for Uniden's BCD536HP Scanner. So far, I have installed ProScan, ARC536Basic and ARC536Pro. Three questions: 1. Am I correct in saying that these are currently the only three third party applications that support Uniden's BCD536HP Scanner...
  13. BCasto

    Frequencies with 5 numbers right of decimal place

    In Raleigh NC we have a new trunking systems with frequencies like 769.20625 with 5 digits to the right of the decimal place. My 996XT and my ProScan software use 4 digits, essentially rounding off the last digit. There are a lot of smart people in the forum and I am sure one or more can help...
  14. N

    Win 10 and scan programming software

    Still wrestling with my decision for replacing my computer. Does anyone have experience with successfully running any of the following under windows 10: Win500 PSREdit Proscan Freescan ARC XT Pro I have a failing Win 7.1 machine and need to make a big decision soon. Thanks for any help
  15. N

    Program scanner with a MAC computer

    I have two Uniden 996P2 scanners and a Whistler (GRECOM) 1040 (PSR500). Currently on my PC I use Win500, PSREdit, Freescan, Proscan and ARC-XT Pro. All are fully licensed by me. If I switched to an Apple Mac will any of the programs run under a Mac PC emulator or are there any native Mac...
  16. A

    ProScan 8.4 - Audio Repeating / Shuddering

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with ProScan's audio recording. I believe this problem has been in earlier versions as well. When playing back the audio files the sound is being duplicated. The link below is a sample of the stream. Example: (Calling car: "Station") -...
  17. K

    ProScan Source Client Unable to Connect to a Shoutcast Server

    Hi, I am trying to get my scanner online, but I am having difficulties getting it to connect to the Shoutcast server. The Shoutcast server is hosted on my Linux server and is publicly available at 404 The server is setup with the passwords for the streams and the Source Client tab is setup...
  18. NFR85

    Pro Scan not detecting comport Drivers

    I'm trying to use Pro Scan and when I select a com port the only comport available is 3. And get "No Response" I have done the following. 1. Used Serial to USB and get an error message code 10 and other codes that it does not work. 2. I tried using the front port. Used the wire it came with...
  19. G

    How Do You Stream On Your Own Website

    Hello Everyone. I've always wanted to be able to broadcast the transmissions of my local emergency agencies, but never had the time to learn how to do it. Work and life had a bad habit of getting in the way. I recently retired and have decided to pursue this goal. Here's what I'l like to do...
  20. E

    how to input my area in proscan help for dummies

    Can someone tell me how you input your area into the radiofeed on proscan? I listen to broadcastify, but I would like to listen to the more specific feeds. Does it go somewhere in the source client? yikes.. don't understand this.. thanks!!