1. DRBComm

    Post Falls / CDA Frequencies Help

    I've been having a difficult time getting much on my scanner for Post Falls/CDA. Are these frequencies active? Kootenai County, Idaho (ID) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Also, I can get some of the 700 MHz freqs. to come in but not having any luck with trunking on my Radio...
  2. K

    WTB: RS Pro-97, RS Pro-96, or BC346XT

    I am looking to buy a RS Pro-97, RS Pro-96, or BC346XT, let me know what you have. Ideally I would like them to be in great or like new condition. Please PM me if you are looking to get rid of one of these models. Thanks in advance.
  3. W

    New Pro-96 owner looking for advice - P25 Phase I trunked networks

    Hello all! I got a pro-96 as my first real radio scanner and I'm trying to set it up to track my local public safety network. ( Norfolk Trunking System, Norfolk, Virginia - Scanner Frequencies ) . I bought ARC96 and connected it to my radio reference account, located the trunked system...
  4. S

    Pro-96 Scanner Dead

    Magically, my Pro-96 stopped working. There is sign of life from the unit and the charger and batteries seem to be fine. I played around with the side reset button and it did begin working briefly before shutting down again. Any suggestions as to what might be going on or how to repair...
  5. Tattoooz

    Question on Simulcast Systems

    I did a programmed search on my Pro-96 using these frequencies: Lo @ 851.575 and Hi @ 853.8375. I can pick up many digital transmissions on many different frequencies in this range in the downriver area and Detroit area very clearly, however if I program the Downriver Mutual Aid Simulcast...
  6. J


    I am having trouble loading frequencies to my pro-96 from arc96. I am able to down load from radio reference but I can not load it to my pro-96. I bought the 20-546 Radio Shack cable and bought the premium membership for RR and bought the arc96 through RR. I can't find any contact info for...
  7. M

    PRO-96 Setup using win96

    My first post, could not find another thread that addressed this: Dusted off my Pro-96 after few years since we moved to a new location. Downloaded Pro96u12, and upgraded to a premium membership. Purchased a new compatable with the pro96. From File, new template, WEB import, radio reference...
  8. G

    Bergen County TRS/Pro-96

    This has probably been answered somewhere, and if so, I apologize but didn't find answers in my search. When I program the Bergen County Trunked Radio system (set for "MOT" and 9600 bps) and can see the agency names on the display but can't hear anything. I know law enforcement is encrypted...
  9. R

    Radio Shack PRO-96 programing problem

    My local law enforcement community has moved from 868 mHz to 851 mHz, and in the process the number of talk groups has grown very large. When I program my PRO-96 using the WIN96 software, I am only able to receive some of the police and fire departments, and a very small number of the talk...
  10. O

    Need help setting up PRO-96 for Stearns County/Central MN

    I've owned this scanner for a few years. Originally programmed by RadioShack employee, but hasn't worked properly for central mn for some time. Finally thought I'd try and fix it myself, but am a beginner. I tried both ARC96 and WIn96 to select nearby sites and talkgroups/agencies to...
  11. TxDuster

    Pro-96 - I've Screwed up

    I know this is user error and I just don't know what I've done or how to fix it. My main scanning is done on a P25 system. The display USED TO show Control Channel Text on the second line fo the display when stopped on a signal but now it shows the Sub-Group ID status display. The normal way to...
  12. KC9NEG

    Anyone Local Looking for a PRO-96?

    Also selling a PRO-96, as nearly all my listening is done via my own feed these days. This is "dirt cheap" for a very good P25 scanner--I hope someone can put it to good use: PRO-96 - RadioReference Classifieds Please keep all q's in the ad itself. Thanks!
  13. Q

    uniden BC72XLT, wilmington nc

    i have a uniden BC72XLT scanner and im in wilmington NC. i can pick up some channels but i think im missing alot of them. for instance, the channel this website picks up and broadcasts i cant get on my uniden. am i doin something wrong or is it the scanner? if its the scanner, can i upgrade the...
  14. G

    Help! Pro-96 & Washtenaw County Programming

    Help needed for a Newbie! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my Pro-96 scanner reprogrammed to receive Washtenaw County within the new MSPSC system. Here is what I have done: purchased Win96 software, signed up as a premium member to access the Radio Reference database, logged...
  15. N71FS

    Pro-96 Questions

    Ok so im new to scanning and lately ive learned alot.but I still have some questions I cant figure out online ,In the manual or the easy to read manual thats online.First ,Where can I get the CTCSS tone #'s ?I've been trying to figure out how to get them and how to program them with no luck so...
  16. B

    Need help programming for disabled person

    A disabled, blind man in my church, Rex, has asked me to "fix" his scanner because it makes some odd squealing noises at times and he apparently is not happy with the types of municipal departments he is receiving on his radio. He has asked me to help because I am a tech-oriented person and he...
  17. B

    My Radio Shack Pro 96

    My Radio Shack Pro 96 keeps rebooting itself or shutting off. Any ideas as to why this would be happening? Please help.
  18. B

    Please help with Pro-96

    I just got a used Pro-96 and am trying to get it to receive radio traffic. The local law enforcement agencies have a trunked digital system. I have put in the primary control number and input the talk groups but I am not receiving any traffic. Please help.
  19. B

    Need Help Programming Talk Groups on Pro-96 Please

    Hello, I just picked up a Radio Shack Pro-96 and I follow the instructions to program talk groups and once I press "pgm" then "trunk" the screen is supposed to show "Bank, ID, Mot:, and ID #:" but mine just shows "Bank, ID, Motorola" but does not give me the option to enter the talk group ID's...
  20. W

    Help please, PRO-96 and Morris County NJ Public Service Trunking

    Today I got my first trunking scanner, a Radio Shack PRO-96. It's a fun radio, it works "except" -. I almost have it working on the Morris County trunking system but no cigar - no Morris County audio yet. First thing I did was copy a bunch of "Preloaded Data" into the 10 banks. I hit SCAN...