1. BCD396xt for sale

    BCD396xt for sale

    Used but good condition, includes everything as purchased with exception of BNC adapter and lanyard. Shipped to you for $170, PP, Venmo or good ‘old money order. More photos upon request.
  2. Uniden BCD396XT Digital Scanner w/Power Cord & Data USB Cable Remtronix

    Uniden BCD396XT Digital Scanner w/Power Cord & Data USB Cable Remtronix

    Uniden BCD396XT Works Great (no belt clip or Box - what you see is what you get). BONUS: Upgraded Remtronix Antenna Includes USB programming Cable Includes AC Charger Adapter Adult- Non Smoking Household Paypal to Continental USA only. $165 Shipped
  3. C

    BCD396XT: BCD396XT No longer receives Brevard County EDACS

    IDK what I did to my scanner last night, but this morning, it won't receive anything on this system. I don't see the signal in the upper right corner. It's been a long time since I set this up, so I don't remember what settings to look for. When I lock on the primary control channel, I am...
  4. Uniden 396XT

    Uniden 396XT

    **Sold *** Uniden BCD396XT scanner for sale. Very good condition. 100 % works as it should. Includes scanner/belt clip/antenna/3 rechargeable batteries. Asking $150 plus $15 USPS Priority Mail shipping to lower 48 USA.
  5. scanthewaves

    BCD396XT: BCD386xt Keypad unresponsive.

    I’ve had this unit for at least 8 years, bought second hand, have never had any problems, suddenly the keypad is not responding and when on either dc or ac it powers on on its own, seems like some kind damage or malfunction. I hooked it up to Freescale and it works fine I tried the F keypad lock...
  6. R

    BCD396XT Programming Question...

    Hi all, I have a BCD996XT which I programmed using Freescan. I have purchased a BCD396XT so I can have a scanner at work or on the go, and it should arrive by Friday. I understand that they are pretty much the same unit, one is simply an HT. Can I use the programming file I have from...
  7. Reduced $: Uniden BCD396XT + GPS + antennas

    Reduced $: Uniden BCD396XT + GPS + antennas

    Excellent shape. Never left the garage. Includes: scanner, USB cable, wall plug, BR-355S4 GPS receiver, Watson WSMA-801 antenna and a custom wound rat tail tuned to 800mhz by Emmett at Radio Wavz. What you see in these 6 images is what you'll get. Will ship for free via USPS Priority Mail to...
  8. BCD396T MINT Condition with **SOLD**

    BCD396T MINT Condition with **SOLD**

    I have up for a sale a BCD396T Handheld in Mint Condition. See the pictures. I have one too many. Letting it go for ONLY $180.00 with 2 Day USPS Priority Mail Shipping. YES it scans P25 Standard. See the Wiki. https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/BCD396T I use ProScan for programming...
  9. USED Uniden BCD396XT (Needs internal speaker)

    USED Uniden BCD396XT (Needs internal speaker)

    I am selling my used Uniden BCD396XT. It is a great scanner with some minor signs of wear. The internal speaker quit working and I had used it with an external speaker and also headphones. Included with the sale: (1) Uniden BCD396XT (1) Standard Rubber Ducky Antenna (1) 800MHz RadioShack...
  10. A


    Hello all, Recently acquired a Uniden BCD396XT and have a few questions that I cant seem to find the answer for.. Even though I havent looked too hard. Is the BCD396XT able to pick up the Ohio MARCS system? Specifically Clark County, OH. The City of Springfield is switching from an EDACS...
  11. chris8video

    My 5 favorite scanners....

    Getting ready for the Daytona 500, so it's time to make sure my NASCAR scanners,3, Uniden SC-230s, are ready to go. So what better time for a picture wth the old BCD-398xt and new SDS100 flanking them. Too bad my BCD325p2 is sitting in my office.
  12. andrewyb

    Setting up Louisville Fire Tone-Out

    I own a Uniden BCD396XT and I've been using it for a few years now. I'm trying to setup the Fire Tone-Out feature that monitors up to 10 different channels for paging tones (two-tone sequential, single tone, and group tone). I'm already able to monitor the two fire dispatch channels, 209 -...
  13. C

    Problem with BCD396XT & P25 Trunking

    I have two BCD396XT scanners, programmed with Motorola P25 digital trunk systems and traditional VHF. One is operating appropriately, transmitting both VHF and P25, while the other seems to be dropping some of the P25 transmissions occasionally. Is there a software glitch or any other...
  14. D

    Talk ID issues

    I dusted off my BCD396XT which I haven't used in years after using a Whistler. I have made different systems but some use the same towers or Freqs but but I don't have duplicate talk Ids in each system. Here is the problem. Some of the talk Ids are showing up in systems they don't belong in...
  15. K

    unlisted scanner freqs in Winner area

    i'm planning to take a short road trip this summer with a few friends of mine to Winner for a day and I was just wondering if the Police in Winner has gone to P-25 or not..? i had heard that they might be using encryption as well. is there anything around there for searching in the federal bands...
  16. B

    Cornelius and Davidson Silent BCD396XT

    Looking for advice on hearing Cornelius and Davidson using the published talkgroups 1637 and 1627 under Charlotte UASI. The P25 setup seemed pretty typical in my BCD396XT but I only hear pieces of transmissions on other talkgroups, and have never heard anything on Cornelius or Davidson. Thanks...
  17. B

    Need FreeSCAN or Win500 programming files?

    For several years, I offered a programming service online for all sorts of scanners, including the BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, Pro-106, Pro-197, GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, WS1040, and a few others using older software. The fee was $30 and included several counties in your area along with some...
  18. D

    TGID Blocking

    Hello all - Made a few steps in progress as far as programming. Right now I'm utilizing the Freescan software. Questions: 1. Is there a way to block specific TGID's from a specific site? The problem I'm running into is this: I'm creating a system that contains 1 site. That one site...
  19. D

    BCD396XT - Need Help.

    Hey all - I have a bunch of EDACS systems that I'm trying to program with Freescan but I'm not understanding (enough) to get them to work. When I upload them to the scanner I notice there are not any frequency in the system. All of my conventional systems work, but not the digital. What am I...
  20. B

    Uniden BCD396XT Display Problem

    I have had the handheld Uniden BCD396XT for some time, over 2 years. I had the unit off for a long time plugged in. I just recently turned the unit back on and the display words are completely backwards. Once the screen loads, I can do things with the keypad and dials but the screen won't...