1. S

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 - Broadcastify calls and SDRTrunk support

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 has been released. This release adds support for uploading calls to the new Broadcastify calls system. It also adds support for importing SDRTrunk call recordings wave or mp3 files (requires SDRTrunk 0.4.0 final or newer). NOTE: Patch call target labels will not import...
  2. N

    RTL SDR using two dongles of exact make in Unitrunker

    Hey all, was searching for an answer to my problem and finally solved it and wanted to share here for others having the same issue. (I've seen a few posts having the same issue but are very old, hopefully this helps someone out that has the same issue. ) I have 2 version 3 dongles from...
  3. C

    Clinton County Unitrunker Scanning Question

    I'm not so sure if this is for the software radio section or for here so I apologize if I didn't post it in the right spot. Recently got into the world of scanning with RTL-SDR's after looking at commercial scanners and the price that they want for them. From the searching on the Michigan...
  4. firemantom26

    UniTrunker VER

    Hello, I want install UT version 2xxxxx, but I don't want to loose version UT Version 1xxxxxx. Is there anyway of doing this. I would like to be able to able to use both programs Thanks Tom
  5. D

    Unitrunker Help

    Hey all First off, Apologies if i posted in wrong forum. using RTL2832U sdr dongle with Unitrunker, everything works except I barely get any health on VCO Screen. I have attached pictures of settings for info Tab, VCO, and Oscilloscope tabs, I have tried multiple settings with 3 different...
  6. kb2ztx

    Unit Trunker Trunking

    So I am sure i missed something but I am using unitrunker and a couple SDR dongles to watch a Motorola Type II system. The system changes control daily. For some reason each day unitrunker goes silent and then i need to go back in the VCO and change the control frequency. Did I miss a setting...
  7. K

    SDR - Universal Trunker + DSD - AFRN

    As of today (June 28, 2019), I am finding that most local municipalities have moved to AFRN. On the old JeffCo Pub Services P25 system, I have no problem with my set up. I usually monitor 855.6875 for the control channel in unitrunker, and I route the output from to DSD+ for decoding the audio...
  8. D

    looking into starting a new feed For (OPP) SDR x2

    Hello i'll start by just say i love radio and any thing that has flashing lights :P . im just getting into the idea for ham and emergence radio operation (police/fire/ems) . i got my SDR's about a year ago and its been a blast i spend a few hours a week just searching around the air ways to see...
  9. O

    UNITRUNKER config file?

    Hello. Is there such a thing as a config file for Unitrunker. If someone has customized their Unitrunker radio captures with labels etc and would like to port this captured data to import into another unitrunker install on another laptop, is there a file which contains the modifications...
  10. F

    Unitrunker Group and ID trailing characters

    I recently had to rebuild the PC running Unitrunker. After re-installing the Unitrunker application and starting the app, I noticed that suddenly the Ohio MARCS Talkgroups have a trailing g and the radio IDs have a trailing i. My previous Unitrunker install didn't do this. It's not a big deal...
  11. J

    UniTrunker color codes

    I'm a newbie having trouble finding good documentation on UniTrunker software. I've got it running, but still trying to comprehend the meaning of some of the GUI details. Can anyone point me to a resource where I can read up on the meaning of the color codes on the page that shows a P25 group...
  12. AK4FD

    DSD+ Error??

    Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen it before in all the years I've been using DSD+ and UniTrunker... For some reason in the middle of decoding the tower next to mine showed in red and started displaying "ISOLATED" several times then started displaying "ISOLATED, FAILED". Does...
  13. C

    Applying to Provide Feed

    Hello all, I'm working on becoming a feed provider and have a quick question. I was reading over the terms and it is clear to me I cannot broadcast tac, transport, etc. What's the best way to guarentee this does not happen through Unitrunker? I could go through and lockout all the users or...
  14. AK4FD

    UniTrunker website down??

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue on UniTrunker’s website at the Downlaods page? I went there to check if there was any new versions and the entire Downloads section is giving me a “404 - Error” message like the site is down. Thanks!
  15. B

    Digital decoding issues Unitrunker/DSD Plus

    Hi all, I am having issues with my digital on Unitrunker, I have it going from Unitrunker to a Virtual Audio Cable, then to DSD Plus, where am I going wrong as it won't decode properly and just sounds like static and only hear a few words that you can't even make out, is there anything else I...
  16. H

    SDR simple setup for UNITRUNKER

    Is there a simple easy to follow setup for using SDR with the UNITRUNKER program. I have tried the UNITRUNKER instructions that your supposed to follow when using the UNITRUNKER program but there is so much there that I windup getting pretty confused and frustrated with it. I've gotten it to...
  17. kurtal

    Unitrunker user script for external notification

    From reading previous threads it sounds there is a possibility of using the user script annunciation feature in order to initiate an external notification (e-mail, sms, etc...) when certain events occur. Has anyone created something like this and would you be willing to share the script so I...
  18. Robinator

    Unitrunker EDACS Target ID discrepancy

    Setting up Unitrunker with the RTL-SRD radios on the San Antonio EDACS system and it's working great. While setting up and monitoring Gold Simulcast, I found a Target ID/Talkgroup (1029, 08-005) which is carrying the same traffic from the 1046, 08-026 talkgroup (Bexar County SO Central Open)...
  19. E

    HackRF One & unitrunker

    Has anyone been able to get unitrunker to use a HackRF? I just got a hackRF one in today and I'm having a dog of a time trying to get it to work. I've only tried under windows so far. Unitrunker doesn't recognize it at all and sdr# so far has spit out nothing but static. I'm starting to...
  20. T

    DSD+ voice sounds horrible, lots of errors

    (((EditToAdd: Newbie replies are in purgatory, but upped a new pic of CPU running pretty low. Also, I wasn't clear, but I am using UniTrunker to feed DSD+. Also: With great thanks to mtindor I think I am wrestling with this...