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Dec 22, 2013
Hello everyone, I have a new software package available to record and log streaming audio as well as input from a scanner or radio. Right now the software will decode and log MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling, and will be expanded to log QuickCall-II, FleetSync and Motorola Tactical Public Safety (used by FDNY) over the next few weeks as testing on those formats are completed.

You can find out more at ResponderApps

I know this is a very old thread. RadioLog_1_1_0_64 was recommended to me and it does look what I need as a solution if I roll my own recorder as opposed to buying a 20 year old Eventide. I need to monitor 5 or 6 line inputs.

I am running this on Win XP 32 bit to try it out. It is not working properly, the settings window contents bounce like a ping pong ball and I cannot get it working. The filename appears to indicate "64 bit" Is that my problem? Or is it something entirely different. I have tried reinstalling, fiddling and the usual gestures and swearing at the computer.

Also Process Explorer reports 25% CPU usage which seems excessive. I think the system is having a fit with the program.

Has anyone got this working on WinXP? I would like to try out the features and intend to move to a dedicated system.
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Jul 30, 2008
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The Site from KC2YSi O/P Posted is No Good Anymore -->*(responderApps)*

404 Web Site not found.
You may be seeing this error due to one of the reasons listed below :
  • Custom domain has not been configured inside Azure. See how to map an existing domain to resolve this.
  • Client cache is still pointing the domain to old IP address. Clear the cache by running the command ipconfig/flushdns.
Checkout App Service Domain FAQ for more questions.
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