1. A

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Broadcastify Feed Problem

    I am a feed provider streaming a P25 simulcast using a conventional scanner. I have been learning to use SDRTrunk and find it far superior to my Uniden BCD536HP. I have SDRTrunk (v0.5.0-alpha6) configured with two RTL-SDR dongles running on a quad core with Windows 10 I have my P25 system...
  2. AB5ID

    Android app user with an Apple iOS question

    I have an Android phone and use Scanner Radio by Gordon Edwards to listen to my feed. It's by far the best mobile app I have found for many reasons, including it never gets killed in the background, automatic stream reconnect, meta tags display, etc. My friend has an iPhone and I want to...
  3. KI4LIV

    Best audio bluetooth speaker/mic for streaming audio from phone for zello/scanner?

    I really hope this is in the right area - please feel free to relocate the post if I put it in the wrong spot. I stream audio from my phone a lot - mostly scanner feeds either via Zello or via Scanner Radio Pro. I'd like to use a bluetooth speaker/mic for this purpose so I don't have to have...
  4. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  5. KB3KBR

    NW PA Weather radio feed

    Hey all, I was hosting the weather feed for WWG53 out of Parker. I let it expire last year as the transmitter was off air and was going to be for quite a while. NWS just got it back on the air within the last couple months. Anyway I was wondering is there any interest in this and should I put...
  6. K

    Radio Shack Pro-405 used for streaming is picking up ambient noise and vibration

    Hi all! I have a Pro-405 that I am using to stream feeds to Radio Reference. It has been online for about nine years. I noticed the other day that the radio actually picks up ambient (room) noise if it is loud enough. Physically tapping on the scanner is easily heard on the audio feed I am...
  7. A

    Stream Uptime Monitoring & Transcoder

    Hey all, A couple years ago I posted my streaming audio encoder here (Rocket Broadcaster), and received a bunch of useful feedback on it which helped me improve it. I'm not sure if this is useful to the amateur radio community, but since then, I've greatly improved the metadata support...
  8. jel250

    "St. Joseph County Law Enforcement", best quality stream in the world???

    Damn right it is, I run it! BOOM! lol I wish more people invested in audio hardware/software... :( It's well worth it!!!
  9. E

    collect multiple streams into one?

    I simultaneously monitor multiple frequencies and would like to place them in one stream. They are low use but when they are used, they all are used simultaneously. Think rural public safety; long periods of no traffic but then a car wreck and fire, police, rescue, EMS all have traffic at the...
  10. J

    Raspberri Pi Streaming issues

    So almost at my wits end here and about to the throw in the towel and admit defeat. I have been running a PI 3 for the last few month fine with darkice. Only real issue I had at first was that the only way I could get it to stream was after the pi was booted I had to open up a web page and then...
  11. jmayson

    GPS-aware app for Android

    I thought about this while driving back from New Mexico last week. All of the scanner apps I have used are GPS-aware in that they can offer nearby feeds. Is there an app that will automatically switch as you travel from jurisdiction to jurisdiction? That way you're always listening to the locals.
  12. SamAltenberger

    Alpha Tag Synchronization Issue

    :confused: Greetings all, I have a question regarding alpha tags on a Broadcastify feed. I currently stream the Seattle Fire feed on Broadcastify (the "Broadcasting Alpha Tags" option is selected), using a Uniden BC346XT scanner (latest firmware 1.05.00) connected to a computer running Windows...
  13. A

    New software: Rocket Broadcaster (Win, Free)

    Hi guys, I know some of you broadcast via Icecast and SHOUTcast servers, so I figured I'd drop a line here to let you all know about new internet radio broadcasting software I've just released: Rocket Broadcaster. Download it here! (free) In a nutshell, it's like Edcast, BUTT, or SAM...
  14. J

    BCD536HP Streaming Help

    I am a newbie and I really could use some help. Is it possible to stream my BCD536HP scanner over the net so when I leave home I can just open the app and listen to my scanner and control it over LTE ? Also can this be done without using my mac? I have the wifi dongle working on my home network...
  15. D

    Found streaming and recording software

    Hi everyone. I found streaming software and I would like your input about it. This software worked for me for streaming my scanner online and my friend said it sounded good on his end. the thing I don't like about it is that it uses my IP as an address to connect. I would like your opinion...
  16. W

    Scanner recommendation for streaming

    I am looking for recommendations for a scanner to setup streaming of a basic UHF transmission. Any simple scanner should suffice, it just needs to be good for connecting up to a computer for streaming. That is where I am unsure. I would like to get this feed live, but I'm not sure what to...
  17. tateconcepts

    Running ScannerCast as Windows Service for automation

    Has anyone out in the RR community managed to get ScannerCast to run as a Windows service? I think that it's absolutely nuts to be forced to run this single application under a logged on user with no other purpose in mind! I want to have this user logged of so that if something else requires an...
  18. SlipNutz15

    Embeded player options

    I have feeds broadcasting to Broadcastify and also a personal server. I have no issues with the Broadcastify side of things but my server is on a dated embeded windows media player and I was looking at other options for embeded player that can work across platforms including mobile users. The...
  19. visegrip72

    win500 Client for Android - Listen anywhere!

    Just released! For all of you with win500 and a compatible scanner, there is now an Android client for win500! Hook up your scanner to win500 with the data cable and an audio patch cable and you can listen to and control your scanner in the other room or anywhere you have internet access...
  20. N

    Increased listening to okc area online feeds

    I've noticed over the past couple of weeks, the number of listeners to local feeds has increased dramatically. It is now rare for the "Oklahoma City Police" feed to have fewer than 100 listeners, has been almost steady at 200+ most days in the past week. Other local feeds have increased as well...