DSDPlus DSDPlusUI support & questions


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Jul 8, 2023
Cohoes, NY
I just downloaded presumably the latest version of DSDPlusUI. I have gotten as far as being able to start an instance of FMP24 and DSDPlus from it. My intention is to manage multiple instances of this combo. Here are my issues/observations:

1) Support link goes to groups.io, which appears to be obsolete or unattended.
2) With programs running, wall builder buttons are clickable but do not appear to do anything.
3) I saw a graphic of a UI panel for LRRP, but when I start LRRP from the dropdown in UI, no such panel appears.
4) I have found no details anywhere about how to configure UI for multiple instances of DSDPlus.
5) It seems that it would be easier to configure several parameters by editing the XML file directly, but no info was found on the format or parameters in there.