SDR# SDR# Plug-in: Frequency Scanner updated


May 12, 2020
Writing this doesn't mean that I/we don't like the new SDR# or scanning features, but 'it is what it is' for now...

Many of you, some users that I know and I myself, experience the same problems with several installations on several computers.
After the introduction of the Telerik interface it is almost not possible to run SDR-Sharp on a basic dual core system (3.1 GHz, 4GB, HDD).
In my basic install, normally I have Frequency Scanner, Frequency Manager, OmniRig Sync, DigitalAudioProcessor, Accessibility Control.
These are to find in the "Community Package with Plugins" too, as promoted on the AirSpy site and that one has the same problems.

The Airspy site doesn't tell us/me that SDR-Sharp won't work with less specs and what the new specs should be, even on my i5 SSD HD laptop some problems still exist. SDR# doesn't work stable anymore on computers at Scouting, after the introduction of SDR-Sharp Telerik version 1732. The program won't close after exiting, the screen freezes and taskmanager is needed to get rid of that frozen screen.
I/we do use the FrequencyScanner plugin often, as a kind of basic plugin in most of our SDR# versions. Even when plugins are quit and the list of plugins is made to a minimum, then problems still exist.

Sorry to say, but when installing the original 1782 version (or earlier versions) on my i5 SSD HD laptop, there are problems to find.
Even with this minimal list of plugins it goes wrong: Band Plan, Zoom FFT, Extended FFT, Frequency Manager. After 3 times starting and exiting the program, one after eachother, the 4th time starting it and it exits direct and can't be started at new. Often restarting is needed when adding plugins and seeing if they work. A complete restart of he computer does the job, but then it all starts at new, before 1716 this was no problem and it all worked fine.

Hope the team will do many more testing and maybe give us a choice to go back to the classic layout too.
Here we are used to that classic one and standard list of plugins, and some users with less view capabilities need a trustful layout combined with some external switches (with use of the Accessibility plugin).

Again, sorry for now, we'll stick to 1732 after all the changes and problems we experience.


Sep 19, 2018
Near Liverpool,UK
@Mr_Xxx In fast scanner config selection perhaps set "scan only selected in manager" and tick all Eindhoven Frequencies of interest in your Frequency Manger although I think to do that you may need old Frequency Manager ( by Vasily Balikov linked below. This version of Frequency Manager has its own independent scan button also.

List of Plugins RTL-SDR.RU

@ewijkamp I too have older versions of sdr# running (v1732 at the moment) with fast scanner from @thewraith2008 as they seem to be more stable for my purpose of aircraft monitoring in AM mode. SDR# has evolved immensely over the last year or so , a community version with a huge amount of plugins, visual enhancements and so on. SDR radio hobby is a broad church so to speak with many branches such as satellite decoding, amateur TV,SW broadcast and such like. Whilst the latest sdr# versions may not be exciting for us mere aircraft monitors they may be of huge value to other enthusiasts. The older versions are still available (see link I posted earlier in this thread) and you wont have a problem with your i5 or core 2 duo machines.


Feb 16, 2014
Europe, Czech Republic
@thewraith2008 Thank you again for this fantastic plugin. I use it every day as my no1 plugin.
By the way, did you think about implementing similar plugin for the SDRuno software for the SDRplay line?
I don't like too much the direction where the SDR# development is going with the latest releases so to my two airspys, I also ordered an RSPdx. Looking for a fast scanner though.
Thanks again for all your work.


Jan 24, 2004
Not the scanner plugin at fault but the two most recent sdrsahrp verasions are causing numerous audio errors....though Youssef will blame it on something else as, should I blame the .NET framework, microshaft or sdrsharp - bearing in mind the thing that has actually changed is sdrsharp ;)

Fastest and most stable way of scanning remains V1700 and thewraith2008s enhanced scanner plugin


Jan 27, 2016
Central England
Just for the record, I'm using SDR# 1784 basic version, Frequency Scanner plugin with Calico Cat and Omnirig plugins, a frequency manager database with around 300 entries, the RadioReference database and it's connected to a program called Squawker PC. So far it's been 100% stable. PC is i7-6700, 3.41 GHz with 32GB of memory.


Mar 23, 2014
Labeling: Possible to put/make or show a channel user name label or pick user name from the freq manager.
Anyone like this function?