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    Pro-39 hyperscan help

    I found a old pro-39 hyperscan in a box in the attic. Wondering if anyone can help me out on using it. Or would it be better used as a paperweight?
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    Part 90 VHF/UHF Narrowbanding Info

    For those involved, concerned, or interested in the FCC's Part 90 VHF/UHF narrowbanding mandate, check out the LMR Narrowbanding information and discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LMR_Narrowbanding NR
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    Marine Antenna

    I have a offshore fishing boat. It came equipped w/ two (2) marine vhf radio antennas. We are only using one of those. We would like to connect our am/fm marine radio to the extra antenna. What type of conversion needs to take place. I have found a band splitter/separator. We do not need to...