1. W

    Scraping info from Unitrunker and using it in RPM14 -> Trunked Frequency Sets

    G'day, I'm using Unitrunker to ascertain the information from a local site's control channel for a P25 system I wish to monitor (NAS). I've been able to easily identify the Band Plan (IDEN) and the other particulars (WACN, NAC, SysID etc), but I'm not too sure where to find the 'Trunked...
  2. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  3. O

    Automate Unitrunker2 log generation on Windows 10 (HOW-TO)

    Hello, I thought I would share my method on how I get log files automatically generated from Unitrunker2. Open the Unitrunker folder (C:\Users\NUC\AppData\Roaming\Unitrunker) - Replace 'NUC' with the name used on your PC Create a folder called Logs -- Open windows Powershell ISE (just...
  4. N8DAD

    Unitrunker Unitrunker Verison

    Can anyone tell me what is the latest paid edition of Unitrunker ? is there a v.3 i am willing to pay for the latest and greatest if anyone will let me know . is there anything higher then v2 if so how and were does a nerd like me get ahold of it ... Thanks, Barry - N8DAD
  5. K

    How to listen to Utah Communications Authority traffic with Unitrunker

    Hey everyone! I figured out how to listen to the Motorola Type-II trunking system using a couple of RTL-SDR USB dongles and Unitrunker. Even though the Motorola Type-II network will be retired by the end of this year, I thought some of you might appreciate this walkthrough in the mean time...
  6. K

    Unitrunker File for Wyolink (with User ID's)

    just wondering if anybody on this group would have a up to date XML file with User ID's on the Wyolink System
  7. MTL_Emergencies

    Unitrunker Unitrunker band plan TX offset

    I decoded this info with Unitrunker for my local P25 trunked system (Motorola P25 Phase II). What would be the TX offset for the channel 799.00625/806/812/818 and would the channels located on slot 2 be TDMA?
  8. U

    Unitrunker Unitrunker 2.1

    Version 2.1 of Unitrunker is available here: Version 2 Release 1 Preview 104 If you're still using version 1 with a discriminator tapped radio or computer controlled scanner - stay where you are. Discriminator oriented decoding isn't supported in version 2+. If you're still using version 1...
  9. KB9E

    Unitrunker HomePatrol 1 Extreme Support Vanished?

    I've recently acquired two HP-1s and wanted to play with Unitrunker. However, I found in another thread that HP-1 support was dropped at some point in the past. Who should I talk to about getting this fixed? What needs to be done? 73, Gregg/KB9E
  10. K

    Unitrunker 1 and Radio Reference SID

    Ok, I had an earlier version of Unitrunker and I moved so I installed the latest version and I immediately ran into a problem downloading my local Lee County Public Services SID 4A16. When I add a new system and enter the SID under the RR tab it truncates the SID to only 1 character. As...
  11. B

    Unitrunker Kentucky State Police Post 2

    How do i listen to post 2 using Unitrunker and DSD
  12. Masani

    2 RTL-SDR Dongles and Unitrunker Issue

    Hi all, I've done a lot of searching to find any resolutions to a similar issue but am still having problems using Unitrunker and my two new RTL-SDR dongles (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011HVUEME?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) to run as both a Fixed and as a Scanner. While running this...
  13. V

    Broadcastify Calls & Simultaneous Calls

    Hello Everyone, I have setup Broadcastify Calls using a RTLSDR dongle, Trunking Recorder v3.1.4790.7807, Unitrunker v2.1.0.58 VB Cable A & B. All is working as it should. However I am scanning a system on only 1 site and it’s busy. For example, I would like to capture as many streams as I...
  14. F

    Unitrunker Is UniTrunker still popular? Alternatives?

    Hi there, I just entered the wonderful world of SDR and as such I am very new and inexperienced. I have watched a few videos online on how to decode P25 and similar trunked signals but these videos were fairly old. I have two RTL-SDR dongles (one RTL-SDR v3 and one NESDR Smart). I am using SDR#...
  15. AJAT

    Unitrunker Can you silence audio output if there is no voice being received?

    I am using untitrunker with 2 dongles on an analog Motorola trunk system. The system is in the county next to mine. I am trying to get a good enough antenna system set up to receive it. Right now I am able to receive the control channel on one SDR with decent decode. I can hear the voice channel...
  16. T

    Better Audio Quality with Unitrunker

    Hello I've configured Unitrunker with Trunking Recorder going to Broadcastify. Everything is working great, as you can see here... https://www.broadcastify.com/calls/node/803 The issue I have is the audio quality out of Unitrunker has popping in the audio. What's odd is SDR sharp does not have...
  17. johnfeher

    Need help using SDRTRUNK with 2 RTL-SDR dongles to listen to Seattle KCERS

    I am new to the SDR hobby. On the positive note, I am able to listen/decode Seattle King County/ValleyCom Simulcast (Motorola Type II SmartZone) in Auburn using UNITRUNKER software. When I switch to the SDRTRUNK, (in hopes of perhaps having more control over what talk groups I listen to) all I...
  18. D

    Unitrunker Issue

    Trying out Unitrunker 2.1. Loads and runs Ok but does not see my SDRs. 2 RTL-SDR.Com tuners on a USB 3.1 hub Works fine with SDR# and SDRTrunk. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. K

    Unitrunker just stopped after working fine for over a year

    I have two RTL2832U dongles on my Windows 10 computer and reception of my local public service users has been fine for over a year. Today, I turned on DSDplus and Unitrunker as I usually do and the scanner read "stopped." I pressed the 'start' arrow and nothing. The fixed channel reads...
  20. S

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 - Broadcastify calls and SDRTrunk support

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 has been released. This release adds support for uploading calls to the new Broadcastify calls system. It also adds support for importing SDRTrunk call recordings wave or mp3 files (requires SDRTrunk 0.4.0 final or newer). NOTE: Patch call target labels will not import...